Threshold Wax Melt Reviews from Target

September 2, 2020

Threshold Wax Melt Reviews from Target

This is a review of the 32 brand new Threshold wax melts from Target, made by Hanna's Candle (Candlemart).
In a word: FANTASTIC!

Blackberry Oak
With raspberry and currant
I do smell fruit (maybe blackberry, not sure), but it smells like wine, with a very strong "fermentation" note that companies often add to liquor scents. This note makes the scent smell sour or bitter, like fruit fermenting at the bottom of an oak barrel (a little similar to ScentSationals Blackberry Cognac). I don't like this one by itself, but it smelled great mixed with Sunshine Apple. Also try mixing it with Cedar Patchouli or Teakwood Rose.

Caramel Latte
With coffee and vanilla
On cold sniff this smells like pumpkin pie with a hint of coffee and caramel. I definitely smell the nutmeg. When melted, I no longer detect the coffee, but a cinnamon note comes out.

Cardamom & Clove
With cinnamon and nutmeg
This smells a bit like Hanna's Candle Ember Glow in that it's a raw wood scent with a hint of oud and smidgen of smokiness, but it's not as intense as that scent, and this scent also has a strong cedar note that gives it a teensy bit of sweetness. I don't detect cinnamon or nutmeg at all, which makes it sound like this would be a pumpkiny scent, but it's not even a little bit foodie. It's a great scent!

Casaba Melon
With honeydew and watermelon
This smells like cantaloupe (not watermelon) with a very slight hint of sage or maybe eucalyptus (which tempers a bit of the sweetness), and a smidgen of a floral note. I'm not a fan of melon scents, but I like this one because it's so different. It smells great mixed with Sunshine Apple or Sunset Sands (or both!)

Cedar Patchouli
With tobacco and sandalwood
Incense and exotic spices, with tobacco, patchouli and clove. It's warm, very rich, and sweet (but not overly sweet). Melted, it also has a little bit of a molasses note. And in the room I think I detect a hint of apple, but when I sniff up close I don't smell the apple. Fantastic scent! Try mixing it with Sunshine Apple (but use a lot less of the apple since it's so strong).

Coconut Sorbet
With sugar cane and lime
A watery coconut scent with just a hint of lime, and a bland, soapy, slightly waxy note that I don't care for (although it's still a nice scent). It's only a tiny bit sweet. It smells like Better Homes & Gardens Island Coconut Lime. It's a good blender for toning down overly sweet scents or adding a bit of a coconut note. Try mixing it with Cozy Cashmere.

Cozy Cashmere
With vanilla and amber
A fantastic warm, ambery, musky perfume scent with a hint of rich, buttery vanilla that almost gives it a foodie note. It might also have a smidgen of coconut way in the background. It smells incredible!

Cypress Sage
With lavender and fir
On cold sniff, this is a sweet, soapy scent with lavender and just a hint of pine. When melted I really don't smell the pine, and it's not nearly as soapy, but it's very fresh and clean, a little like a men's body wash, but much better. It could have a smidgen of sweet cedar and barely detectable smidgen of lemon way way in the background. I expected it to be a savory scent based on the name, but it's quite sweet, and perfect for the bedroom. I ADORE this scent and will be stocking up on bunches! Try mixing it with Fresh Fraser or Eucalyptus Leaf.

Eucalyptus Leaf
With lemongrass and thyme
This is lemongrass, a spa-type soapy herbal lemony scent. On cold sniff it's a little less soapy and a bit more savory than most lemongrass scents, probably because of the thyme and eucalyptus (I do detect a smidgen of the eucalyptus on cold sniff, but I don't think most people would notice it.) However, when melted, it's just lemongrass, no eucalyptus or savory notes, VERY soapy, and still not sweet but a tiny bit sweeter than other lemongrass scents I've smelled. It doesn't have that citronella note that some lemongrass scents have. It's a very nice, relaxing spa type scent, and it smells incredible when mixed with lavender! Try mixing it with Lavender White Tea for a perfect spa blend... WOW!

