ScentSationals Fall 2022 Wax Melts Reviews

August 12, 2022

ScentSationals Fall 2022 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of 7 new ScentSationals wax melts from Walmart for Fall 2022: Alluring, Beauti-Fall, Buttercream Frosting, Creamy Pumpkin, Fallen Leaves, Farmhouse Cookies, and Fantasyland.

Crisp notes of solar bergamot that lend a citrus impression to smooth mahogany and ambered palo santo layered with wilderness greens, dark fig, cashmere tree moss, and ambered woods. Top: green, fruit, ylang ylang; Middle: white floral, ylang ylang, osmanthus, jasmine; Bottom: patchouli, musk
Mahogany, Bergamot & Amber
A dark, rich, warm, cozy, smoky mahogany scent with a little bit of a cologne note, perhaps a hint of patchouli, and a smidgen of pine. But if you don't like cologne scents, you'll be happy to know that this is not all that "cologney", and it's not overly sweet. It reminds me a little bit of ScentSationals Flirtatious, but that scent, although it's dark, warm and cozy, is brighter than this scent, not nearly as smoky, and doesn't have that smidgen of pine. Looking at the notes, the only ones I detect are the patchouli and musk, NONE of the others, although perhaps a barely detectable smidgen of fruit (apple)? I really like this scent.

Bright sunshine citrus lends a charming sparkle to crisp notes of autumn apple and sun-blushed pear interwoven with meadow wildflowers, pure jasmine, green muguet, and a sweet, golden honey finish.
Blossoms & Apple
This one is quite light on cold sniff, so I was pleasantly surprised that it throws so well! It's a very pleasant, happy, fruity floral with apple, peach, a little bit of floral, and maybe a smidgen of citrus in the background (orange or lemon). Looking at the notes, there's the citrus, apple, pear, and flowers. It's more fruity than floral, like 80% fruit and 20% floral, and although it's sweet, it's not flowery or perfumey sweet. I ADORE this scent, and it lasted all day!

Buttercream Frosting
Creamy, home-made vanilla buttercream frosting accented with a splash of citrus orange
The best description I have for this scent is orange creamsicle creme fraiche. Although it does have vanilla in it, it's not specifically a buttercream scent (it's not as rich, sweet, and buttery), and it's more orange than vanilla (maybe 70% orange and 30% vanilla), specifically sweet orange and creamsicle, but with a slightly sour note of sour cream that does indeed make it smell like milky creme fraiche. The orange is not really citrusy, but slightly zesty (the sour cream note). It's a really nice, unique scent. I like it! But the scent started dissipating within 1 hour.

Creamy Pumpkin
Perfectly Fluffy!
This smells like milky, slightly buttery pumpkin with just a smidgen of nutmeg (which technically "is" what's considered a pumpkin scent). It's different from all other pumpkiny scents in that it's not really sweet, maybe just a smidgen of sweetness. It smells a little bit like popcorn, but not salted popcorn, or maybe popcorn or even corn chips that are very, very lightly salted. It's a bit bland, but I do like it. I think it would make a great mixer to blend with foodie scents that are too sweet.

Fallen Leaves
Surround yourself with the freshness of the crisp autumn air while walking along the lakeside waters and feeling the cool breeze of colorful leaves infused with hints of sparkling citrus, eucalyptus and iced-covered woods.
Crisp Air, Citrus & Wood
A fantastic scent of old, brown, slightly sour apples that have fallen to the ground and mixed with brown leaves, moss, and a bit of pine. It has just a tinge of spice that make the apples smell a little like apple cider. This is a common type of fall scent, but it's a little different from other similar scents, such as ScentSationals Dancing Leaves, ScentSationals This Is Us, and Sonoma Falling Leaves. Those other scents have more of a warm woodsy note and less of the pine note. This scent is a bit sweeter (although still not a sweet scent, per se) than other similar scents, and the hint of pine is a bit sharper (although you might not notice the extra sharpness unless you're comparing it with other similar scents). Looking at the notes, eucalyptus is probably the sharp pine note, but I'm not getting citrus or any sparkling or fizzy notes. I love these types of scents and I love this one!

Sweet persimmon, ripe peach, and juicy nectarine splash over autumnal red currant and tart cassis enveloped in ambrosial elements of pink jasmine and wild berry blossom
Nectarine Splash & Jasmine
Rich, creamy peach with grapefruit, a hint of milky vanilla, a slight champagne note, and a smidgen of floral. The grapefruit and champagne add a slight sour, even slightly bitter, note, so this is actually not a very sweet scent. It smells a little like peach flavored creme fraiche, which is made with sour cream, and this scent does have a tiny bit of creamy, milky tanginess. I'm also getting a little bit of tart fruit note, maybe cranberry or red currant. The dominating note in this scent is peach though, at least 75% of the scent. I'm not a fan of peach or champagne scents, but I love this scent! Looking at the notes, there's the peach and currant. And although I'm getting a smidgen of a floral note, I'm not getting jasmine, as this scent is not nearly sweet enough. It's a nice scent, although a tad too peachy for me.

Farmhouse Cookies
Apple-Solutely Delicious
Rich, sweet applesauce cookies! I'm definitely getting the sweet cookies, and a bit of vanilla, and the apple with just a smidgen of cinnamon that gives it a little bit of a fall vibe. Very nice!
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