Joann's Hudson 43 Wax Melts

Joann's Hudson 43 Wax Melts

Joann's (Joann Fabric) carries Hudson 43 brand wax melts, which are made by Tuscany Candle.

Joann's came out with 45 wax melt scents in 2015 (although they may have had wax melts before that; this is just when I discovered them). After that, the only new scents that Joann's carried was Tuscany Candle brand which would only come out in the fall and winter. Then in August 2020 they came out with 24 new Hudson 43 brand wax melt scents.

In 2015 their Hudson 43 wax melts were $3.99, although they had a constant 40% off sale which brought the price down to a very reasonable $2.39. The new 2020 scents cost $6.99, but it looks like their ongoing sale brings the price to $3.49, which is a bit pricy.

Large selection of different types of scents, most/many of which throw very well. You can buy them at the store, or online from Joann's website to ship to your home or to your local store.
$3.49 is a bit expensive for store-bought wax melts. And they need to come out with new scents more often than once every 4 years.
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