Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2019

March 9, 2019

Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2019

This is a review of Better Homes and Gardens Wax Melts from Walmart for Spring 2019. There are some fantastic scents in this lot, but I think I liked last year's Spring scents a bit more.

Agave White Tea
Agave and white tea leaves stir together with fresh top notes of bergamot, waterlily, and lemon. The comfort of sandalwood, vanilla and must lay the foundation.
This is a very pleasant and delicate scent that smells like a luxurious milky white tea body cream. I can smell a little bit of the tea, but it's very subtle, and it's not a foodie scent at all. It also has a bit of a floral note, as well as a smidgen of an herbal note. And although it's sweet, it's not overly sweet and definitely not perfumey. I really like this one. It's perfect for a bedroom or baby's room. I adore this scent, and if it were stronger I'd buy a bunch! It should work fine in a small room though. Most people in our Facebook group love this scent.

Banana Berry Smoothie
This smells like the name, a sweet combination of banana and berries. I smell strawberry with a slight banana note. It's not an authentic scent, nor is it meant to be. It's a fake banana and berry candy type scent that reminds me of the old BB Bats banana flavored taffy candy. I really like it!
What People Are Saying

"It's dominated by the berry. That aspect makes up about 60-70% of the blend and the creamy banana is about 30-40%! Definitely a yummy one!"

Berry Mango Freeze
Sweet strawberry splashed with tropical passion fruit, juicy pineapple, and coconut water. But notes for the candle are: Sweet pomegranate, tart Acai berry, red cassis and wild mango swirl with juicy nectarine and fruited guava over ripe, sugar-sweet passion fruit and fresh kiwi
I smell sweet pineapple and apple, with a hint of some other fruits in the background. It's quite nice.
What People Are Saying

"Almost a dead on dupe for Bath & Body Works Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit. It's a really nice, watery fruit scent that isn't too sweet! There's almost a perfumey aspect in the background as well."

Blueberry Lime Mojito
Blueberry and lime with a heart of verbena, peach, and nuances of rum. A touch of mint adds dimension while sugar crystals and benzoin are the perfect finishing touch.
This is very similar to the old ScentSationals Blackberry Lemonade scent, but that scent was more lemony and not as sweet, and didn't have as much of a berry note. But it was one of my favorites. This is a fruity scent (I'm not sure if it's blueberry per se) with a lime note and a smidgen of soapy lemongrass. It's very nice. Looking at the notes, this is not an "effervescent" or fizzy scent. And verbena might be the hint of lemongrass. I don't detect mint at all.
What People Are Saying

"I smell blueberry and lime, no mint. Not the same blueberry as Better Homes & Gardens Blueberry Bundt Cake, thank goodness."

"Mainly a berry based carbonated scent to my nose, the lime also comes in and adds a fresh zing to the blend! There's the same fizzy drink note in this one as Better Homes & Gardens Ginger Berry Margarita from last year! Really makes the scent realistic!"

By The Pool
Notes of fresh marine florals drift over ozonic greenery infused with sweet tropical fruit nectars and the creamy essence of coconut sunscreen
I like this one! It's coconut with a hint of fruit that I couldn't put my finger on, until I realized it's melon, either honeydew or cantaloupe but I think it's more cantaloupe although it's very sweet, like cantaloupe candy. It's not the same scent as the old ScentSationals Calypso Sands though, as that was honeydew with a sweet floral and maybe a smidgen of coconut. I think there's also a tiny bit of a cologney note, a smidgen of light beach wood to temper the sweetness a little, and possibly a barely detectable hint of chlorine (unless I "think" it should be there because of the scent name). This is similar to Better Homes & Gardens Maui Beach Waves but much sweeter, and with the fruity candy note. It's sweeter when melted than it is on cold sniff. I believe this is the "Splash" side of the old Better Homes & Gardens By The Pool duo from 2016. The scent lasted all day, at least 8 hours.
What People Are Saying

"It's a really soft scent, almost like a very light cologne citrus watery blend mixed with a beachy coconut."

Chilled Raspberry Lemonade
Raspberry, blackberry, peach, and pomegranate infused with a refreshing combination of lemon, vanilla, verbena, and sugar crystals
Fantastic scent that smells like lemonade, with a faint raspberry note. I thought it would be the same as Better Homes & Gardens Chilled Cherry Limeade from 2017, but it's a different scent.

Clear Blue Oasis
Fresh bergamot, white amber ozone and a mirage of desert sand freshen palm tree greens and aquatic waters over hints of cedarwood and moss
A nice fresh men's body wash scent with a strong salty lemon note (which might be the palm). It's sweet but not overly sweet. I have a lot of men's cologne/body wash scents and they usually all smell pretty much the same, but this one is different and I love it.
What People Are Saying

"It's a really fresh/aquatic fragrance with pops of a leafy greenery essence. There is a smidgen of a cologney undertone to it, but it's not overkill run you out the house defcon 5 I need oxygen cologney. It's really good!!"

