Threshold (Target) Wax Melts Reviews

Read Reviews of Threshold Wax Melts, only available at Target stores. They're $2.00, manufactured by Hanna's Candle, and the quality is fantastic.

Threshold wax melts first came out in September 2020, and since then they've had new scents in spring & fall. They're the only retail wax melts that can compete with Walmart wax in terms of scent quality and price, although they're 2 oz. instead of 2.5 oz. (tiny difference), the wax is slightly crumbly (but not like soy wax), and the clamshells are flimsy and tend to stay open a bit unless you snap all corners shut.

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2022-02Aloe & BergamotCucumber3.00
2022-02Angel Food CakeFoodie3.50
2022-02Blue Agave & CactusSavory3.50
2022-02Fresh Strawberry & HibiscusFruity3.50
2022-02Frosted Vanilla CupcakeFoodie4.00
2022-02Lavender & EucalyptusLavender3.00
2022-02Orange Blossom & OakFruity5.00
2022-02Pacific BeachwoodCologne3.00
2022-02Peach & ApricotPeach3.00
2022-02Pink Cotton CandyFruity3.50
2022-02Sunkissed KiwiTropical3.50
2021-11Sugared CranberriesFruity3.00
2021-08Harvest FestivalFoodie4.00
2021-08Pumpkin SpiceFoodie4.00
2021-08Vanilla PumpkinFoodie3.50
2021-08Warm Cider & CinnamonApple/Pear3.50
2021-03Berry Lemonade & MelonFruity3.50
2021-03Cerulean Surf & SeaFresh4.00
2021-03Golden OrchidPerfumey3.00
2021-03Green Mango & PomeloPine2.50
2021-03Peony & Cherry BlossomFloral3.00
2021-03Pineapple Sage & SugarcaneTropical3.50
2021-03Red Mandarin & GuavaOrange5.00
2021-03Sea Salt CaramelFoodie4.00
2020-09Blackberry OakFruity5.00
2020-09Caramel LatteFoodie3.00
2020-09Cardamom & CloveWoodsy3.50
2020-09Casaba MelonMelon5.00
2020-09Cedar PatchouliIncense3.50
2020-09Coconut SorbetCoconut4.00
2020-09Cozy CashmerePerfumey3.50
2020-09Cypress SageCologne5.00
2020-09Eucalyptus LeafSpa4.00
2020-09Festive SpiceCinnamon5.00
2020-09Fresh FraserPine3.50
2020-09Hawaiian NectarTropical4.00
2020-09Hickory EmbersSmoky5.00
2020-09Island HibiscusFloral5.00
2020-09Lavender White TeaSpa4.00
2020-09Pumpkin SpiceFoodie5.00
2020-09Rain LilyFresh3.50
2020-09Seaside DriftwoodCologne4.00
2020-09Soft CottonPerfumey4.00
2020-09Sunset SandsTropical4.00
2020-09Sunshine AppleApple/Pear4.00
2020-09Tangerine GingerOrange5.00
2020-09Teakwood RoseFloral4.00
2020-09Tropical BreezeFresh4.00
2020-09Twilight BirchCologne4.00
2020-09Vanilla Bean & AmberPerfumey1.00
2020-09Vanilla BourbonFoodie5.00
2020-09Winter MagicPine3.50
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