ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2017

February 13, 2017

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2017

This is a review of ScentSationals Wax Melts from Walmart from Spring 2017. These are very nice scents, and pretty much of all of them had strong throw.

Apple Wood
Oud, warm woods and citrus resin infused with tart juicy apple and citrus zest. Wet moss and tobacco add a soothing finish.
On cold sniff, this is a warm men's cologne or body wash type scent, and the combination of apple and wood smells like sweet pipe tobacco with an amber type warmth. Ah, looking at the scent notes, there's the tobacco! This is more of a fall or even winter scent than a spring scent.

When melted, the apple note stands out the most, with a slightly earthy woodsy warm tobacco note in the background, and very little of the cologne note. It's a very nice scent, but it's a chameleon scent! When I walked into the room about 2 hours later, I smelled mostly men's cologne, with an apple note. And then 4 hours later, I smelled more of a tobacco note.

Happy Home
A zesty splash of candied orange and sparkling lemon lime warmed with vanilla cookies baked with sweet sugar crystals and buttercream.
On cold sniff, this is similar to last year's ScentSationals Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies, but it's a richer scent. It's not as lemony, it's slightly less sweet, and the lemon has more of a salty note. It's not a "kitchen lemon" scent. I also smell a warm vanilla cookie note in the background. It's like a more comfy, "homey" version of Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies.

Melted, it smells like warm lemon cookies in the oven. It's fantastic! It's not really a sweet scent, so more like vanilla cookies with lemon but without any icing. And the scent lasted the entire day, at least 8 hours!

Hello Sunshine
Sugared orange, candied lime and sweet lemon join tropical mango and bright papaya over palm leaf
On cold sniff, this smells like orange and grapefruit with a slight lemony note. It's definitely a sunny summer scent! Melted, I smell mostly grapefruit, even though grapefruit is not one of the scent notes. I don't smell palm at all, but it may be the combination of the orange and the slightly bitter palm that smells like grapefruit. I think I detect a bit of lemon as well. Not sure about the papaya. This is a fresh summery scent, like sitting in the sun peeling a fresh juicy grapefruit. It's putting me in a good mood on this cold winter day! The scent lasted the entire day, at least 8 hours!

Island Melon Coconut
Fresh sweet honeydew melon and sweet vanilla cream
On cold sniff, I smell honeydew melon and sweet watermelon candy with a coconut note. Thirst quenching and summery, and not overly sweet. Looking at the scent notes, I don't see watermelon although I do smell it but it's not very strong. Even if you don't care for watermelon scents (I don't), this is primarily honeydew with very subtle watermelon notes, and the melon notes are softened by the creamy sweet vanilla. And even if you don't like coconut notes you'll probably still like this scent because the coconut is very subtle (although they're not listed in the scent notes, even though it's part of the scent name).

Melted, it's the same as cold sniff, but much sweeter. It's definitely a tropical melon coconut candy scent. I'm not usually a fan of melon scents, but this one is fantastic!

Island Ways duo
Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

Fiji Islands
A very sweet fruity scent that smells like guava and pear, with maybe a hint of a watery note and a smidgen of floral and aromatic spice. It's very nice. The ScentSationals website describes it as "Fig & Olive Leaf" but that's definitely a misprint.

Mixing one cube of Fiji Islands and one cube of Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie created a sweet tropical berry scent that smells mostly of pineapple, but not as much pineapple as Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie alone, and with a smidgen of a fresh watery note in the background from the Fiji Islands scent.

Mango Luau
Papaya sweetened with sugar, mango, guava and tropical passionfruit with hints of vanilla
This is a nice tropical fruit scent with a sour note, but it's a dupe of many other previously available sour tropical fruit scents. The scent lasted the entire day, at least 8 hours!

An exotic blend of spices accented by white sandalwood and dark musk, and softened with vanilla and patchouli
This a sweet slightly perfumey scent with a warm amber note, and there's a slight waxy note in the background, and perhaps just a smidgen of some kind of aromatic spice. It's like a watered down version of the old ScentSationals Turkish Spice Market. Melted, I think I detect a vanilla note, and there it is in the notes. It's a pleasant scent.

Midnight Summer
Figs layered with Indian jasmine, ballerina rose and green notes of absinthe
On cold sniff, this is a dark floral with a hint of some kind of fruit, maybe blackberry, and a smidgen of musk (looking at the scent notes, the blackberry I think I'm smelling is probably the fig, a note that gives scents a classy vibe). It smells a lot like last year's ScentSationals Blackberry Cider, but sweeter. It also smells a little like Scentsy Luna, but richer and sweeter. I guess the sweetness I'm smelling is the jasmine and rose, although this is not a floral scent. It's such a lovely scent! Melted, it smells almost exactly like ScentSationals Blackberry Cider, although a little sweeter, with a bit of a "pink sugar" note, but no musk. It's a very nice scent, even a bit "sexy".

Moon Garden
Bright greens, soft fruits and sweet paper white flowers with petals of magnolia, freesia and gardenia
This one is very similar to the old ScentSationals Sun Kissed Tulips and last year's ScentSationals Sun Washed Poppies (same scents), a fruity floral, with the fruit being strawberry. But it's a bit less fruity than these older scents, and with a slightly different floral note. I believe the floral is honeysuckle. I've never smelled a paperwhite flower, so I don't know if this smells authentic or not. It's basically a wonderful honeysuckle scent with a strawberry note.

