Pleasantville Oils Wax Melts

Pleasantville Oils Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Pleasantville Oils wax melts, an independent Illinois company that makes wax melts, soaps, lip balm, and more. Their wax melts are available in scent shots, clamshells, and a variety of shapes.

Pleasantville Oils, which opened in September 2019, can be found on their website at as well as Facebook.

Michelle Sanders, the owner, is wonderful to work with. Orders are received very quickly, and she keeps in close communication with her customers, happily answering any questions they might have.

Pleasantville Oils' wax melts are a parasoy (soy and paraffin) blend, and in general they throw very well, better than many other vendor/indie wax melts we've tried. The only negative we could find, and it's very very minor, is that some of the lids keep popping off the scent shots. We would also love to see some custom blends in the future!

With great smelling wax melts that throw well, and excellent customer service, we think that Pleasantville Oils is going to be a very successful indie wax melt company!

In general, great scents and throw. Fantastic customer service. Quick shipping. Reasonable prices.
Could use more custom blends, but company is new so give it some time! Scent shot lids tend to pop off, but that may have been resolved by now.
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Pleasantville Oils Wax Melt Reviews


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