Swan Creek Drizzle & Herbal Melts Wax Melts Reviews

Read reviews of Swan Creek Candle Drizzle and Herbal wax melts. These feature very nice, authentic scents and fairly good throw, but they're crumbly and messy. Visit swancreekcandle.com.

Swan Creek Candle wax melts cost $6.99 (which is not overly expensive for 5.25 oz.), but are cheaper through other websites like Cape Candle ($5.88), The Lamp Stand ($5.97), and Candles To My Door ($5.97).

You can also find some Swan Creek Candle wax melts at regular stores such as Tractor Supply, Bass Pro, Cabela's, Hallmark, and small local stores.

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2020-11Banana Walnut SpiceFoodie3
2020-11Blueberry Lemon ZestFruity3
2020-11Citrus-Cardamom Sugar CookiesFoodie2
2020-11Ginger NectarinePeach4
2020-11Ginger Spice & Smoked MapleGingerbread4
2020-11Juniper Berry & Lime ZestPine4
2020-11Lavender & Coconut WaterLavender2
2020-11Maine BlueberryFruity4
2020-11Mistletoe KissPine4
2020-11Rosemary MintMint4
2020-11Spiced CedarwoodIncense4
2020-11Walk in the WoodsWoodsy4
2019-05Almond Milk & Tupelo HoneyFoodie4
2019-05Butterscotch BrandyFoodie4
2019-05Cafe Au LaitCoffee4
2019-05Cedarwood & Sweet OrangeIncense5
2019-05Cherry Almond ButtercreamFruity4
2019-05Cinnamon Hazelnut LatteCoffee4
2019-05Citrus & SageLemon/Lime3
2019-05Cranberry Apple CrispApple/Pear5
2019-05Elderberry & RosewaterFruity4
2019-05Farmer's MarketFloral4
2019-05Glowing GardenFruity4
2019-05Golden MimosaOrange3
2019-05Grapefruit & MintGrapefruit4
2019-05Ivy & PearApple/Pear4
2019-05Key Lime CremeLemon/Lime4
2019-05Lavender & LemongrassSpa4
2019-05Magnolia MistFloral4
2019-05Mandarin CorianderMisc4
2019-05Mountain Berry ParfaitFruity4
2019-05Mulberry & MandarinFruity4
2019-05Oh Sugar SugarFruity4
2019-05Olive VerbenaSpa4
2019-05Petals of ParadiseFruity3
2019-05Pistachio Cream MilkshakeFoodie2
2019-05Roasted EspressoCoffee5
2019-05Sweet Almond CremeFoodie5
2019-05Thai PearApple/Pear4
2019-05Whiskey & Sweet TobaccoIncense3
2017-11Pumpkin Caramel DrizzleFoodie4
2017-11Vanilla Pound CakeVanilla2
2017-11Warm Cinnamon BunsFoodie4
2017-11Bourbon Maple SugarFoodie4
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