Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts Reviews - April 2020

April 30, 2020

Big Lots Living Colors Wax Melts Reviews - April 2020

This is a review of Big Lots (Living Colors) Wax Melts from April 2020. Most of these are tropical scents.

Coconut Driftwood
I love this scent! It's milky vanilla, coconut, sandalwood, and a hint of musk, and maybe a smidgen of cedar. On cold sniff I detect a smidgen of pineapple, but not when melted. It smells a little bit like AmbiEscents Beach Front, but not as sweet. Fantastic scent, but it was pretty much gone within 2 hours.

Exotic Plumeria
I think I've smelled this scent before. It's tropical fruit (maybe pineapple, but also a hint of berry like strawberry) with a hint of floral (not sure what kind, and it's not overly floral-y). It's kind of sweet, but not perfumey, but it also has a tiny bit of a metallic note I don't care for.

Jackfruit Pomelo
A fantastic bright, sweet fruity scent with a little bit of a tropical note. I smell strawberry, pineapple and cherry (in that order). But it also has a tiny bit of a floral note I think, not really perfumey, but a little bit like a fruit scented lipstick, in a good way. I love this scent!

Mango Passionfruit
A fake tropical fruit scent with a strong waxy note, similar to ScentSationals Tropical Fiesta, Better Homes & Gardens Pineapple Melon Freeze, and ScentSationals HEB Special Edition San Antonio Fiesta. It's not very sweet, and maybe very slightly sour, but mostly it's just waxy. I don't detect pineapple or coconut, but it does smell like a tropical fruit, maybe yellow guava, which is on the sour side. It smells like a cheap tropical scented bathroom spray. I'm not a fan.

Palm Flora
A fantastic fruity floral scent with a hint of coconut. I think the fruit is pear. It's rich with a hint of a foodie note like vanilla, and even a bit of a "buttery" quality. And I don't know what kind of floral it is, but it's quite sweet although not perfumey. The coconut is probably the palm (which is a soapy waxy scent with a woodsy, nutty, slightly coconutty note).

Pineapple Colada
Pineapple scent with a bit of coconut, but it's a super sweet, super fake pineapple, like pineapple flavored bubble gum mixed with pineapple scented bathroom spray. I don't like it, but I don't care for pineapple scents anyway, unless it's a sweet, candy-like pineapple, which this is, but it's also too chemical-ly. After being in the warmer for about 20 minutes, it took on a waxy note.

Salted Beachwood
A fresh, crisp men's body wash scent with perhaps a smidgen of lemon rind and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of garden mint. Very nice!

Summer's Night
A fresh, sweet and salty men's body wash type scent. It has the same rich, salty type note that's in ScentSationals Agave Lime, but it's not the same scent. It has a little bit of a nasal clearing effect which I think is eucalyptus, and I also detect a black pepper note (more on cold sniff, but barely noticeable when melting). It has a barely detectable rubbery note like in DD Black Tourmaline, but most people won't notice it. I like this scent!

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