Mainstays Fall 2022 Wax Melt Reviews (Walmart)

July 20, 2022

Mainstays (Walmart) Fall 2022 Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the 4 new Walmart Mainstays wax melts Fall 2022 scents: Apple Buttered Rum, Apple Fritters, Butterscotch Shortbread, and Crimson Leaves.

Apple Buttered Rum
Golden delicious apples, sliced pears, apple rum and aromatic spices
Super sweet scent that smells like milky, buttery, liquid caramel with just a hint of apple. Yummy! Looking at the notes, I don't see caramel although I definitely smell it, I don't know if I detect the pear per se, and I do get just a tiny bit of cinnamon. I love it!

Apple Fritters
Apple, Maple, Vanilla
A fantastic, sweet, rich, super authentic apple pie scent with cinnamon, allspice, lots of nutmeg (which gives this scent "warmth"), and molasses (which is probably the maple in the notes). Although I do smell the apple, it's not nearly as "apple-y" as most apple pie type scents. And it's not overly cinnamony. This is not a standard, generic apple pie scent.

Butterscotch Shortbread
Velvety, vanilla-infused buttercream frosting sweetened with caramelized brown sugar warmed by delicate allspice, candied clove bud, and a splash of smooth bourbon
Sweet caramel with butterscotch, and a smidgen of something else like rum perhaps. I'm not getting any shortbread or bakery type notes. And I don't think I detect any spices like cinnamon. I like it! It's not the same as Mainstays Salted Caramel Butterscotch, which was, as the name suggested, a salted butterscotch caramel. This scent, however, doesn't have the salt, and is not as buttery and rich. If I had to choose a favorite, I'd say Salted Caramel Butterscotch, but this scent is very nice too, just totally different. Looking at the notes, okay that very slightly "boozy" note is the bourbon. And brown sugar, yes now that I know it's in there, I do get more of the brown sugar than the caramel (and although it's rich and slightly buttery, it's not as rich as caramel). Unfortunately this scent started dissipating in under 2 hours, and was pretty much gone within 3 hours.

Crimson Leaves
Red Berries, Fall Leaves, Oakwood
This wonderful, perfect fall scent reminds me of the woodsy, slightly sour, fallen apple scents that many wax melt brands used to bring out several years ago in the fall. It smells a lot like ScentSationals Dancing Leaves (same as AmbiEscents Turning Leaves), but not as sweet or fruity (and those scents are not even all that sweet or fruity), and similar to ScentSationals This Is Us. The sourness of the scent totally works with the woodsiness, which I believe also has a pine note. I do get a smidgen of fruit way in the background, like old apples that have fallen to the ground in autumn. Looking at the notes, the fruit is berries rather than apple, but I'm not sure what type of fruit (cranberry, perhaps?). I'm sure there are other notes in this scent than the three that are listed. I absolutely adore this scent and this "type" of scent in general.
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