Coconut Cabana Linen
This smells almost exactly like the new ScentSationals Sun Drenched Linen scent, but ScentSationals doesn't put out the same scents at Walmart in the same season. I think Sun Drenched Linen has a smidgen of a cologney note (barely noticeable) and Coconut Cabana Linen has a smidgen of a coconut note. But I think they start with the same base scent, which is a slightly bitter laundry type scent that has a little bit of a chemical note when melted. I don't care for this scent, but I like it more than the Sun Drenched Linen scent. It looks like I'm the only one who thinks they smell the same.
What People Are Saying

"Similar to Sun-Drenched Linen, but that one smells like a fresh men's cologne and Coconut Cabana Linen is brighter with a tropical note."
"The linen is stronger and the coconut is not sweet. It's an elegant scent."
"I love Coconut Cabana Linen but there are sometimes where I feel like it smells like a public bathroom cleaner."
"It's a nice laundry just a very subtle hint of coconut".

Daffodils & Daisies
Fresh, blooming daffodils nod in a warm Spring breeze spiked with luminous green daisy and soft magnolia fused with sunlit freesia, breezy orange blossom and musk
I adore this scent! I smell orange blossom/neroli and a sweet, rich floral that I can't place, like honeysuckle or magnolia. There's something else in there that gives it a warm sweetness, like a honey note. Looking at the notes, it's probably the musk, and this scent is a little perfumey but it's really more of an authentic floral. It's different from other floral scents I've smelled. It doesn't smell like daffodils or daisies though, since neither of those flowers actually have a floral scent!
What People Are Saying

"Can't place the flowers but very authentic. Does not smell like honeysuckle like Better Homes and Gardens Bluebells and Buttercups does."

Going Totally Tropical
A soft island breeze swirls above ripe tropical guava, candied passion fruit and bright, juicy pineapple lifted by wild greens and soft amber musk
A nice sweet tropical fruit scent. I think I smell guava and a hint of pineapple. It has a candy like note. I can usually take or leave tropical scents, but I love this one! Looking at the notes, yes, I do detect a very slight perfumey note.

Melon Ball Punch
Watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe mixed with sugar water, vanilla, and peach, with citrus accords of mandarin, orange, and lemon to add sparkle.
This just smells like cantaloupe, with maybe a hint of cucumber. It's only slightly sweet, and a little bland. I'm not a fan of cantaloupe scents. I think this would smell better if it were sweeter. Someone said this smells very authentic, like melon on a plate.

Mojave Sunset Sands
Notes of deep amber floralcy reflecting elements of oriental sandalwood, smooth cedar, and pure vanilla touched by tropical mango, sugared nectarine, and sweet peach
This smells like men's cologne with another note I can't figure out, like a tropical wood (but not palm, as that has a nutty coconut note that this scent does not have). I do smell a hint of wood and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of pineapple. That other note is a little sour, but not in a bad way. Maybe that note is lemon? It's a dupe of a scent I smelled a few years ago, but I don't remember which one. This is just an okay scent for me. Looking at the notes, the fruits are mango, nectarine, and peach! Someone said this is a dupe for the old Better Homes & Gardens Brushed Teakwood Amber, but I no longer have that scent so I can't confirm. If I remember correctly, they do smell similar.
What People Are Saying

"I think there's a little fruit in there, but it's a clean sunshiney scent, very gender neutral."
"This one is super sweet & perfumey! Also borderline floral.. it really doesn't smell like what you'd expect after reading the name! But there's also a strong lemon in the blend too, and I also want to say I'm picking up on coconut? This one is a really complex blend!"
"It's kind of musky like cedar but in a summery way."
"It smells exactly like Scentsy Midnight in Curaçao."
"It’s earthy. It’s warm and mellow. I can say that I almost smell a wet dirt note ... weird, but I like it."
"This one is super sweet & perfumey! Also borderline floral.. it really doesn’t smell like what you’d expect after reading the name! But there’s also a strong lemon in the blend too, and I also want to say I’m picking up on coconut? Lol this one is a really complex blend!"

Pink Flamingo Flower
Fruity and floral fragrance blending pink lemon, waterlily, and mandarin with peony, freesia, and jasmine. A base of musk, white woods, and vanilla evokes feelings of calm and relaxation.
A nice pleasant slightly sweet candy like floral with a slightly salty note (I'm finding that note in a lot of the new scents) that gives it a richness, a smidgen of lemon, and another fruity note like strawberry or guava, but the fruity note is like a fruity candy note. And there's a tiny bit of warmth. Melted, I also detect a hint of an oriental spice note that gives this scent a very slight perfumey note.

