Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2022

January 15, 2022

Better Homes & Gardens Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2022

This is a review of the new Walmart Better Homes & Gardens wax melts for Spring 2022.

There are 15 new scents, 4 of which are the standard 2.5 oz. size with 6 cubes, and the rest of which are the larger 3.5 oz. size with 8 cubes and the "paint chip" labels.

Cactus & Sandalwood
Fruity notes of prickly pear, watery melon and golden apple are elevated with cactus blossom and sandalwood. Juniperberry provides depth.
Cactus Blossom, Pear, Melon, Golden Apple, Juniper Berry, Sandalwood
A fresh men's cologne or body wash scent with a light woodsy note, as well as herbal and grassy notes, a bit of black pepper, and maybe a smidgen of apple. Looking at the notes, on cold sniff I think I do get a smidgen of melon in the background (but not watermelon), but I don't get that when melting. It's a pleasant scent for any room of the house.

Coconut & Mango
Sugared citron and candied island mango fuse with feathered coconut fruit and vanilla-sweetened coconut milk amid appealing touches of sunlit mango blossom and sensual, ambered wood
Coconut, Mango, Orange, Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Wood
On cold sniff, I don't like this scent at all. It smells like fake coconut scented rubbing alcohol. But don't let the cold sniff fool you, because it's incredibly good when melted! It smells like a combination of an orange creamsicle and a thirst-quenching sweet citrusy pineapple drink with a hint of coconut! I think I also detect a smidgen of floral, but I'm not sure. I'm not a fan of pineapple scents, but I LOVE this scent!

Desert Garden & Spa
Succulent cactus, desert aloe, and crushed lavender mingle with green eucalyptus leaf and wild sage finished with soft woods entwined with a citrus-splashed musk
Succulent Cactus Aloe, Crushed Lavender, Eucalyptus, Sage
This savory, super salty scent is similar to Sage Leaf Aloe. Also similar to ScentSationals Cactus Garden and ScentSationals Agave Lime. Both this scent and Sage Leaf Aloe have cactus, aloe and sage notes. But this scent has lavender and musk (neither of which I detect), while Sage Leaf Aloe has bergamot, orange, melon, and pear. I no longer have it to compare, but I'm sure this smells very much like that scent. I like it, although it's hardly sweet at all like the ScentSationals Cactus Garden and Agave Lime scents. It has a tiny bit of a citrus note, like lime or lemon. I think it would mix well with lemon/lime, pine, lavender, and cologne scents.

Honeysuckle & Mint
This enchanting fragrance opens with honeysuckle nectar adorned with jasmine, fresh mint julep, cucumber water and garden grass for a summer garden sensation
Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Mint, Cucumber Water, Garden Grass, Bourbon
I'm definitely smelling the honeysuckle, but a bit of that sweetness is tempered by a little bit of a slightly watery green note with a smidgen of garden mint on cold sniff. When melted, it smells like ScentSationals Zen (a very subtle garden mint combined with a bit of a laundry note) combined with the sweetness of honeysuckle. Looking at the notes, I think the mint is more of a garden mint or even a tiny bit of spearmint rather than mint julep. And I'm not getting any bourbon at all! It's a really nice, relaxing scent.

Lavender & Lattes
Relax with a cup of whipped vanilla cream and coconut milk topped with creamy latte froth, white lavender and coffee flower in this me time submission.
Lavender, Coffee Flower, Latte Froth, Coconut Milk, Whipped Cream, Vanilla
Lavender and coffee sounds like a terrible combination, but somehow it really works in this scent! Sweet, rich, slightly perfumey lavender with a vanilla note is blended with a hint of mocha (coffee and chocolate), although the mocha is subtle and you might think it's just a really rich, milky French vanilla. It actually smells really, really good! Looking at the notes, I think I do get a tiny bit of the coconut.

Neroli & Bergamot
Wild bergamot and zesty lemon join the white floralcy of sunlit neroli wrapped in sweet orange blossom accents, night-blooming jasmine, blonde woods, and transparent musk
Neroli, Jasmine, Bergamot, Lemon, Blonde Woods
I'm definitely getting the neroli in this scent, although it's not as rich and distinct as most neroli or orange blossom or petitgrain type scents that are kind of similar to tuberose (a super rich, super sweet gardenia type scent). I think that richness and sweetness is tempered a bit by bergamot, which adds a slightly peppery, slightly citrusy men's cologne note (although this is not a cologne scent, but it's kind of a "masculine" floral). Maybe also a smidgen of sandalwood and vanilla in the background. I really like this scent! Looking at the notes, they're spot on.

Oat & Iris
Gentle blooms of iris, soft cherry blossom, and delicate heliotrope intermingle with pure bergamot zest and spiced rose layered with golden amber, warm tonka, soothing sandalwood, and new-mown hay
Oat, Iris, Rose, New Mown Hay, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean
A pleasant scent that I thought was mostly coconut, until I realized that it's sweet cedar. It also has a hint of men's cologne, as well as grassy and herbal notes, and a hint of floral and sandalwood. I like it! It's a bit sweet (not as much as other similar scents, and not sweet enough to be a men's cologne or body wash scent). Looking at the notes, no coconut or cedar.

Pear & Spun Sugar
A luscious blend of creamy pear enveloped with sweet gourmand notes of sugared berries, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream creates a mouthwatering sensation. Spun sugar crystals adds texture.
Whipped Pear, Wild Berries, Cream, Vanilla & Sugarcane
A fantastic, yummy, sweet, rich scent that smells like pear flavored ice cream with milky caramel topping, and a hint of some other kind of fruit (raspberry or blackberry?). The pear/fruity note is not as strong as I expected it would be, so it's more like a rich, milky vanilla caramel scent with a pear note. I LOVE this decadent scent!