Festive Spice
With clove and cinnamon
This is a sweet red hot cinnamon candy scent. I don't detect cloves per se, but it does have a "warm" note. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon scents, but this one is quite nice. Whew, melted, this is VERY cinnamony, and melting it in the room burned my eyes. Save this one for a very large room, or mix it with another scent to tone it down, like Vanilla Bean & Amber (use only a tiny bit of Festive Spice with this one), Vanilla Bourbon (yummy blend), Winter Magic, Tangerine Ginger (powerhouse blend!), Caramel Latte, or Fresh Fraser (perfect Christmas blend).

Fresh Fraser
With cedar and balsam
I was hoping this was the same as Aldi Woodland Pine (also made by Hanna's Candle), but although it's very close and most people might not be able to tell the difference, it's not exactly the same. Both scents have a woodsy, slightly smoky note. But Fresh Fraser has a little sharpness that the Aldi scent does not, which makes it more of a "standard" pine scent. It's not an overly biting pine like some pine scents can be though. Great scent, and also good as a mixer for other scents. Try mixing it with Tangerine Ginger, Festive Spice, or Sunshine Apple for an incredible powerhouse blend (use more of the Fresh Fraser with those scents though) or Lavender White Tea, Hickory Embers, Eucalyptus Leaf, Blackberry Oak, Seaside Driftwood, Teakwood Rose, Winter Magic, or pretty much any scent!

Hawaiian Nectar
With persimmon and acai
This smells like grilled pineapple, or actually, burnt pineapple. Although I'm not sure if it's pineapple at all. It smells almost exactly like the new Mainstays Amaretto & Blood Orange, with that same burnt, "electrical fire" note. I sniffed both of them side by side, and they are slightly different. The Mainstays scent is much more "burnt", less sweet, and does have orange as a base. This scent is a bit sweeter and has pineapple as a base. Like the Mainstays scent, I don't like this one at all. But it smelled good mixed with Sunshine Apple. Also try blending it with Casaba Melon. Or both apple and melon!

Hickory Embers
With olibanum and cedar
I've smelled this type of scent many times before, and although it's smoky, it's not a "true" embers/smoke type scent like AmbiEscents Happy Camper. It does smell smoky, but it's a fake Liquid Smoke type smokiness (although it's not a bacon or mesquite type smokiness). And it has a slightly sour Play-Doh note. Olibanum is another name for frankincense, so I expected this to have a hint of a cologney note, but it doesn't. It smells a lot like WoodWick Fireside, and like that scent, I don't care for this one. But it smelled fantastic mixed with Fresh Fraser, creating a nice woodsy smoky pine!

Island Hibiscus
With tropical fruit and hyacinth
This smells like a cross between sweet pea and jasmine, with a soapy note and a smidgen of a green grass note. It's extremely sweet. Looking at the notes, I don't smell tropical fruit, although sweet pea is a floral that has a bit of a fruity note. And hyacinth smells like lilac; this scent doesn't have a lilac note. When I first opened the clamshell, I recognized this scent immediately. It's the same scent as ScentSationals Texas Edition Western Cactus from H.E.B. stores, which is the same scent as a ScentSationals scent I bought in 2014 that I no longer have; I think it was called Patagonia Orchid. I'm sniffing Island Hibiscus and Western Cactus side by side right now, and they are EXACTLY the same scent. Not sure how, since ScentSationals and Hanna's Candle (which makes the Threshold melts) are two different companies. This is one of my favorite scents of all time (and my favorite scent of this collection) and I'm so glad I have it again! If it's too strong or sweet for you, try toning it down with Rain Lily.

