Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2018

November 12, 2018

This is a review of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Wax Melts from Walmart 2018. I loved pretty much every one of these holiday/winter wax melt scents!

Cookies for Santa
Notes: A classic gingerbread cookie, with its blend of ground cinnamon, warm nutmeg, sparkling ginger and sweet clove bud. It's precisely baked and rolled into festive cookies and dusted with powdered sugar. Decorated with vanilla icing and gum.
A fantastic rich sweet buttery vanilla cookie with ginger, like a gingerbread cookie. I'm pretty sure there's also a little bit of chocolate in this one. Looking at the notes, no chocolate, which is surprising. I don't smell cinnamon or clove, and I'm not sure what the "gum" note is supposed to smell like. I'm normally not a fan of these bakery type scents, but this smells very yummy, and the ginger is not overly strong. The label on the Walmart page has different artwork than the label on the actual wax melt.

Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa
Notes: The delectable allure of warm cocoa and creamy milk chocolate swirled with rich touches of frothy vanilla, whipped cream and pure marshmallow sweetness
A fantastic super rich sweet milk chocolate scent with marshmallow. It really does smell like the scent name. The chocolate is rich and cocoa-ey, but doesn't have the burnt or bitter note that a lot of chocolate scents tend to have. When I first smelled this scent I thought it was the same as an old discontinued ScentSationals scent called Chocolate Chip Cookie. But although it's similar, it's not the same. With that scent, the chocolate was a dark chocolate and I could smell the cookie dough and brown sugar. This scent is a lighter milkier chocolate with marshmallow and no bakery notes. I think this scent is going to be everyone's favorite!

Crisp Frosted Fir
Notes: A blend of bright and twinkling citrus, spun with fir balsam and cool mint, a white cashmere accord of woods and musk, crisp aldehydes and shimmering herbal greens
I smell a slightly smoky blue spruce, an aldehydic note ("blue" spruce scents have this, a kind of a bright fatty shimmering lemony note), balsam (a slightly sweet & soapy pine note, although this is not a sweet scent), and maybe a hint of eucalyptus (although no sinus clearing effects), with a hint of bergamot (cologney note) and maybe a smidgen of lemon. I love this scent! It smells a little bit like Better Homes & Gardens Fragrant Woodland Walk, but with the slightly cologne & citrusy notes.

Lavender & Freesia
Notes: Blends of freshly harvested lavender and green fir balsam, with crisp accords of zesty bergamot and refreshing eucalyptus, amber and mus
This smells like a combination of rich, slightly smoky blue spruce, balsam (a slightly sweet & soapy pine note, although this is not a sweet scent), and lavender. It also has a little bit of bergamot that gives it a cologney note. It's similar to Crisp Frosted Fir but richer, more cologney (although it's not really a cologne scent), with lavender and without the lemon. When melted, I do get a tiny bit of the nasal clearing effect from the eucalyptus. Looking at the scent notes, they're right on point. Fantastic scent! The label on the Walmart page has different artwork than the label on the actual wax melt (I like the label on the Walmart site better).

Maple and Rum
Notes: Creamy butterscotch and rich maple joined with sweet vanilla bean and toffee wrapped with hints of smooth caramel, Himalayan sea salt and sweet brown sugar
This smells like sweet butterscotch candies with a little bit of a rum note. I think I smell a hint of maple. It's yummy! It's a little bit similar to Better Homes & Gardens Butterscotch Maple Cream, but it's not the same scent; that scent has an artificial note and is lacking the buttery richness and rum notes of the Maple and Rum scent. It's also similar to the new ScentSationals Vanilla Bean Butterscotch, but again, richer and more buttery, and with the rum and maple notes. It's also slightly similar to Better Homes & Gardens Jamaican Rum Gelato because of the rum note (but that scent had a much stronger rum note and no buttery notes). The label on the Walmart page has different artwork than the label on the actual wax melt, and on the Walmart site the scent is called "Buttered Maple Rum".

Red Currant Poinsettia
Notes: A juicy blend of red currant paired with sweet pomegranate and white poinsettia. Crimson cranberry, zesty mandarin and white rose becomes enriched by a soothing base of Tonka bean, musk and amber.
This smells like red currant (a berry with a soapy note and not a very fruity note; it's one of my favorite scents) combined with rose. The rose has a bitter note, as a lot of rose scented wax melts tend to have. There may also be a smidgen of a perfumey note in the background. I thought I would really like this based on cold sniff, but it's just "okay" to me because of the bitterness. Looking at the scent notes, I don't actually smell pomegranate because it's not really a fruity scent. I also don't smell mandarin or Tonka (vanilla). The scent started dissipating within 2 hours.

Warm Fireside Flurries
Notes: Golden embers, sandalwood, and vanilla create a warm and snuggly atmosphere while nuances of sparkling lemon and frosted air evoke the feeling of a peaceful winter snowfall
This is a campfire marshmallow type scent. Several people have said it's the same scent as Marshmallow Fireside from Bath & Body Works. It's marshmallow with a little bit of a smoky note, and a hint of a warm perfumey note like amber. Looking at the scent notes, no marshmallow. I don't smell lemon at all, and I assume frosted air would have some type of mint or eucalyptus, neither of which I detect, although I'm detecting a tiny bit of what might be pine way in the background. When melted, it just smells like campfire marshmallow with none of the other notes (amber or pine). I'm sure I've smelled this scent before, so it may be a dupe of any older marshmallowy scent. The label on the Walmart page has different artwork than the label on the actual wax melt.

Warm Velvet Pomegranate
Notes: Jeweled blackberries, juicy pomegranate and tart currant. Topped off with sparkling notes of sweet mandarin and a hint of warm spices. Enchanted by notes of cedar and sweet balsam.
This is a very warm, rich scent with amber, bergamot (cologney note), a little bit of balsam (slightly sweet, soapy pine note), and just a hint of berries. It also has a little bit of a yummy quality so maybe a smidgen of caramel? Melted, it also has a smoky note, which I don't detect on cold sniff. As the day went on, the smoky note got stronger (in a good way). Fantastic scent! Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect mandarin (orange), although maybe a tiny bit of the cedar. The scent lasted 10 hours and probably would have gone for longer if I hadn't removed it from the warmer. The label on the Walmart page has different artwork than the label on the actual wax melt.


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