Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews

August 6, 2017

Hobby Lobby Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of Hobby Lobby Wax Melts from August 2017. Hobby Lobby (DD Brand) wax melts are fantastic in terms of scent quality, and throw in general is very good.

Coriander & Cassis
Refreshing Coriander & Cassis
A fantastic classy berry scent that's not very sweet and has a slight bitter and soapy note, but in a good way. Cassis is a type of currant, similar to fig, with slight cedar, clove and patchouli notes. I definitely smell the cassis, which is the fruity note. Coriander is a a pungent soapy slightly citrusy scent that smells a little like pink peppercorns, and I definitely smell that here too. It smells like their older discontinued scent "Berry & Vanilla Burst", which also smells like Tuscany Candle Berry Bliss.

Flower Shop
Fresh Cut Flowers & Citrus
A nice authentic flower scent (I think jasmine, rose, and other florals) with green notes. It's bitter and only slightly sweet, but the bitterness is what makes it smell authentic. It's not so bitter that I don't like it though. I don't smell citrus at all.

erb Garden with Mint
Pungent, savory and herby, like a salad. I smell green herbs like rosemary and sage, and a bit of zest like lemongrass perhaps. This smells almost exactly like Glade Sage & Thyme Market (and Glade Sunset Walk), although the Glade scent is slightly more zesty and I really like it. This scent, however, I don't care for.

Lavender & Sage
Fresh Lavender & Sage
On cold sniff this smells like bug spray to me. It's an artificial bitter lavender scent. But it smells much better melted, like eucalyptus and lavender.

Lemongrass Verbena
Lemongrass, Verbena, Crushed Spices
A fantastic scent, different from other lemongrass verbena scents I've smelled. Usually lemongrass verbena is a little harsh with kind of an industrial or mediciney note. This scent is still zesty but it smells like it has a smidgen of floral or vanilla in it, which tempers any harshness.

Midnight Rendezvous
Cedarwood, Warm Musk, Freesia, Spice
Nice sweet laundry and men's cologne scent.

Palm Beach
Sandy Shore, Vanilla & Coconut
This is a nice sweet coconut scent without any fruity notes. It smells like there may be a bit of vanilla in it and perhaps a smidgen of light wood like driftwood or sandalwood. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on.

Wind River Pine
Cool Water, Pine Needles & Spice
This is a nice smoky pine scent with maybe a hint of eucalyptus, but there's something else in there that makes this different from typical smoky pine scents, a smidgen of milkiness or maybe vanilla, although this is not a sweet scent. The milky note softens the scent and makes it smell a bit like Better Homes & Gardens Winter's Sleigh Ride, but more smoky. It's a nice winter scent, and almost has a yummy foodie quality.

Woodland Walk
Pine Needles, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus
I did not get this scent. It's a pine scent with maybe some eucalyptus, but it also has a bit of a sour sagey note that makes it smell similar to ScentSationals Mountain Twilight or Better Homes & Gardens Crisp Fall Leaves, two scents I don't like (but most people do).

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