Aromance Wax Melt Reviews (from Ollie's)

December 15, 2017

Aromance Wax Melt Reviews (from Ollie's)

Aromance wax melts are discount store wax melts that I bought from Ollie's for $1.49 each. Although most of them smelled good, in general throw was definitely not good. Many of them had a weird bubbly wax consistency that I've seen in dollar store melts before. I believe these are manufactured by several wax melt companies, including ScentSationals, Hanna's Candle, and Empire Brands Co. (this is not confirmed). Occasionally wax melt companies are approached by distributors and asked if they want to contribute their scents, which is why some of these smell like scents from other well-known brands. However, because they're bargain store melts, the concentration of scented oil is low, which is why many of these have a mild throw.

Alpine Holiday
I love this scent, and I think it's a dupe for an older Better Homes & Gardens winter scent but I don't remember which one. It smells a lot like the green side of Ashland Shimmering Noel Trio from Michaels from 2016. Also like a combination of Better Homes & Gardens Frosty Winter Nights, with that sweet slightly spearmint note, and Better Homes & Gardens Winter's Sleigh Ride, with that smoky note. But it's not as sweet as Frosty Winter Nights and not nearly as smoky as Winter's Sleigh Ride. It's a nice cool winter scent.

Apples & Berries
I thought this might have been the same scent as the old Mainstays Apples and Berries, but it's not, although it's quite similar. Just like the name says, I smell apples, and some kind of berry in the background.

Autumn Berries
The label shows cranberries, but this smells more like cherries with a sweet apricot note and maybe a hint of vanilla. It's not a harsh fake cherry scent like Cherry Cheesecake, and it's not tart. It's not an autumn type scent, and there are no spices. It's very nice.

Autumn Leaves
This smells like apple with a slightly sour brown fallen leaves note. It's a nice typical fall scent.

Banana Nut Bread
This is the clear winner out of all these scents! It's the same scent as Hanna's Candle Banana Nut Bread and Aldi Banana Nut Bread, a fantastic rich banana scent with a sweet and very slightly salty nutty note with warm vanilla and a hint of caramel.

Blossoms & Summer Flowers
This is a nice clean bright floral body wash scent. It's not perfumey or overly sweet. And it's not a honeysuckle type scent, which is what I would expect from a scent with this name.

Blue Spruce
Something is wrong with this one, like they forgot to add fragrance oil. Zero scent on cold sniff, other than the scent of the wax itself.

Cherry Cheesecake
A very fake chemical cherry scent, but strangely it smells fairly good.

Cherry Mango
I really like this scent. It's fun and summery. I smell the cherry first, then the other fruit which is the mango, although it smells more like orange, but not a very citrusy orange. This smells a bit like a cherry soda without the fizziness, or a Hi-C fruit drink.

Christmas Memories
This is so weak on cold sniff I barely smell anything, maybe a smidgen of pine and something else?

This smells like cinnamon and cloves. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon, but the clove note gives it a nice warmth.

Fallen Leaves
This smells almost exactly like Autumn Leaves, but with more of that slightly sour brown fallen leaves note.

Fresh Home
I've never had a wax scent that smelled like wintergreen... until now! Wintergreen smells kind of like a combination of sweet spearmint and anise. It's used for a lot of muscle pain ointments, so it kind of has a Ben-Gay vibe. But I think this has another note in it as well, maybe a slight laundry or floral note, or even cinnamon. I'm not a fan of spearmint or wintergreen scents, but this is actually not too bad, and it sure is unique.

Fresh Laundry
It's very weak on cold sniff, but it's a nice warm fabric softener scent, and not very sweet, and it seems like there's a smidgen of vanilla in the background.

Frosted Sugar Plum
This smells like Tuscany Candle Stressless, which is a dupe for Victoria's Secret Love Spell perfume. But it also has a little bit of a plum note. The Stressless scent smells bland to me, like grapefruit and paper (although most people really like the Love Spell dupes), but the addition of the plum in this scent makes it smell quite nice.

Garden Rain
This is the same scent as Mainstays Garden Rain from Walmart. It's a fresh sweet watery airy scent with a little bit of an ocean-y quality and a smidgen of floral perhaps that makes it very slightly perfumey. It has a generic bathroom air freshener scent, but it's still quite nice. Interestingly, as with the other Aromance scents, this wax is hard, while the Mainstays wax is very soft.

Iced Snowberries
A generic slightly waxy very tart berry scent, maybe cranberry? It smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens Iced Winter Cranberry from Walmart, but I'm not sure if it's the same scent or not.

Line Dried Linen
This is similar to Better Homes & Gardens Line Dried Linen, but it's not the same scent. Like the BHG version, this is a sharp laundry detergent scent, but this version is sweeter and a little less harsh than the BHG version.

Peppermint Creme
A sweet rich vanilla scent with a little bit of marshmallow and peppermint. It's not as minty as other similar scents I've smelled, but it still smells great. It smells just a little bit like Better Homes & Gardens Marshmallow Candy Cane, but the Aromance scent is sweeter, richer, creamier and more vanillary, while the BH&G scent is a little more minty. I actually like the Aromance scent a little more!

Pineapple & Cilantro
A sweet pineapple candy scent. I don't smell cilantro or any savory notes at all.

A slightly tart berry scent that smells like a combination of raspberry and cranberry.

Rose Petals
This is not a rose scent at all. It smells like smoke with a smidgen of a floral or soapy note. It smells nice.

Rustic Retreat
A smoky scent but not a burning wood smokiness, more like a fake slightly salty Liquid Smoke scent with a very slight sour sage-y note and a foodie quality. I've smelled this scent many times before and I'm not a fan.

Sandalwood & Sage
A nice sweet soapy sandalwood scent with a bit of a cologne note.

Sea Salt
A salty water scent with a soapy note and just a smidgen of sweetness. It smells slightly like Garden Rain, but without the sweet or floral notes. It's not sweet enough to be a body wash type scent. When melted though, it had a little bit of a bitter note that I didn't like, and wasn't sweet enough, kind of like old soap.

I love this scent. It's smoky woods and mint, and smells a little bit like Better Homes & Gardens Winter's Sleigh Ride and Better Homes & Gardens Winter Ski Resort. It's a bit similar to Alpine Holiday, but not as sweet or minty.

Spiced Cake
A nice clove scent with a bit of a bakery note and a hint of cinnamon and ginger.

Spiced Cranberry Compote
A typical fall cranberry scent with a hint of cinnamon. It's tart with a little sweetness.

Strawberry Kiwi
This is a tropical fruit scent. I don't smell strawberry. It's not very sweet, nor is it a sour tropical fruit scent.

Wild Berries & Cream
A rich warm raspberry scent. This smells more like raspberries than their Raspberry scent. Fantastic scent.

Wild Cherry
This smells like sweet cherry candy or cough syrup. It's a nice scent.
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