Pleasantville Oils Wax Melts

Pleasantville Oils Wax Melts

Read Reviews of Pleasantville Oils wax melts, an independent Illinois company that makes wax melts, soaps, lip balm, and more. Their wax melts are available in scent shots, clamshells, and a variety of shapes.

Pleasantville Oils, which opened in September 2019, can be found on their website at as well as Facebook.

Michelle Sanders, the owner, is wonderful to work with. Orders are received very quickly, and she keeps in close communication with her customers, happily answering any questions they might have.

Pleasantville Oils' wax melts are a parasoy (soy and paraffin) blend, and in general they throw very well, better than many other vendor/indie wax melts we've tried.

With great smelling wax melts that throw well, and excellent customer service, there is absolutely nothing not to love about Pleasantville Oils wax melts. We recommend them 1000% for anyone looking for high quality wax melts!!

Great scents, wonderful blends, fantastic throw, excellent customer service, quick shipping, reasonable prices.
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Pleasantville Oils Wax Melt Reviews
2020-11Almond BiscottiFoodie3.00
2020-11Autumn WoodsIncense1.00
2020-11Candy CanePeppermint4.00
2020-11Caramel FlameFoodie3.50
2020-11Christmas HearthClove5.00
2020-11Christmas StarFoodie4.00
2020-11Cocoa Butter CashmereFoodie3.50
2020-11Cypress & BerriesFresh3.00
2020-11Eucalyptus SpearmintSpa5.00
2020-11Falling LeavesWoodsy3.00
2020-11Fiddlers DreamApple/Pear4.00
2020-11Fireside MarshmallowFoodie3.50
2020-11Frosted JuniperPine4.00
2020-11Merry MeCinnamon5.00
2020-11Moonlight PathPerfumey4.00
2020-11Oatmeal Milk & HoneyPerfumey3.00
2020-11Ode to FallFoodie5.00
2020-11Roasted Pine ConeWoodsy3.50
2020-11Shave & HaircutFresh3.50
2020-11Spiked EggnogFoodie3.50
2020-11Sugared MapleFoodie5.00
2020-11Sun DanceLemon/Lime3.50
2020-11Twice the SpiceFoodie5.00
2020-11Winter Candy AppleApple/Pear4.00
2020-11Wishful ThinkingIncense5.00
2020-08Carnival CandyFruity4.00
2020-08Chocolate Covered CheriesChocolate5.00
2020-08Chocolate OrchidPerfumey3.50
2020-08Cranberry WoodsPine4.00
2020-08Hot Orange DanishOrange4.00
2020-08Kudzu BlossomFloral5.00
2020-08Peppermint Mocha Pound CakeFoodie3.50
2020-08Strawberry CheesecakeFruity5.00
2020-08Strawberry FrostFruity5.00
2020-08Strawberry PassionFruity3.00
2020-08Sweet DreamerPeppermint3.50
2020-08Vanilla LaceVanilla4.00
2020-08Welcome HomeHerbal5.00
2020-08Wintergreen SpearmintMint3.50
2020-02Amber & SandalwoodPerfumey3.00
2020-02Apples & Maple BourbonApple/Pear4.00
2020-02Banana Nut BreadFoodie5.00
2020-02Berry CrunchFruity5.00
2020-02Black Currant AbsintheIncense4.00
2020-02Blueberry MuffinFruity5.00
2020-02Cran Apple CakeApple/Pear4.00
2020-02Cranberry Apple MarmaladeApple/Pear3.00
2020-02Light the FireIncense2.00
2020-02Pink Fizzy PopLemon/Lime4.00
2020-02Pumpkin Pecan WafflesFoodie5.00
2020-02Sugar FairiesPerfumey3.50
2019-117-Up Pound CakeLemon/Lime4.00
2019-11Apple Cinnamon StreuselApple/Pear3.00
2019-11Black Raspberry & VanillaFruity5.00
2019-11Blue Cotton CandyFoodie3.50
2019-11Christmas CookiesVanilla4.00
2019-11Cinnamon SticksCinnamon4.00
2019-11Country BumpkinFoodie5.00
2019-11Country ChristmasPine3.50
2019-11Mountain Hazelnut CafeCoffee4.00
2019-11Pumpkin Apple ButterFoodie5.00
2019-11Vanilla LavenderPerfumey5.00
2019-11Witches BrewCinnamon3.00


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