Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews - April 2019

April 28, 2019

Chesapeake Bay Wax Melt Reviews - April 2019

This is a review of Chesapeake Bay wax melts from Target, from April 2019. Some of these were quite nice, but many of them seemed to have a citronella note!

Cabana Bay Linen
A nice scent that smells like a laundry scent with lemongrass and coconut notes. It's not a sweet scent, and the lemongrass is not harsh or lemony. It's a nice, relaxing scent and I really like it. Compared to Better Homes & Gardens Coconut Cabana Linen, they're kind of similar, but I like this scent more as the BHG version doesn't have the lemongrass note, and has a slightly bitter note that I don't care for.

Coconut Berry Bliss
I expected that this would be a nice fruity scent with a coconut note, but nope, it's citronella. Just plain, slightly bitter, citronella. It has a barely detectable smidgen of sweetness way in the background, and it's possible that there's a smidgen of a soapy coconut note way in the background as well (I do smell that a tiny bit when melting). It's not a bad scent, and it's definitely unique, but it's not what I expected and I'm not sure if I like it or not.

Cotton Candy
This is not a true cotton candy scent, although that tends to be the case with most retail wax melt scents that claim to smell like Cotton Candy. On cold sniff, it doesn't smell good, kind of like fruit scented vinyl. But melted, it turns into something completely different... unusual and fantastic! It smells like whipped cream or crème fraîche with a little bit of strawberry and apple (but it's not a marshmallowy scent). Or like peaches and cream, but with apple and strawberry instead of peaches. It's a very milky, creamy scent that smells like heavy cream, with the addition of strawberry and apple notes, but the milky creamy note is in the forefront. It's very sweet, but not "candy" sweet. And it has a tiny bit of a luxurious skin cream note (although it's not a perfumey scent). It's really fantastic! Comparing it to ScentSationals Cotton Candy Cloud, there's no comparison. They're totally different scents that smell nothing alike.

This is a lemongrass spa scent with maybe a hint of citronella. It's very nice, and would probably smell fantastic mixed with mint!

Pina Colada
A nice salty lime scent with a coconut note. It smells like it has a hint of lemongrass in it as well. It's not really a piña colada scent because it's not quite as sweet as a real piña colada, but it's still very nice.

Summer Breeze / Pina Verbena / California Citrus Trio
Summer Breeze
A fresh watery slightly salty oceany scent, like a fresh body wash. I'm not sure if it's the same Summer Breeze from the Waterfall trio I reviewed in 2015, as I said that one was a fresh scent with a slight tropical note (although it had zero throw so I couldn't tell). I like this one!

Pina Verbena
This is very weak on cold sniff. I smell pineapple, and I think it has a hint of lemon in the background. It smells a bit like pineapple flavored hard candy, and it's quite nice. It's the same scent as the Pina Verbena scent I reviewed in 2016.

California Citrus
On cold sniff it smells like a lime scented body wash or shampoo. But when melted, it smells like a combination of a floral with orange blossom/neroli notes, and a hint of lime. It's a fantastic scent.

Sunshine Grapefruit
This does not smell like grapefruit or anything citrusy. It does, however, smell like a sweet red bell pepper! So I actually like this scent. I just wish I could have smelled it from more than a foot away.

Watermelon Crush
A nice fake watermelon scent with a floral note. It smells a bit more like cantaloupe than watermelon. The floral note keeps it from smelling like a melon flavored candy. It's quite nice.

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