Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Summer 2019

May 5, 2019

Aldi Wax Melt Reviews - Summer 2019

Read Aldi Wax Melt Reviews from Summer 2019 (Huntington Home brand). The Aldi summer scents are always triple melts (each pack has three scents in it instead of one), like the old Mainstays triple melts from Walmart.

Aldi wax melts can only be purchased from Aldi stores, but since they are made by Hanna's Candle, many of the scents are available on the Hanna's Candle website (not confirmed by Hanna's Candle).

Bakery Trio
This is the same as the Aldi Bakery Trio from Summer 2018.
Vanilla Frosted Cupcake
Warm Vanilla cupcake with luscious butter cream accents and sweet essences of delectable sugarcane
This is just a standard sweet vanilla scent. It's the same as Hanna's Candle Vanilla Frosted Cupcake.

Last year I described this as a yummy super sweet caramel scent with just a hint of buttery salted caramel. And although this smells like that, it also has a graham cracker note, similar to the Graham Cracker scent of Hershey's S'Mores, which is also made by Hanna's Candle. So I'm not sure if this is a dupe of last year's Snickerdoodle or of Hershey's S'Mores, or maybe both this year's and last year's Snickerdoodles is in fact the same as the S'Mores scent.

German Chocolate Bars
A rich milky light chocolate scent (not a burnt, dark, or fudgy chocolate). It smells like a rich milk chocolate bar. Yummy!

Ocean Trio
Tranquil Waters
Refreshing aquatic notes of water lily and an ozone accord swirl with violet leaves for brightness and clarity. Tender muguet, rose and freesia petals float in the heart with softness and serenity. The warmth of sun-kissed driftwood blends with transparent musk and white amber for enveloping comfort.
This is a sweet watery scent with a soft warm ambery note and a hint of musk. It has a little bit of a soapy note, and it's not a perfumey scent. But it also has a richness and a bit of a foodie note, maybe vanilla or even caramel, that's a tiny bit nauseating and just "too much" when mixed with the freesia. Looking at the notes, I don't see anything foodie.

This is the same scent, with the same notes, as Hanna's Candle Tranquil Waters, Calm Waters from the Aldi Fresh Trio from 2018, Aldi Tranquil Waters from Spring 2019, and Tranquil Waters from the Aldi Ocean Trio from Summer 2019. But this scent originated from Mainstays Peaceful Waters from Walmart (manufactured by Hanna's Candle).

It's also very similar to, but not the same scent as, Aldi South Seas from Spring 2018. But it's NOT the same scent as Aldi Tranquil Ocean Water from Spring 2016.

Sandy Beach
Gardenia, lime, ozone, fruity coconut, sweet praline, and fresh muguet
I love this scent! It smells like Coppertone Suntan oil mixed with a hint of coconut and maybe a smidgen of sweet tropical nectar. It also has a tiny bit of a yummy note, like maybe a smidgen of caramel. Looking at the notes, the yumminess is from the praline. I don't smell lime, although there's a slightly harsh note in there that could be lime. It's the same as Hanna's Candle Sandy Beach.

South Seas
Driftwood and sea kelp, tropical fruits, and a sweet hint of caramel
This is a fresh watery scent with a bitter note and maybe a smidgen of a peppery note. It's the same as Hanna's Candle South Seas. But it's NOT the same as Aldi South Seas from Spring 2018 OR the Aldi South Seas in the triple melt from Summer 2018.

Fruity Trio
This is my favorite of the Aldi Summer 2019 trios!
Juicy Apple Pomegranate
Granny Smith apples, pear, jasmine, rich woods, and a touch of green herbs
This is a very nice fresh apple scent with a pear note and maybe a hint of berries. It's very authentic and not overly sweet, and has a tiny bit of an earthy note. Interestingly, there's no pomegranate in the scent notes! I don't smell wood at all, but that might be the earthy note I detect. It's the same as Hanna's Candle Juicy Apple Pomegranate.

Sparkling Citrus Zest
An enjoyable quality of citrus zest with a punch of effervescent spirits
This smells like orange soda but without the fizziness. There may also be a bit of grapefruit, and a hint of floral because it's not an overly citrusy orange. It's a fantastic scent! It's the same as Hanna's Candle Sparkling Citrus Zest, Hanna's Candle Lime Lemonade, and Sunflower from the Aldi Summer 2018 Floral Trio.

Green Apple
This is a fresh, crisp apple peel scent. It's not overly sweet. And it's kind of authentic, but not as much as the Juicy Apple Pomegranate scent. It might be the same scent as Hanna's Candle Country Green Apples, but I'm not sure. I don't think it's the same as Hanna's Candle Jolly Rancher Green Apple.

Tropical Trio
These three scents smell very similar to me. They actually smell more like peach than tropical fruits.
Spiced Peach
Ginger, lemon zest, fresh juicy peach, apricot marmalade, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a hint of buttery crust
A nice milky, creamy peach. Looking at the scent notes, I don't detect ginger or spices, but there is a barely detectable smidgen of a buttery bakery note. It's not too sweet, and it doesn't have the "cat pee" vibe that some peach scents have. This one should be called "Peaches & Cream"! It's the same as Hanna's Candle Spiced Peach.

Mango Papaya Sorbet
A refreshing blend of sun-kissed juicy mango and ripe papaya
A nice rich tropical fruit scent that smells a little bit like tropical fruit scented skin cream. It's not overly sweet, but the sweetness is a little candy-like, with a smidgen of a sour note. It's quite nice. I think it's the same as Hanna's Candle Mango Papaya Sorbet, although I described that as a combination of watermelon and a citrus note like lemon, which this doesn't smell like. Although I also said that scent took on an odd latex paint note. And so did this one, so it probably is the same scent.

Tropical Smoothie
Fruity notes of sweet mango and fresh papaya swirl with juicy accents of fuzzy peach and ripe guava infused with sweet peach blossom, apricot flower, island jasmine, and golden ylang ylang
This smells like an authentic juicy peach, with a hint of sweet guava. It's a fantastic scent, and I believe it's also the same scent as Mainstays Peach & Mango from Walmart (although MVP Group Intl. makes most of the Mainstays wax melts, Hanna's Candle does make some scents), as well as Hanna's Candle Tropical Smoothie.

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