Mountain Twilight
A cool breeze with pine and aspen, with hints of balsamic, evergreen, juicy berry, and ambered greens
This is a popular scent that has been around for a few years. This new version uses green wax and a label with green tones, but the older version was purple. However, it's the exact same scent, an intense evergreen scent with a fresh almost sage type note that borders on slightly smoky. This is more of a winter scent than a spring scent. It's not a "sharp" pine scent, and looking at the notes, the sage I'm smelling might be the balsamic, as it does have a slight "vinegary" note. I don't smell berries at all. I've never been a fan of this scent, as it's too "biting" and the sagey note makes it smell like something is cooking on the stove, like sausage or scrapple or something. However, this is a very popular scent and a lot of people love it, so it might just be me!

Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie
Strawberry with pineapple sprinkled with sugar over a natural hint of strawberry greens
A sweet, yummy, refreshing combination of pineapple and strawberry. This does smell like a smoothie, or a sweet pineapple strawberry hard candy. I'm not a fan of pineapple scents, but I love this one because it smells great mixed with the strawberry. I think I smell a little bit more of the pineapple than the strawberry. This is a fun, happy scent! I think kids will especially love this one.

Serenity Spa
Fresh island coconut water with lemongrass, island palm, and coconut flower
On cold sniff, I definitely smell the palm, which makes this scent smell a lot like the old ScentSationals Island Palm scent (an aromatic slightly coconutty zesty wood scent). I also smell a lemony note. And there's a sweet coconut note, but it's not very strong and it doesn't make this scent smell like a tropical scent. It doesn't smell like the ScentSationals Zen (which is slightly sweeter with a spearminty note), and it doesn't smell like the old ScentSationals Spa scent (which was very lemony and minty). With this scent, the palm is the predominant note, with the lemongrass in the background and just a hint of sweet coconut, and I think I smell a smidgen of tea although it's not in the scent notes. It's a nice, relaxing scent.

Melted, I smell more of a lemony spa scent with a very slight spearmint note, even though mint is not in the scent notes. I also detect a little bit of the coconut when melted. There's something about this scent that I don't like, but I can't put my finger on it. Someone else had said it has a "copper penny" note!

Tahiti Shores
Salted tides, beach driftwood, and sparkling marines
This is a bright salty ocean water scent with a strong clean soapy note and a smidgen of sweetness that might be a tropical note. It also has a barely detectable hint of an industrial odor neutralizing note, which I normally wouldn't like, but in this case it enhances the scent. I love this scent!

Take Me To Paris Duo
Pear Blossom
This is a delicate combination of pear and floral, perhaps with a smidgen of a baby powder note. It's not overly sweet.

Mixing one cube of Pear Blossom and one cube of Moon Garden created a toned down version of the Moon Garden scent (honeysuckle with a strawberry note, but not as sweet as Moon Garden).

Moon Garden

Taste The Tropics Duo
Grilled Pineapple
This is a very nice pineapple scent, not overly "pineapply", and very sweet with a creamy vanilla note.

Mixing one cube of Grilled Pineapple and one cube of Island Melon Coconut created a creamy very sweet pineapple scent with melon notes and a hint of coconut.

Island Melon Coconut

Violet Cocktail
Black currant and ambered acai combine with berry blossoms and black orchid warmed by spicy star anise, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.
On cold sniff, this is a warm ambery perfumey scent with a slight berry note. It smells like a girly perfume but there's just a tinge of bitterness (maybe the star anise?) that tempers the sweetness so it's not an overwhelming "pink sugar" type sweetness. The bitterness almost gives it a slightly old perfume note, but not in a bad way.

Melted, it's a little more bitter melted than on cold sniff. Generally when a scent says "cocktail" or "wine" or "champagne", it has a slightly bitter wine type fermentation note that I don't like. Thankfully with this scent it's not very strong. It doesn't smell as girly or as sweet when melted. It's an unusual but nice scent. The scent started dissipating in under 2 hours.

Water Lily & Lotus
Leafy greens, aquatic floralcy of water lily and lotus flower, sparkling ozone, and glittering musk
On cold sniff, this is a clean spicy soapy watery scent with a hint of lemon and a smidgen of herbal, and strong ginger note. This is not a floral scent as the name would suggest. The ozone is probably the fresh soapy watery note, and the leafy greens are the herbal note. I don't smell musk, and this is not a perfumey scent, although it might smell like a refreshing body wash. There's no lemon in the scent notes, but I swear I detect a smidgen of bright clean lemon. And I don't know why I smell ginger, because it's not in the scent notes; in fact, this smells a lot like ScentSationals Thai Ginger, with just a couple of different notes.

Melted, it has more of a clean soapy ginger scent when melted, and I don't detect the lemony note. It doesn't smell like a body wash when melted. And an hour later, it smells even more like ginger, and almost exactly like the ScentSationals Thai Ginger scent, but with a couple of slightly different notes. I didn't think I would like this one because it's kind of bitter, but I love it!

Woodland Magic
Rosemary, Texas pine, and sparkling aldehydes
This one smells like lemongrass to me, with an herbal and a soapy note. It's not sweet at all, more on the savory side but not really a foodie scent, although it does smell a little bit like a salad, or basil. It's actually more of a spa scent... clean, refreshing, and natural, with a zesty note. I think I detect a smidgen of pine, but barely. It's a completely different scent from the older discontinued ScentSationals Woodland Magic that came out several years ago.

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