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October 18, 2019

Hobby Lobby Wax Melts (DD) Reviews - October 2019

This is a review of Hobby Lobby "DD" brand Wax Melts from October 2019. DD wax melts from Hobby Lobby have some of the best, most creative blends out of all the retail wax melt brands. They do particularly well with perfumey scents.

Aspiration (No. 11)
Lemongrass & Sage
This is a savory sage-y type scent that smells a lot like White Sage & Eucalyptus. But without the zestiness of the lime and eucalyptus notes that White Sage & Eucalyptus has, this scent is bland and has a little bit of a waxy aloe type note. I don't really smell the lemongrass, but it might have a smidgen of black pepper although not enough to make this scent interesting. And it's not sweet at all, so I don't know why the wax is pink.

Azul Bay
Lime & basil with a hint of mandarin
This smells like a bar of soap! It's a slightly herbal, clean soap, a little like Irish Spring type but not as sweet or intense. It's not really a men's body wash scent, nor is it a fresh, clean scent like a fresh air or watery or even a laundry soap type scent. I do detect a smidgen of lime. It's a fantastic scent, and perfect for the bathroom or anywhere you want a clean, soapy scent. The scent started dissipating within 2 hours, but I almost don't care because it smells so good!

Balance (No. 13)
Acai & Palm Wood
Sweet super rich fruity scent that smells like elderberry syrup with just a hint of a perfumey note. I think I also detect blackberry, raspberry, and a hint of plum. Fantastic scent! I don't smell woodsy or palm (nutty coconut) notes, although there's something way in the background that I can't figure out, almost a spruce type note, but it's barely detectable; maybe that's the palm wood?

Citron Springwater
Juniper & sage with notes of yuzu
This smells a lot like ScentSationals Eucalyptus & Rosemary from Meijer, which is a very nice zesty, savory, slightly lemony scent. But this scent has very slightly different notes, and might have a barely detectable smidgen of fresh mint which gives it a bit of a spa quality. It also smells a little bit like ScentSationals Cactus Garden.

Clementine & Mango
Tropical mango & clementine
I love this bright, fun scent! It smells like orange gummy candies, sweet but with a little bit of a lip puckering citrusy note, and maybe a hint of grapefruit. It's not a truly authentic orange scent (maybe because of the mango, which I don't actually notice), and that's perfectly okay because it smells great! It's completely different from Goose Creek Candle Clementine & Mango, which had more mango and tropical fruit notes than orange.

Ebony & Musk
White musk, patchouli & exotic ebony
A fantastic smoky mahogany scent with a men's cologne note and a hint of soapiness. It's rich and even a bit salty, but in a good way. And although it has a cologne note, it's only a tiny bit sweet. The smokiness is not a normal woodsy smokiness, but an "earthy" smokiness with a smidgen of a rubbery note. Oh wait, it smells A LOT like Black Tourmaline! Sniffing them side by side, Black Tourmaline is more intense with a stronger rubbery note and much less of the cologne note. I don't know why they came out with such similar scents only months apart. Although I like them both, if I had to choose, I like Ebony & Musk more. And the scent lasted 12 hours straight!

French Toast
Delish aroma of Sunday brunch
I didn't care for this on cold sniff because it has a little bit of a chemical note. But melted, it smells great! It really does smell like French toast, with that rich slightly toasty breadiness, a little bit of a maple, and maybe a smidgen of cinnamon. But it also has a hint of coffee in the background, which is nice!

Kona Coffee
Strong & smooth with a robust richness
A super strong, bitter, almost burnt coffee scent that smells like espresso. There's zero sweetness or creamy notes in this scent. It's similar to Swan Creek Roasted Espresso, but I no longer have that scent to compare, although I did say that even though that scent was also very strong and bitter, it had a smidgen of sweetness or cream and smelled more like freshly ground coffee beans. It's too intense for me, but I mixed it with a sweet vanilla buttercream scent, which ended up being the perfect combination! This scent has an incredibly strong throw, but is actually stronger in the package than it is in when melting. One pack left open in a room can waft through the entire house. When melted, however, disappointingly the scent dissipates within 1 to 2 hours. I suspect it would perform better in a lower wattage (10W to 15W) warmer.

Serenity (No. 12)
Lavender & Cedar
This smells like milky sandalwood with a little sweetness and a hint of lavender. On cold sniff I do smell the cedar, but not so much when melted. It's a lovely scent, and not overly sweet.

Soft arrangement of floral and wood notes
This is a combination of super sweet florals like honeysuckle, with maybe a little jasmine, and sweet musk, with a sugary background (although it's not a foodie scent). I think I do detect a smidgen of a light wood note way in the background that tempers a little bit of the sweetness. For people who are sensitive to sweet floral scents, this one could be headache inducing, but I love these types of scents and this one is fantastic. And the scent lasted all day, at least 10 hours!

White Chocolate Bark
Buttery vanilla and sugarcane
This is a super sweet, rich, buttery vanilla. It has a hint of light chocolate, and maybe even a smidgen of coffee. But it doesn't really smell like white chocolate. It's a great scent though!

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