Lavender White Tea
With clary sage and aloe
This is definitely a tea scent, but it's not a foodie drink type tea. It smells like a soapy, creamy tea scented body lotion. I think it also has a smidgen of a floral (although I don't smell lavender per se), and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of lemon (or lemongrass) way in the background. It's sweet but not overly so. A lovely, relaxing bedroom type scent. Fantastic! Looking at the notes, aloe is a bland, watery, slightly cucumbery scent, but I don't detect that in this scent. And clary sage is a very savory herbaceous scent with hints of lavender, but this scent is not savory at all. Try mixing it with Eucalyptus Leaf (a lemongrass scent) for a perfect spa blend!

Pumpkin Spice
With cinnamon and vanilla
A standard pumpkin pie scent. Not much else to say! It's quite nice. It's great mixed with Festive Spice or Vanilla Bourbon (or both).

Rain Lily
With magnolia and citrus
A fresh oceany watery scent with a hint of floral, although it's barely sweet at all. I've smelled this type of scent many times before. It's not a body wash type scent (not all that sweet), and it's not soapy, but it's pleasant and a nice scent for a bathroom. When melted, it's a bit less fresh and takes on a tiny bit of a bitter, waxy note, not enough to really ruin the scent though. Looking at the notes, I don't detect any citrus. It's just "okay" for me, not one of my favorites, but it's great for toning down perfumey, floral, or incensey scents that you might find too sweet, like Island Hibiscus.

Seaside Driftwood
With marine moss and cedar
A men's cologne scent with a bit of mahogany or cedar, and a smidgen of saltiness that adds richness. I thought it was similar to Better Homes & Gardens Mahogany & Sandalwood, but that one is much richer and with more of the mahogany note. This scent is very similar to ScentSationals Dapper, and I described it the same way. Very nice!

Soft Cotton
With orange blossom and jasmine
Despite the name, this is not a laundry scent. I smell neroli (orange blossom) which almost gives it a Coppertone suntan oil vibe, but it also has a rich, slightly salty note of bergamot (which is usually in cologne type scents, although that's not what this is at all) and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of lemon. It's a beautiful, pleasant scent, and one of my favorites of this collection! Melted, it's perfumey and soapy, and a perfect scent for a bedroom. My description doesn't do it justice... I've never smelled anything like it, and I'll be hoarding this one! I described Cypress Sage similarly, but they're totally different scents.

Sunset Sands
With pineapple and coconut
This smells like a tropical version of Vanilla Bean & Amber. It's a sweet (although a smidgen less sweet than Vanilla Bean & Amber), warm ambery perfumey scent with a smidgen of vanilla, and perhaps a barely detectable smidgen of cedar. But it also has a hint of coconut and pineapple. The pineapple is quite subtle, and gives this scent a bit of a tropical or beachy note. It's definitely a perfumey or body cream scent rather than a foodie scent, and it's fantastic! Try mixing it with Lavender White Tea.

Sunshine Apple
With crisp pear and citrus
This is a bit of an artificial apple scent, but I think the pear note makes it smell that way (I don't detect citrus at all). No cinnamon or any other notes. Despite that it's not quite authentic, it's a very nice, pleasant apple scent. And because it doesn't have any other notes, it can be used as a great mixer to combine with other scents, like Vanilla Bourbon, Seaside Driftwood, Tangerine Ginger or Fresh Fraser or both (powerhouse blends!), Hawaiian Nectar, Casaba Melon, or Blackberry Oak.

Tangerine Ginger
With clementine and mandarin
A totally fake orange scent, but it smells fantastic! It's a fun, happy scent, and something a kid would probably love! It would smell like an orange creamsicle if it were creamy, a little sweeter, and a little less citrusy. I don't detect any ginger. Wow, this scent is a beast of a thrower! It's great for blending with other scents too, but you may need to use a little more of the other scent since this one is so strong. Try mixing it with Fresh Fraser and/or Festive Spice and/or Sunshine Apple (powerhouse blends!), Blackberry Oak, Casaba Melon, Hawaiian Nectar, or Pumpkin Spice.

