Better Homes & Gardens Christmas 2022 Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart

October 13, 2022

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas 2022 Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart

This is a review of 6 new Better Homes & Gardens Christmas/Holiday 2022 wax melts for Walmart, made by MVP Group Intl: Balsam & Birch, Candy Cane & Cream, Cashmere & Teak, Noble Fir & Pine, Salted Coconut & Mahogany, Snow Cherry & Macaron.

We reviewed 8 more Better Homes & Gardens Christmas/Holiday 2022 wax melts in November, made by Candle-Lite, in the standard sized 2.5 oz. clamshells.

Balsam & Birch
Fraser Fir, Balsam, Blue Spruce, Cypress, Cedar & Birch
A wintery medley of jeweled Fraser fir, pure evergreen, wild cypress, and blue spruce touched by woodland herbs, leafy mistletoe, and gently spiced red wood cedar
A standard, but very nice, pine scent with a tiny bit of a dirt note that makes it smell a little like digging up a pine tree for Christmas! It has a teensy bit of barely detectable sweetness. Mix this with the Snow Cherry & Macaron scent, and the Candy Cane & Cream scent, or both. Or for something entirely different, mix a little bit of this scent into the Cashmere & Teak and/or Salted Coconut & Mahogany scents!

Candy Cane & Cream
Candy Cane, Buttercream, Vanilla Bean & Peppermint
The delectable richness of velvety buttercream infused with pure vanilla bean extract and cool shimmers of crushed peppermint
One of the best scents I've smelled in a long time, this is insanely good and makes me want to take a bite out of the wax! It's super sweet, rich vanilla and chocolate peppermint, like a chocolate peppermint patty, but with a subtle hint of cherry. I adore this scent! It also smells incredible when mixed with a bit of the Snow Cherry & Macaron scent. And even mixed with the Salted Coconut & Mahogany scent!

ScentSationals is releasing a new holiday scent called Candy Cane Ice Cream, and sniffing it side by side with this Candy Cane & Cream scent, they're totally different scents. This scent is has more peppermint, less chocolate, and of course the hint of cherry. The ScentSationals scent smells like a creamy, milky chocolate milkshake with a very subtle hint of peppermint, and no cherry. I love them both!

Cashmere & Teak
Cashmere, Leather, Rose, Red Cedar, Teak & Moss
Citrus-infused blend with warm notes of brushed suede and wooly cashmere embellished with white rose accents, red cedar, rich moss, and sparkling musk
A nice warm, dark, slightly woodsy, very slightly smoky men's cologne scent that could have a barely detectable smidgen of leather way in the background. It's similar to other "dark" cologne scents like ScentSationals Black Tux, although I think this scent is a bit more woodsy and not quite as sweet as Black Tux (although I no longer have Black Tux to compare). Very nice! Looking at the notes, the teak and red cedar are the woodsy notes, and there's the leather. I do detect a mossy note as well. I don't really get cashmere, which is sweet, warm, ambery, slightly perfumey, and often has a bit of a laundry note. And I'm not getting rose at all. Mix this with the Balsam & Birch scent, or even a tiny bit of the Noble Fir & Pine (since that one is strong), for something really nice and different. It blends very well with the Salted Coconut & Mahogany scent too. And interestingly, it's really nice with a little bit of the Snow Cherry & Macaron scent mixed in.

Noble Fir & Pine
Fir Needle, Pinesap, Cedar, Herb & Holly
The invigorating aroma of crisp fir and snow-covered pine glitter with resinous tree sap, smooth cedar, and iced balsam layered with woodland greens and lush holly
Fantastic pine scent with a little bit of eucalyptus (I get a tiny bit of a nasal clearing effect up close when melting). It has a tiny bit of that "harsh" pine note, but for this scent, it works. It's rich and a little salty, with a hint of a savory herbal note like sage. It's not a woodsy or smoky pine, and it's totally different from the Balsam & Birch scent, much more crisp and bright. Put a little bit of this scent into the Cashmere & Teak and/or Salted Coconut & Mahogany scents!

Salted Coconut & Mahogany
Citrus, Herbal, Wood, Coconut & Vanilla
A woody blend with a tropical twist of creamy coconut melding with white mahogany and soft elements of crushed lavender
Yes, yet ANOTHER Salted Coconut & Mahogany! Both Rimports and MVP Group came out with this scent for the fall, and now MVP has come out with it again for the winter. It's exactly the same scent as the others, just with a different label. It originally came out in Spring 2021. This is a sweet foodie coconut with vanilla and a hint of a cologney mahogany note. It smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens White Tahitian Woods (despite that scent not having a cologne note and a much more subtle coconut note) and quite a bit like ScentSationals Coconut Sands (which is more coconutty and slightly less sweet). Melted, it smells a bit like super sweet coconut candy, which makes it smell almost exactly like Sonoma Coconut Mahogany (but just a tinge less sweet). Fantastic scent! Looking at the notes, I don't detect any citrus or herbal notes, but I do get a tiny bit of lavender.
Better Homes & Gardens Salted Coconut & Mahogany wax melts

Snow Cherry & Macaron
Cherry, Cranberry, Champagne, Vanilla Bean & Macaron
Incredible, fantastic scent! I'm getting cherry (maybe black cherry, but any harshness is tempered by the other notes) with almond (but not a nutty or almond extract type almond), with vanilla and a hint of coconut (French macaron ingredients do include almond and coconut). It's foodie, but also has a tiny bit of a perfumey note, which makes this scent smell a bit artificial, although it's not a bad thing because I like that perfumey note. It doesn't have any real bakery (cookie, pie crust, bread, etc.) type notes. It's rich and dark, and may also have a bit of a plum in the background. Very sweet, of course, but some of the sweetness is tempered by something else. Looking at the notes, the note I can't pinpoint is champagne, although this scent is not bitter at all and doesn't have that sour alcohol note that a lot of scents that have alcohol notes tend to have. I don't detect any cranberry. Mix a little bit of this with the Candy Cane & Cream scent for a truly magical experience! Or mix a little bit of this scent with the Balsam & Birch scent, which is also a really nice combination.
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