Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2020

January 12, 2020

Michaels (Ashland) Wax Melts Reviews - Spring 2020

This is a review of the Michaels (Ashland) wax melts for Spring 2020. These wax melts get worse every season. They smell okay for the most part, but in general the throw is terrible. And the packaging is made with such a thin, flimsy plastic that it was hard for me to find a clamshell that wasn't broken or that closed completely.

The Ashland wax melts from Michaels normally sell for $3.99 when they first come out, and after a few weeks they drop the price to $1.99. But these scents were $1.99 as soon as they came out. And they skipped the holiday scents altogether. So I suspect these wax melts are not the big sellers they used to be when they were made by Hanna's Candle 2 years ago.

You can find them at Michaels stores, as well as buy them online from the Michaels website and pick them up at your local Michaels, but they don't ship.

Eucalyptus & Ginger
I've smelled this scent before. It's a fresh herbal scent with a slightly peppery note. It's just a little bit sweet, but not a cologney or body wash type scent. Eucalyptus? Maybe way way in the background, as I think I do detect a teensy bit of pine. But definitely no ginger. It's quite nice.

Flower Bouquet
Fantastic scent. It's the same as Hanna's Candle Benditaroma Protection and Morning Dew (same scent). It's a pleasant soft plumeria type floral with sweet watery notes, maybe a hint of vanilla or marshmallow, and a smidgen of musk. It's not a perfumey scent, and it's not even much of a floral as it has that slightly marshmallowy note. Hanna's Candle has not made the Ashland wax melts for about 2 years, so I'm not sure why this scent is a dupe of a Hanna's scent.

Honey Pear
I've smelled this scent before. It's definitely pear, but it's not very sweet and it has an earthy note. There's no honey or sugary notes. It's just okay for me.

Honeysuckle is one of those scents that almost always smells pretty much the same no matter what company makes it. This one has a little bit more of a floral note (maybe a hint of rose?) in addition to the honeysuckle. It's a nice scent but has a bit of a generic or cheap quality to it.

Jasmine Vanilla
Fantastic scent. I think it's the same as Ashland Soothing Vanilla (the newer one) from Michaels. It smells like an expensive warm cashmere/amber perfume with a hint of vanilla and maybe a smidgen of patchouli. But it's not an overly perfumey scent, and it's not really a floral; I don't detect jasmine at all, although maybe a smidgen of lavender. It's similar to Scentsy Lavender Vanilla and Febreze Downy Unstopables Vanilla, both of which might also be very similar to Bath & Body Works Lavender Vanilla.

Lavender Bloom
A nice "rich" lavender scent, like this one might have a hint of vanilla in it. It's sweet and fresh, but not perfumey. I like it.

A bright floral that smells a lot like rose. But it's fake, like a floral room spray. It's not overly sweet, not perfumey, and has a hint of a soapy note and a smidgen of bitterness. It's an okay scent. I think it's the same as Hanna's Candle Peony Fields and Carmine Rose (same scent).

Rose Petals
A nice tea rose scent that smells like rose scented soap. It's not overly sweet or perfumey.

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