Teakwood Rose
With dahlia and dark berries
This is one of my favorite scents of this collection. I smell rose with rich blackberry, a warm ambery note, and something creamy like maybe a smidgen of vanilla. Like a creamy rose and blackberry scented body lotion. I don't smell wood. The rose is not perfumey. Maybe a little soapy? It almost has an old, "musty" note, but in a really good way. And the blackberry takes it to a different level. I will be hoarding this one! Looking at the notes, there's the dark berries. But dahlia flowers don't actually have a scent, other than a little bitterness, which this scent is not. Try mixing it with Sunset Sands or a little bit of Blackberry Oak.

Tropical Breeze
With beach grass and melon
A pleasant oceany water scent, sweet but a little salty, fresh air and a tiny bit of an herbal note, and maybe a hint of soap, and possibly a smidgen of lemon way way in the background. It smells like body wash, but it's not a cologne or perfumey scent at all, and it's not even all that sweet. Perfect bathroom scent! Looking at the notes, I don't detect melon. It's similar to Rain Lily, but this scent is fresher and brighter, with no floral notes; between the two of them, I like this scent more.

Twilight Birch
With sandalwood and cedar
This smells like a combination of warm men's cologne with an ambery note, a rich, slightly salty exotic spice, incense and/or clove note, and maybe a hint of mahogany. It's fantastic! It's a little similar to Seaside Driftwood, but that scent is more bright, fresh, much more cologney, and doesn't have the mahogany, spice or clove notes. It's also similar to Cedar Patchouli, but that scent is all incense and spices, without any cologney notes. It's like Twilight Birch is a combination of Seaside Driftwood and Cedar Patchouli, but much closer to the Cedar Patchouli.

Vanilla Bean & Amber
With tonka and woods
A lovely warm, sweet, ambery, perfumey scent with a smidgen of cedar and vanilla. It's very very similar to Cozy Cashmere, but that scent has a rich, slightly buttery vanilla note that this scent doesn't have, while this scent has the sweet cedar note that Cozy Cashmere doesn't have (although that scent does have a smidgen of light wood, but not cedar per se). I really like them both, but I like Cozy Cashmere a bit more.

Vanilla Bourbon
With brown sugar and caramel
This smells like sweet, rich, warm, freshly-baked vanilla cookies with caramel frosting. It's SO scrumptious! Looking at the notes, yes I do smell the brown sugar. I don't think I smell bourbon or any liquor type notes. I love this scent! Want to add a cinnamon note? Mix it with Festive Spice. Pumpkiny note? Mix it with Pumpkin Spice. Also try mixing it with Tangerine Ginger. Yum!!

Winter Magic
With white amber and pine
A perfect combination of warm ambery perfume and pine. It has a tiny bit of a nasal clearing effect close up when melting, so it might have a hint of eucalyptus. Possibly also a hint of cedar and smidgen of vanilla. It's about half and half amber and pine. Nice! Mix it with just a little Fresh Fraser to increase the pine note.

Triple-Scented Cozy
Blackberry Oak, Vanilla Bean & Amber, Cedar Patchouli
This trio includes the 3 scents Blackberry Oak, Vanilla Bean & Amber, Cedar Patchouli. You can blend them, or use each scent by itself. It's a great way to try each scent to see if you like it without having to buy a whole pack.

Triple-Scented Fall
Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Bean & Amber
This trio includes the 3 scents Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Bean & Amber. You can blend them, or use each scent by itself. It's a great way to try each scent to see if you like it without having to buy a whole pack.

Triple-Scented Holiday
Fresh Fraser, Festive Spice, Cozy Cashmere
This trio includes the 3 scents Fresh Fraser, Festive Spice, Cozy Cashmere. You can blend them, or use each scent by itself. It's a great way to try each scent to see if you like it without having to buy a whole pack.

Triple-Scented Wellness
Lavender White Tea, Eucalyptus Leaf, Tangerine Ginger
This trio includes the 3 scents Lavender White Tea, Eucalyptus Leaf, Tangerine Ginger. You can blend them, or use each scent by itself. It's a great way to try each scent to see if you like it without having to buy a whole pack.

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