Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Wax Melt Reviews 2016

December 15, 2016

Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Wax Melt Reviews 2016

This is a review of Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) Wax Melts from 2016. These are the first Hanna's Candle wax melts I've tried, and they are incredible. I especially love the trios! These wax melts can be found on the Hanna's Candle (Candlemart) website at https://candlemart.com.

Apple Pumpkin Trio
This is the same as the old Mainstays Triple melts with the same scents, and also the same as Michaels Harvest Trio from Fall 2015. Even though these are just "fall" scents, they're fantastic, and some of my favorite scents!
Orchard Fruits
Very sweet rich apple scent with a caramel note and maybe a hint of cinnamon. This is not a typical cinnamon apple scent. It's much sweeter and richer, and it smells incredible!

Pumpkin Latte
Another very sweet rich scent, this one smells a lot like eggnog, very creamy, with a slight nutmeg note but also a barely detectable smidgen of coffee. Another incredible scent!

Apple Pumpkin
I just smell apple, although there's a bit of an apple cider note, but not a mulling spices type scent.

Caramel Apple Trio
This is the same as the old Mainstays Triple melts with the same scents. These are much better than typical "fall" scents by other companies.
Caramel Apple
This smells like mulled apple cider. It's not all that caramely, but it still smells very nice.

Mulled Cider
This smells like fresh apple with a hint of mulling spices and a smidgen of caramel. In fact, I think the label is wrong, and the Caramel Apple and Mulled Cider scents are reversed.

Apple Butter
A rich sugary sweet apple scent, this smells like apple flavored buttercream frosting! This is the best scent of the three.

Carmine Rose (TimberWick)
Rose, cyclamen, white musk, and tender woods
A plain tea rose scent. This is the same scent as their Peony Fields scent.

Coastal Woods Trio
This is the same as the old Mainstays Triple melts with the same scents.
Coastal Woods
Light tropical woodsy scent with a slight coconut note, but it mostly smells like really old or old-fashioned perfume, but not in a bad way. It's an unusual scent.

Tiki Hut
A fresh herbal body wash type scent with just a barely detectable smidgen of light woods and maybe floral. There may be coconut although I don't really smell it.

Sand Dollar
I think this is pineapple with coconut and light wood. It's not a sweet or foodie pineapple, actually a little on the sour side, and it's definitely tropical. I'm not a fan of pineapple scents, but I like this one.

Ember Glow (TimberWick)
Spiced wood, juniper, cinnamon, patchouli and vanilla
This smells like sweet raw wood scent like pencil shavings, with leather, and maybe a hint of sweet vanilla. It's a manly scent, but it doesn't smell like cologne. I'm surprised that leather is not one of the notes, since I detect a strong leather note in this scent. I don't smell cinnamon at all. This is a very popular scent, and with good reason... It's fantastic!

Garden Rain Trio
Dew Drops
This is actually the same scent as Mainstays Garden Rain (I think scent name on label is incorrect). It's a fresh sweet watery airy scent with a little bit of an ocean-y quality and a smidgen of floral perhaps that makes it very slightly perfumey. It has a generic bathroom air freshener scent, but I like it better than Dew Drops.

Gentle Breeze
Fresh watery herbal scent with a hint of lemon and a soapy note, this one smells like a fresh men's body wash. It's a nice scent.

Garden Rain
This is a different scent than Mainstays Garden Rain (I think scent name on label is incorrect). This is a fresh watery scent with a chemical note and maybe a smidgen of sweet lemon. It smells like a cheap generic bathroom air freshener. Not a bad scent, but not my favorite.

Harvest Heirloom (Uncle Johnny's Fall Hayride)
Cedar, juniper, fir, oakmoss, musk, tobacco
This is the same scent as Aldi Falling Leaves from September 2015. It smells like really old apples (but in a good way) mixed with woodsy leaves and an apple cider note. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell fir, musk, or tobacco, and I can't believe that apples are not in the scent notes since that's what I smell the most. I like this one!

Island Waves Trio
Island Petals
A very sweet watery scent with a floral note. Very nice!

Tropical Beach
Similar to Island Petals but not quite as sweet, and with a soapy note and a smidgen of coconut. It smells like a woman's body wash.

Island Waves
This is the same as the old Mainstays Island Waves scent, coconut with a fresh sweet watery note, more coconut than, and not as sweet as, the other two scents.

Lemonade Trio
This is the same as the old Mainstays Triple melts with the same scents.
Strawberry Lemonade
This was one of my favorite Mainstays scents, and I've missed it! It's a strong lemon scent with a sweet berry note. Very nice!

Frozen Mint Leaves
I just smell something sweet, with maybe a smidgen of lemon, but not really mint. This one always had the weakest throw in the Mainstays triple melt, but I don't recall it being this weak.

Lemon Sugar
A very sweet almost marshmallowy lemon scent, very nice.

Night Musk (TimberWick)
Sandalwood, eucalyptus, cedarwood, orange peel, patchouli, and musk
A woodsy men's cologne scent with a smidgen of smokiness. I don't smell eucalyptus, although that might be the smokiness. And I don't smell orange. Very nice scent.

Pine Trio
Evergreen & Cedar
A nice pine scent with a sweet slightly vanilla note and a hint of fruit, although the sweet note might actually be cedar. Nice scent.

Holly Berry
A bayberry scent, similar to Evergreen & Cedar scent, but less pine and more berry.

A standard pine scent with a very subtle hint of sweetness. It may be the same scent as Mainstays Evergreen Spruce.

Pumpkin Trio
This is the same as the old Mainstays Triple melts with the same scents.
Pumpkin Maple
This smells like caramel and maple with a hint of pumpkin spices. So yummy! This is the best scent of the three.

Pumpkin Spice
This is a typical pumpkin pie scent, and quite nice.

Pumpkin Bread
This is another pumpkin pie type scent, but more bready and with more cinnamon and not as sweet as the Pumpkin Spice scent.

Sparkling Herbs (PureFresh Kitchen Neutralizing)
Green herbs, citrus, lemongrass, and eucalyptus
This is the same scent as the old ScentSationals Sparkling Herbs. This is very strange, because ScentSationals and Hanna's Candle are two different companies. It's a fantastic lemony herbal scent with a soapy note, like a spa type fragrance.

Spring Rain (PureFresh Smoke Neutralizing)
Apple, ozone, citrus, lily, jasmine, wood and musk
This one is very light on cold sniff. I can barely smell it. Same thing when melted. I think I detect a baby powder scent with a chemical note, but I can't tell.

Tahitian Sunset Trio
This is the same as the old Mainstays Triple melts with the same scents.
Island Luau
Tropical fruit scent with coconut and a very light woodsy note.

Cabo Sunshine
Sweet and slightly sour tropical fruit scent with a hint of coconut.

Tahitian Sunset
I can't figure this one out. It's a little perfumey and a little tropical, but there's also a sour, waxy, almost savory note in the background. I don't like this one.

Woodland Terrace (TimberWick)
Lemon, coriander, peppercorn, cardamom, Koa wood, and vetiver
This is not very strong on cold sniff, but it smells like freshly cut herbs and maybe a minty note. When melted, I don't detect any mint, but it also takes on more of a raw wood note mixed with the herbs. It's a bit too "natural", not a scent that I would want to melt in the house.

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