Candle Warmers Wax Melt Reviews

November 2021

Candle Warmers Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Candle Warmers wax melts, which can found at as well as various stores and gift shops. Their classic wax melts are a 50/50 paraffin/soy wax blend, and the Artisan and Aromatherapy wax melts are 100% soy. They're manufactured in the Candle Warmers warehouse in Utah.

The scents are quite nice, with several unique scents, and in general the throw is quite good. The best place to buy the Candle Warmers wax melts is directly from their website; I've found that stores that carry them sometimes keep them on the shelves for a long time, or bring older stock up front from their warehouse. I think I've had issues with Candle Warmers wax melts throw in the past because I purchased them from stores where they had been sitting awhile.

Bahama Beach
Fresh tropical fruit accented with a mild island breeze and warm salty sand
This is a straight pineapple scent, tart and a little bit sweet. I don't get the breeze and salty sand notes. It would be great as a mixer to blend with sweet scents like strawberry, orange, vanilla, florals, and of course, coconut.

Balsam Fir
Fresh cut balsam fir on a crisp winter day
A nice pine scent with a very slight sour, Play-Doh, "rubbery" note that some pine scent have that I don't care for. In this case, that sour note is subtle, and the pine is slightly peppery, which is very nice.

Buttered Maple Bourbon
Classic bourbon warmed with fragrant maple and butter
This smells kind of like a donut with caramel and maple, a slight hint of cinnamon, and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of apple. It's not overly sweet.

Cranberry Sage
Tart cranberries combined with Valencia orange and sage
I love this scent of sweet, tart cranberries, orange, and maybe a hint of some other kind of fruit (pomegranate? apple?) and smidgen of pine. Looking at the notes, I guess what I thought was pine is actually sage, but I'm sure I smell pine. The pine note is stronger on cold sniff, and I barely detect it when melted. It's a fantastic, super fruity scent.

First Frost
Deep autumn woods are touched with the minty tones of first frost
This smells like a combination of cedar, oud wood (a dark resinous tree sappy woodsy scent that gives scents a classy note), and a smidgen of peppermint. The peppermint is not overly sweet like peppermint candy or a candy cane, nor is it an herbal garden mint, but somewhere in between. I smell the peppermint on cold sniff, but I barely detect it when melting. It's a fantastic scent!

Frosted Forest
A pristine, pine forest lightly dusted in the first snow of the season
This smells like the Balsam Fir scent with a citrus, citron, limoncello or Ginger Ale (without fizziness) note that makes it smell fresh (and I don't get the sour note that Balsam Fir has). On cold sniff I thought I detected garden mint and/or eucalyptus, but I don't smell that when melting. It has just a smidgen of sweetness that the Balsam Fir scent doesn't have, but it's still not a sweet scent, and in fact it's more savory. It's different, and I love it!

Hawaiian Jungle
Rain-kissed palm leaves paired with juicy tropical fruits
I love palm scents, and I haven't smelled one in a long time. Palm is a soapy savory waxy scent with a woodsy, nutty, slightly coconutty note and sometimes a smidgen of lemon. I don't smell the nut in this one. It also has notes of aloe (watery cucumbery note), a smidgen of pineapple and maybe red currant (fig-like soapy scent with a tiny bit of tartness and a hint of light wood) and fig, but no actual fruity notes, and it's not a sweet scent. It has a natural, herbal quality, and even a tiny bit of a petrichor note (the smell of rain hitting hot pavement). I love this unusual scent!

Holiday Spice
Joyful clove buds and undertones of spicy cinnamon bark create a cheerful holiday scent
A sweet scent of cloves and cinnamon, with sweet creamy vanilla in the background. Even if you don't like cinnamon, you might like this one because it smells great, just like the holidays!

Holly & Ivy
Fresh green holly and ivy mixed with bay and eucalyptus leaves
I smell pine with a hint of ginger. The pine has a little bit of that slightly sour Play-Doh pine scent that I don't care for, but the ginger and sweetness of the bay tempers that note a bit, so I don't mind it too much. Looking at the notes, I don't smell eucalyptus, nor do I get any nasal clearing effects that eucalyptus has.

Home for Christmas
Quintessential Christmas: holly berries, earthy fir and cedar wood, and vanilla
This is my favorite scent of the bunch, and I'm sure I smelled it before. I'm getting smoky spruce, fruit (but not cranberry, and it's not a fruity or sweet scent), red currant (fig-like soapy note with a tiny bit of tartness and a hint of light wood). Yes, it smells a lot like (but not the same as) Ashland Fruit Garland from Michaels and DD Velvet Tonka Bean from Hobby Lobby. I ADORE this scent!

