Pleasantville Oils (The Melt Stash) Wax Melts Reviews - August 2020

August 18, 2020

Pleasantville Oils Wax Melts Reviews

This is another review of Pleasantville Oils wax melts (renamed The Melt Stash in early 2021). Pleasantville Oils (The Melt Stash) is one of my favorite independent wax melt companies because of their great scents and throw, and fantastic customer service!

The Pleasantville Oils website is, and they are also on Facebook.

Carnival Candy
Cotton Candy, Pink Sugar
This smells like a combination of strawberry and Pink Sugar (a fruity, slightly perfumey scent that smells like cotton candy, with notes of raspberry and a smidgen of lemon). Looking at the notes, they're spot on. Her Cotton Candy scent has notes of raspberry, strawberry, citrus, sugar, and vanilla. Great scent!

Chocolate Covered Cherries
Sweet maraschino cherries smothered in milk chocolate, with a dry down of French vanilla
This smells exactly what the scent name and notes sound like, a combination of chocolate and cherries! The cherries seem to be more of the harsh black cherry type rather than maraschino, and it has a bit of an artificial note, but it's still a very nice scent.

Chocolate Orchid
Lemon, orange, bergamot, lime, raspberry, peach, jasmine, orchid, chocolate, vanilla, patchouli, amber
The combination of floral and chocolate doesn't sound so good, but this scent is divine! I smell blackberry and/or raspberry, a warm cashmere note of amber or musk, rich vanilla, a smidgen of an incensey note way in the background, and a smidgen of chocolate which imparts a yummy richness (you might not notice it if you didn't know it's supposed to be there). It has a tiny bit of a Pink Sugar vibe, but a classier, grown-up version. I'm not sure how to classify this scent, as it's mostly fruity but also floral perfumey. Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell lemon, orange, lime or peach at all, but the rest of the notes are spot on.

Cranberry Woods
Cranberry, Red Currant, Cinnamon, Green Leaves, Black Currant, Pine, Fir, Vanilla
This is a fantastic wintery scent that smells like cranberry and pine, a bit more of the pine on cold sniff, but when melted it's half and half. It has a little bit of that sour note that some pine scents have, but not enough to ruin the scent. It has a tiny bit of sweetness due to the cranberry. I like it! Looking at the notes, I don't smell cinnamon at all.

Hot Orange Danish
Fresh baked danish with cream frosting
This smells exactly like you would expect it to based on the scent name! It's orange with a rich, buttery donutty note (but not bready) and a little bit of sweet vanilla glaze. It's SO scrumptious!

Kudzu Blossom
Floral, Fruity, Jasmine, Musk
I thought I'd smelled every type of fruit scented wax melt out there, but this one is totally different. I can't identify the fruit. I'm assuming it's kudzu, but I've never smelled a kudzu, nor a wax melt that smells like one. The closest I can describe it is strawberry with a little bit of orange blossom/neroli that makes it smell like the beach, and a hint of a tropical fruit note. I read online that kudzu smells like sweetened grapes with fresh greenery notes and floral undertones; I don't think I smell grape though. It's also around 40% floral, and the floral note is rose with a little bit of a soapy note. I adore this scent, and it's so unique!!

Peppermint Mocha Pound Cake
Peppermint Mocha + Lemon Pound Cake
This has a little bit of everything in it!! It's a rich combination of peanut butter, mint, vanilla, and mocha (chocolate with a hint of coffee and a lot of cream). It has a nasal clearing effect due to the mint. It's yummy, and not overly sweet. Looking at the notes, I'm surprised I don't see peanut butter!

Sweet grape
This is the same as her Groovy Grape scent. It smells like grape candy, not at all an authentic grape, but it's not supposed to be. It's a happy, youthful scent! It might also have a bit of raspberry in it, because it's not an "intense" grape scent. I like it!

Strawberry Cheesecake
Strawberry, cream, crust
Strawberry with a rich, slightly tart note which I guess is the cheesecake. It doesn't smell like cheesecake at all (which is a nearly impossible scent to duplicate accurately), and it's kind of artificial, but it's still a nice scent.

Strawberry Frost
Strawberry Cheesecake + Wintergreen Spearmint + Shave & Haircut
And now for something totally different, this scent smells like strawberry mixed with licoricey wintergreen, with a touch of shaving cream or herbal soap (although I don't detect the shaving cream/soapy note note when melting). I do respect getting creative with scent blends, and this one sure is out there! Although it's not my cup of tea, it's surprisingly not nearly as bad as it sounds!

Strawberry Passion
Ripened strawberries with notes of cotton candy and French vanilla
This is a fantastic strawberry scent that smells like real strawberries or strawberry preserves, with a hint of raspberry that adds a bit of tartness which makes this scent smell so authentic. One of the best strawberry scents I've ever smelled, and it's not overly sweet. In fact, I don't notice any cotton candy or vanilla notes at all. I love this scent, although it started dissipating within 2 hours.

Sweet Dreamer
Vanilla Lavender + Peppermint
A fantastic nasal-clearing peppermint, but it's not overly sweet, and there's something else in the background, maybe light wood? It's similar to ScentSationals Iridescent, Goose Creek Candle Frozen in Time, and Goose Creek Candle Vanilla Wonderland, but this scent has much more peppermint and is very slightly sweeter. It's fantastic! Looking at the scent notes, now that I know that background note is lavender, I do kind of smell it, but I don't think I would detect it otherwise.

Cherry Bomb
This is a super intense, almost pungent, sweet black cherry scent, like black cherry soda without the fizziness. Like Radical, it's a fun, summery, youthful scent. Although I'll probably mix it with creamy vanilla to tone down the intensity.

Vanilla Lace
Vanilla, Musk
On cold sniff this smells like plain vanilla pound cake with a smidgen of a warm cashmere perfume note, although it's not overly sweet. But when melted, it's quite sweet with a vanilla buttercream frosting note, and I detect the warm cashmere note a little more. The combination gives it a bit of a candy type note. It's okay on cold sniff, but I really like it when melted! And the scent lasted all day, at least 10 hours, and probably would have gone longer if I hadn't turned off the warmer for the evening. Vanilla scents often suffer from poor throw, but this one sure doesn't!

Welcome Home
Wood chips, pine needles, vanilla beans, cinnamon bark, green apple, mint leaves, powdery musk
This might be one of the best scents I've ever smelled. It's pine mixed with something sweet that I can't figure out, that gives it kind of an herbal note. It's sweet, rich, herbal, and a little savory all at the same time. I thought it might have a smidgen of apple and cinnamon in it, but I don't smell that when melted. I do smell a little bit of a woodsy note separate from the pine, and a tiny bit of a clean men's body wash note. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I don't detect mint. Looking at these notes, they sound a lot like Better Homes & Gardens A Wonderful Winter, which I described similarly (apple, eucalyptus and cinnamon), but it's a totally different scent. A Wonderful Winter is more minty and not as rich, with a hint of eucalyptus and nasal clearing effect, and with definite apple and cinnamon notes that are much more obvious. I love A Wonderful Winter, but I adore this Welcome Home scent even more!

Wintergreen Spearmint
Spearmint, Minty Fresh, Vanilla, Menthol
I've never smelled a wax melt or candle that smells like wintergreen. It's a super strong wintergreen scent with a spearmint note that makes it smell like wintergreen toothpaste. And it's an intense wintergreen with a bit of that licorice-y note that wintergreen tends to have, although when melting I don't smell that licorice-y intensity. I don't know if I care for wintergreen, but I can't stop sniffing this one because it's so unique!

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