Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2023 (Collection #2)

February 18, 2023

Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2023 (2nd Collection)

This is a review of Aldi Wax Melt Reviews from Spring 2023 (Huntington Home), 2nd Collection: Garden Rain, Peach Cobbler, Sweet Eucalyptus, White Almond.

Garden Rain
A fantastic scent of lilac, with a very sweet, grassy, "green" floral, and a hint of a fresh note. I love it!

Peach Cobbler
A nice scent of milky peach with a rich, buttery bakery note which smells a bit like pie crust. I'm not a fan of most peach scents, but this one is quite nice, although not at all authentic.

Sweet Eucalyptus
A relaxing spa scent that smells like ScentSationals Zen, which was a soft spearmint tempered by a clean, slightly laundry type note and a barely detectable smidgen of eucalyptus way in the background. This scent, however, is sweeter and has a little bit of a floral note, so the spearmint is more in the background. It's a very common type of scent used by a lot of wax melt and candle companies. The scented lasted 4 hours.

White Almond
This is an incredible, very popular scent that came out in spring of 2021 and returned in spring of 2022. It smells like pure almond extract with a bit of sweetness added, like angel food cake but not quite as sweet, and it's not a bakery scent. It smells like marzipan, which is a much sweeter alternative to almond paste. I'm also getting a bit of black cherry. This scent is perfect on its own, but also great to mix with other scents to add a sweet almond note, like chocolate, vanilla, coconut, peppermint, cherry, and any bakery scent, as well as floral and woodsy scents. Try mixing just a little bit (as this scent is so much stronger) with the Peach Cobbler scent. And you won't believe how good it smells blended with the Garden Rain scent!

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