Lavender & White Sage
Dewy lavender in a meadow of white sage accented by wildflowers and soft woods
A fantastic scent with lavender, milky vanilla that almost gives it a foodie note, and a smidgen of the sage. Despite sage, it's not a medicinal lavender at all. And although it's sweet, and might include another floral as well such as jasmine, it's not perfumey and doesn't have warm amber or cashmere notes that a lot of sweet lavender scents tend to have. I love this scent.

Macintosh Apple
Fresh, juicy, red Macintosh apple
A fantastic, fake apple scent that smells like apple scented room spray. But this doesn't mean it smells bad; quite the opposite, in fact. It's a great scent and I love it! Unfortunately, the scent started dissipating within 1 hour, so at first throw was 4 out of 5, then dropped to 3 within 2 hours, then 2 within 3 hours.

Mahogany Teak
Rich tones of mahogany and teakwood softened with hints of lavender and rose
A typical men's cologne type scent with rich mahogany and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of leather. It's not as sweet as most cologne scents. Looking at the notes, I do detect a smidgen of lavender, but not rose. It smells a lot like other similar scents, such as ScentSationals Black Tux, Real Living Mahogany Woods from Big Lots, Sonoma Mahogany & Cedar from Kohl's, etc. It's a wonderful scent!

Maple Buttered Rum
Rich buttery rum, sweet maple syrup, cinnamon sticks, and a wedge of lemon
Sweet, yummy maple with a hint of caramel. I think I do detect a tiny bit of a rum or bourbon note, but not as much as I'd expect based on the name. Which is okay, as it smells great, kind of like French toast with lots of maple syrup (I think I also detect a smidgen of a bready note). Looking at the notes, I don't detect lemon at all. On cold sniff, it's very similar to Buttered Maple Bourbon, but that scent changes when melted, and they're not the same.

Orange Cream Cupcake
Fresh vanilla cake topped with tangy orange-infused buttercream frosting
I thought this was going to be similar to Better Homes & Gardens Orange Buttercream Cupcake (which smells like orange Fruit Loops cereal), but they're totally different scents. This is an orange creamsicle scent, definitely not vanilla cake (or any bakery notes) with orange buttercream frosting. It has a hint of tanginess and is slightly less sweet and rich than other orange creamsicle scents, so maybe more like an orange dreamsicle (creamsicle is made with ice cream, while dreamsicle is made with ice milk). It's a great scent!

Pink Love Spell
A luxurious bouquet of delicate florals sweetened with hints of fresh fruits
This is a dupe of Victoria's Secret Love Spell perfume, and it smells just like it, although it's very weak on cold sniff. I don't like Love Spell perfume; to me, it smells like bland, grapefruit scented paper without any perfumey or sweet notes. One of our reviewers concurs, but like most people, our other reviewer loves it and says it smells like a sweet fruity floral perfume!

Sugared Citrus
Fresh citrus, tropical fruit, and pure cane sugar
A bright, sweet, happy scent of orange with a smidgen of something else, maybe grapefruit and/or mango/papaya. But orange is the main note, like 90%. Very nice! It smells almost exactly like Sonoma Blue Citron and Better Homes & Gardens Over the Rainbow, and I think it's supposed to be a dupe of the Capri Blue Volcano scent (same notes too).

Sunkissed Cotton
A bright summer day in a field of sun-warmed, natural-grown cotton
A fantastic, sweet laundry detergent scent. It's not a harsh detergent scent, and although it's very sweet (more so than most, like it might include gardenia and/or musk), it's also not a warm, soft fabric softener scent.

Wild Berry Cheesecake
Decadent cheesecake topped with an assortment of sweet, juicy berries
An incredibly yummy, sweet, super fruity, slightly buttery scent of berries (I smell blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries) with a slightly tangy marshmallow note (obviously the cheesecake). I'm not getting any bakery notes like pie crust. It smells very much like Better Homes & Gardens Wild Berry Cheesecake, but with this scent, the tangy note is not marshmallowy, but rather more milky and tangy, and the fruit is not as "fruity" and a tiny bit more fake. It's still a fantastic scent, but we think the Better Homes version edges out this version just slightly in terms of scent quality.

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