Pomelo Nectar Prosecco
Pomelo is a grapefruit type scent, and prosecco is a sparkling white wine. Thankfully this scent doesn't smell like wine, because scents that try to smell like alcoholic beverages (unless they're the creamy tropical type) often end up with a sour fermentation note. This scent might have that way in the background, but if so, it's barely detectable. And there are no "sparkling" or fizzy notes. I don't smell grapefruit either. It's a super sweet candy like scent that smells more like rich apricot nectar, although it's not a peachy scent at all. Some of that sweetness may be a floral, like gardenia or sweet pea. I didn't think I would like this one based on the name, but I love it! Melted, it's extremely sweet, with slightly more of a floral note and less of the fruity note, almost like straight syrupy sugar mixed with a floral and a hint of apricot nectar. Although it's extremely sweet, it doesn't have that rich, buttery, slightly nauseating sweetness like ScentSationals Sugar High (it's not even really a foodie scent). It's also one of those scents that's not overly strong, but the scent takes over the entire house. Someone described it as "zingy and crisp".

Sage Leaf Aloe
Desert sage, green aloe leaf, and hints of cactus flower sparkling with a burst of bergamot and orange infused with fresh melon and pear
An interesting super salty savory scent with a lemon note and a hint of an herbal note. It might also have a smidgen of bergamot that gives it a barely noticeable fresh cologne note way in the background. It's just barely sweet. I like it. It's very similar to the new ScentSationals Cactus Garden. They're both extremely salty, and savory with a slight lemony note. I think Cactus Garden is slightly more lemony, while Sage Leaf Aloe has a tinge more of an herbal note. I like them both, but I like Cactus Garden a little more. A couple of people said this smells like Yankee Candle Pink Sands, which is a sweet almost perfumey scent. Pink Sands also has a coconut note, and come to think of it, I think this scent also has a smidgen of coconut way in the background (although I don't think this scent smells anything like Pink Sands).

Shangri La
An alluring fusion of Turkish rose, Sambac jasmine, and African violets lifted with wild bergamot and ginger spiced mandarin wrapped in Moroccan amber, oriental musk and a touch of Tahitian vanilla
I adore this scent! It's a soapy floral with a hint of saltiness (I'm noticing that salty note in a lot of the new scents, and I like it; it adds body and richness to the scent), although that saltiness might actually be bergamot (which gives scents a cologne note, but I don't smell cologne notes in this scent). The floral is not really authentic, but it's also not perfumey and it's not an overly sweet scent. It smells like a pleasant floral soap. The floral note might be rose or jasmine. Looking at the notes, there's the rose, jasmine and bergamot. I don't smell ginger or mandarin (orange) at all. Someone said it smells a lot like Dove soap.

Sparkling Iced Tea
This smells very similar to the old ScentSationals Blackberry Lemonade, but I don't think it's exactly the same. It has that same main note of slightly salty, slightly soapy lemon. But I think I do detect a very subtle tea note in this scent. Someone said it's the "exact scent of powdered lemon flavored iced tea mix". Someone else said, "Super distinct herbal tea notes mixed with lemon!"

Strawberry Pretzel Bars
Fresh sliced summer strawberries stirred with cane sugar and sweet vanilla infused whipped cream atop a rich butter and salted pretzel crust
Last year this scent only came out in candle form, so I'm really excited that it came out in a wax melt this year! It's a super rich, sweet creamy strawberry scent with a little bit of saltiness. I don't smell pretzels per se, like no bready note, but the saltiness gives it an extra richness that makes this scent so fantastic. A couple of people said this smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens Wild Berry Cheesecake.
What People Are Saying

"I think there's a little fruit in there, but it's a clean sunshiney scent, very gender neutral."
"It smells like a syrupy dessert topping strawberry, not a fake scent, very yummy!"
"You get the juicy base strawberry note but a hint of salty pretzel also comes in. Love the sweet & savory combo!"

Sunlit Frasier Fir
Fresh citrus, aromatic evergreen, and dazzling white fir combined with intriguing notes of gently smoked balsam, precious woods, and a dash of festive spice
It's a pine scent. It's got a little bit of a "harsh" pine note (rather than a smoky woodsy spruce type scent), and I don't detect any other notes or sweetness. It's a nice pine scent though, and perfect for mixing with other scents like orange, lemon, fruit, vanilla, lavender, cologne, etc.
What People Are Saying

"It smells like every other Christmas tree scent. Really crisp & woodsy, no sweetness."

Tropical Island Dream
Citrus lemon and grapefruit shimmering with red currant and touches of peach wrapped in warm jasmine and fresh peony over breezy musk and amber.
A very sour scent with a lemon note that has a little bit of a gasoline vibe. But it actually isn't quite that awful. It's not the same kind of sour as the new ScentSationals Flamingo scent, which is more of a pungent, slightly "warm" fruity scent and smells fantastic. This scent is harsher and not fruity. It might be a dupe of ScentSationals Isla Bonita from 2016, but I don't have that scent anymore to compare.

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