ScentSationals Fusion Wax Melts Reviews from 2019

June 10, 2019

ScentSationals Fusion Wax Melts Reviews from 2019

This is a review of ScentSationals Fusion Wax Melts from Meijer for Spring/Summer 2019. ScentSationals has a line of wax melts called "Fusion", which are supposed to be "mixable fragrances". They don't seem any different to me than their regular scents, since all wax melt scents can be mixed. These new Spring/Summer 2019 Fusion scents are only available in certain stores across the country, such as Meijer. They are not available at Walmart, but some may be available on the ScentSationals website.

Blue Lagoon
This scent is very familiar and I know I've smelled it before. It's a fantastic fresh sweet clean body wash scent with a little bit of a lemony note. Melted, it took on a tiny bit of a bug spray note, but not enough to ruin the scent. It's the same scent as AmbiEscents Vitamin Sea.

Coastal Trip
I think this is the same scent as the new ScentSationals Pacific Coast Highway. I smell sweet candy-like pineapple, strawberry and maybe a little orange, along with maybe a smidgen of coconut and fresh air note. It's a pleasant scent.

Grapefruit Sunrise
This is a fantastic grapefruit scent with a bit of orange. It's sweet but also has a slightly zesty note (smidgen of lemon?). I think it's the same scent as ScentSationals Morning Bliss, but if not, it's very very close.

Lavender & Rosemary
Fantastic lavender scent with a nasal clearing eucalyptus note (which I guess is supposed to be rosemary) that makes this smell like lavender scented Vicks VapoRub, in a good way. Melted though, it smells more like eucalyptus, with the lavender note more in the background. Nice scent, and great to melt if you have a cold. ScentSationals came out with a Lavender & Rosemary scent in February 2018, but I don't know if this is the same scent. I don't recall that scent having such a strong eucalyptus note.

Strawberry Lemonade
A fantastic scent that smells like a combination of lemonade and strawberry (or it could be raspberry). It may or may not be the same scent as Better Homes & Gardens Chilled Raspberry Lemonade (which smells like lemonade with a faint raspberry note), but I no longer have that scent to compare because the throw was quite mild. And it's not the same as Better Homes & Gardens Chilled Cherry Limeade (which smells like a cherry flavored drink with a smidgen of tart sweet bitter lime and a tiny bit of a soapy note).

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