Threshold Wax Melt Reviews from Target - February 2022

February 21, 2022

Threshold Wax Melt Reviews from Target

This is a review of the new Threshold wax melts from Target from Spring 2022, made by Hanna's Candle. Regular scents are $2.00 each, and the two Trio scents are $2.50 each.

Aloe & Bergamot
With desert sage and white musk
The only way I can describe this is aloe with a hint of eucalyptus (but no nasal clearing effects), a hint of vanilla, and a smidgen of sandalwood. Aloe is a bland, watery cucumber type scent, and I'm definitely getting that. I don't detect bergamot at all, which gives scents a citrusy cologne note. Sage is probably what I think is the eucalyptus; it's savory, but I think there's a very subtle amount in this scent. I'm not getting musk or any perfumey notes at all, but maybe the combination of musk and the other notes is what I think is vanilla. It's an odd blend of notes and I'm not sure if I like it.

Angel Food Cake
With vanilla bean and sugarcane
Classic angel food cake has a hint of almond, but there's no almond in this scent at all. It smells like a vanilla cookie with a hint of coconut, a tiny bit of a burnt note (but not really in a bad way) and possibly a smidgen of nut, and that's when I realized I've smelled this before... It's Aldi Banana Nut Bread (which, like Threshold wax melts, is also made by Hanna's Candle), but without the banana note! I sniffed them side by side and it's uncanny. It's a very nice scent, but mixing it with Aldi White Almond (Aldi was melts are also made by Hanna's Candle) takes it to a whole new level!

Blue Agave & Cactus
With melon and sage
This is a similar type of scent as Aloe & Bergamot. Agave is a bland, cucumbery type scent like aloe, but with slightly sweet, earthy and savory notes. I'm getting cucumber, cantaloupe, and salty savory cactus, but I'm also getting a sweet herbal note like a smidgen of fresh grassy flowers. When melted, more of the cactus note comes out and almost none of the cantaloupe. It's a nice scent.

Fresh Strawberry & Hibiscus
With grapefruit and vanilla
A very nice super sweet scent that smells like sugary syrup made up of spun sugar that makes it smell a bit like cotton candy, maple syrup, plus the strawberry and a smidgen of floral. It's like 40% spun sugar, 35% strawberry, 15% maple syrup, and 10% floral. Looking at the notes, I don't smell grapefruit or any tart or citrusy notes at all.

Frosted Vanilla Cupcake
With strawberry and candy sprinkles
This is not a cupcake or vanilla scent at all... It's popcorn!! It's rich, salty, buttery popcorn but it also has a bit of sweetness and smidgen of strawberry, like salted popcorn with a thin strawberry glaze. And is smells AMAZING!

Lavender & Eucalyptus
With bergamot and rosemary
This is a perfect, authentic lavender, like smelling an actual lavender flower. It's only a tiny bit sweet, but not really medicinal either. I'm not getting eucalyptus (which tends to have a pine note), or any sinus-clearing effects from eucalyptus. Nor am I getting bergamot (which tends to give scents a citrusy/cologney note) or rosemary. It's just straight lavender, and it's fantastic.

Orange Blossom & Oak
With bergamot and lychee
This is an incredible scent, and one of my favorites from this collection. I'm not getting any orange blossom notes (which smells like neroli and Coppertone suntan oil). Instead, I'm getting fruit first (apricot and something else), sandalwood, a fresh note, a hint of orange, a floral, and a tiny bit of warmth from amber. It's sweet but not overly sweet. Looking at the notes, lychee has a mild, juicy grape type note, and I do indeed get a little bit of that. But I'm not getting bergamot at all, which gives scents a citrusy cologne note; I do get a tiny bit of citrus, but no cologne notes at all. I was wondering if it would be similar to Better Homes & Gardens Orange Blossom Oak, and they are totally different scents; the Better Homes version scent definitely smells like orange blossom, which makes it smells like Coppertone suntan oil.

Pacific Beachwood
With patchouli and cedar
A pleasant, fresh scent with sandalwood, a hint of cedar, a teensy bit of smokiness, a little bit of musk (it's slightly sweet, but not sweet enough to be perfumey), and a hint of a cologney note (not bergamot, which gives scents a citrusy cologne note, but more of a leathery cologne).

Peach & Apricot
With crisp apple and pear
This is not a new scent, but I didn't review it before because it wasn't available at the time. It returned this year with a different UPC code though. It smells like peach, apple, and grapefruit that gives it a little bit of zestiness, like 70% peach, 15% apple, and 15% grapefruit. Looking at the notes, there's the apple. Pear smells a lot like apple, and yes, sniffing it again, I do get the pear. I'm not a fan of most peach scents, but this one is quite nice.

Pink Cotton Candy
With strawberry and lemon
This scent is closer to real cotton candy than most other cotton candy scented wax melts I've smelled, although not totally authentic. On cold sniff it's a very artificial strawberry candy scent with a hint of chemical bitterness, but the chemical note dissipates when melted. It's very sweet, but not the "spun sugar" type of sweetness that cotton candy has. And it also has a bit of tartness, not from lemon (which I don't detect), but more like the citric acid tartness that's added to fruit candy to make it tart. Then I realized that tartness is pineapple! Yep, I'm definitely getting a pineapple note. It smells more like a sweet, fake fruity drink (in a good way) than cotton candy, but it's still incredible!

Other scents that this scent is similar to:

It's NOT like these other cotton candy scents:

The scent started dissipating within 3 hours, and within 5 hours it started taking on a bitter note. But it's such a great scent, I don't even mind that it smelled great and threw well for only 3 hours!

Sunkissed Kiwi
With lemon and pineapple
Kiwi tends to smell a bit like apple, but I'm not getting any apple notes, and this is more of a tropical scent. It's sweet but not as sweet as kiwi, and very slightly tart with maybe a hint of pineapple and possibly lime. Looking at the notes, there's the pineapple, and the lemon is what I think is lime. It's not as bright and summery as I'd expect based on those notes though, but it's still a nice scent.

Triple Scented Gourmand
Vanilla Bourbon, Angel Food Cake, Frosted Vanilla Cupcake
This trio includes the new scents Angel Food Cake and Frosted Vanilla Cupcake, and older scent Vanilla Bourbon. You can blend them, or use each scent by itself. It's a great way to try each scent to see if you like it without having to buy a whole pack of one scent.

Triple Scented Seasonal
Sunkissed Kiwi, Tropical Breeze, Coconut Sorbet
This trio includes the new scent Sunkissed Kiwi, and older scents Tropical Breeze and Coconut Sorbet. You can blend them, or use each scent by itself. It's a great way to try each scent to see if you like it without having to buy a whole pack of one scent.

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