Mainstays (Walmart) Fall 2015 Wax Melt Reviews

August 18, 2015

Mainstays (Walmart) Fall 2015 Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the Mainstays Fall 2015 Wax Melts from Walmart (Apple Pumpkin, Apples and Berries, Banana Nut Bread, and Evergreen Spruce). These scents are in the new 1.25 oz. packages that sell for $.93 (the older packaging was 2.5 oz. for $2, same as the Better Homes & Gardens and ScentSationals brands). The smaller packages allow you to test a scent to see if you like it before buying more. But remember that if you use one cube of wax from a standard 2.5 oz. package in your warmer, you'll need to use 2 cubes of the Mainstays wax because each cube is half the size.

Apple Pumpkin
Macintosh Apple whipped with warm apple butter and sweet cinnamon sugar, which are wrapped with maple syrup and brown sugar vanilla for a rich autumn sensation.
Fantastic rich sweet apple scent with nutmeg and cloves, and maybe a little cinnamon, but it's not a typical apple cinnamon scent. And it doesn't smell like pumpkin. It smells like a rich apple pie filling. It smells very much like Better Homes & Gardens Farm Apple Pumpkin, and it's similar to ScentSationals Apple Berry Crumble and AmbiEscents Cran Apple Cider (these two are the same scent).

Apples and Berries
Crisp apple and orchard fruits are mixed with ripe wild berries and luscious black raspberry for the perfect seasonal experience. Applewood and fir balsam infuse an authentic outdoor sensation, adding warmth and depth.
I smell apple with maybe a hint of caramel, although it's not very sweet. There's something else in the background that I can't figure out and that I don't care for, like a soapy note.

Banana Nut Bread
A very nice but sweet banana scent with a little bit of nuttiness and a hint of bakery. It has a very slight fake note, but it's still a fantastic scent. Compare to Aldi Banana Nut Bread (same as Hanna's Candle Banana Nut Bread), Yankee Candle Home Inspiration Banana Walnut Bread, and Goose Creek Candle Sweet Banana Bread.

Evergreen Spruce
An authentic woodsy Christmas tree scent. It's slightly different from the Mainstays Pine scent in that it doesn't have that "biting" pine note, and it's more realistic. I think this scent was originally going to be called "Evergreen Balsam".

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