Peonies & Pansies
Sun-kissed springtime petals of sweet violet, yellow daffodil, and pink peony evolve with sweet tulip and fresh pansy lifted with shimmering accents of zesty lemon and verdant greens
Daffodil, Violet Petals, Pink Peony, Tulip, Lemon, Verdant Greens
A light, summery, sunshiney, fruity floral with sunflower, rose, pear, and magnolia notes. Looking at the notes, no magnolia, although magnolia does have subtle lemon notes, which I detect way in the background. And no rose, but peonies do smell similar to roses. I do get the sweet violet, but daffodils, tulips, and pansies really don't have sweet, flowery scents. And no fruity notes, although I'm sure I smell some kind of fruit (I'm pretty sure it's pear, or maybe peach). I LOVE this fun, happy scent!

Pineapple & Ginger
Warm elements of dark vanilla, ambered ginger root, pineapple palm, and rich mahogany add depth to ripe, nectarous pineapple, luscious passionfruit, and wild mango splashed with golden citron
Pineapple, Passionfruit, Mango, Ambered Ginger, Mahogany, Vanilla
This smells like pineapple with vanilla, a tiny bit of another fruit (cherry?), maybe a smidgen of caramel, barely detectable smidgen of mahogany, kind of like pineapple with a bit of a bakery note. It's mostly pineapple though, like 70%. It reminds me a little bit of Better Homes & Gardens Exotic Paradise Punch. Looking at the notes, I don't smell ginger at all (which is a good thing), or mango (which smells like peach), or palm (a slightly woodsy, nutty pineapple scent). Maybe a tiny bit of the citron, because it has a little bit of bite, but pineapple scents have that anyway. I'm not a fan of most pineapple scents, but I ADORE this one because it's so sweet and rich!

Pineapple & Peach
Invigorating notes of sunlit grapefruit, shimmering star fruit, and bright aldehydes splash over fresh aspects of ripe berries, dewy tropical fruits, and vanilla blossom accents.
Pineapple, Peach, Grapefruit, Star Fruit, Ripe Berries
I definitely smell the pineapple, as well as a hint of the peach. It's a subtly sweet scent with a little bitterness, like a hint of grapefruit. There may be other tropical fruits in here, like mango, as well as maybe a smidgen of orange. It's not one of my favorites because I don't like pineapple or peach scents, but strangely, even though peach is in the scent name and notes on the label, there's no peach in the description.

Rainwater & Moss
Crystal rainwater cascades over crushed island greens layered with citrus-splashed lotus and aromatic lavender infused with fragrant red cedar, frosted patchouli, and watery, dew-covered moss.
Rainwater, Lotus, Lavender, Red Cedar, Frosted Patchouli, Moss
This cologne type scent smells like a combination of the warm, sweet ScentSationals Flirtatious (rich, warm, mahogany, soapy, woodsy, Oriental spice scent) and Day of the Dead Mariachi Band (cologne scent with a distinct lime note and smidgen of pine). This is a rich, warm men's cologne scent with mahogany and a hint of lime (not as much as Mariachi Band), and it's not overly sweet. I like it! Looking at the notes, it's not a watery scent, and I do get the hint of moss, but no lavender. I also don't get patchouli, but maybe that's what I think is mahogany.

Sea Moss & Sage
Zesty shimmers of wild bergamot splash over white minerals and salted sage amid attractive elements of aquatic sea kelp, warm cedar, and transparent musk
Sea Moss, Sea Salt, Sage, Bergamot, Citrus Zest, Warm Cedar
A salty, savory, slightly zesty scent with a bit of sweetness that would make it smell a little bit like men's body wash if it were sweeter. It's similar to the Desert Garden & Spa scent, with the salty, savory, slightly zesty cactus-y note, but this scent is not as salty or zesty, and has the hint of sweetness from the bergamot (men's cologne) note. It's also a bit similar to ScentSationals Agave Lime, but that scent is saltier, zestier, and a little sweeter. It's a nice scent, but very similar to Desert Garden & Spa.

Sweet Papaya & Mango
A sparkling, island blend of sweet papaya, nectarous mango, and juicy hints of glimmering pineapple swirl with tropical guava and an enlivening burst of effervescent orange
Sweet Papaya, Mango, Pineapple, Guava, Orange
This smells similar to the Pineapple & Peach scent, but I like this one much more as it's sweeter and doesn't have the bitter grapefruit or waxy peach notes. It's a juicy, sweet tropical fruit scent (but not overly sweet) with mango (which smells like peach, but a nice peach scent), guava, a hint of orange, and maybe a smidgen of pineapple. On cold sniff I also detect a smidgen of vanilla and a floral, but I don't smell those when melting. There are no sour notes that some tropical scents tend to have, and I don't smell any coconut. Looking at the notes, there's no effervescence (fizziness) in this scent, although after a few hours I think I do get a hint of fizziness, or maybe it takes on more of a peachy or harsh note that I don't care for. But I still like it.

Watercress & Lily
Fragrant lily petals drift over verdant leaves and bright bergamot joined by luminous jasmine and crushed watercress as sunlit verbena reveals woodland herbs nestled with green stems and crisp eucalyptus.
Lily Petals, Bergamot, Jasmine, Watercress, Woodland Herbs, Eucalyptus
I ADORE this super fresh, natural scent that smells like watery aloe or cucumbers, garden herbs (which may include a barely detectable smidgen of garden mint), bamboo, a tiny bit of a savory note, and a hint of hot house grasses and flowers to add a bit of sweetness and temper the cucumbery/savory note. It reminds me a little bit of Sonoma Fresh Bamboo from Kohl's, but this scent is fresher, grassier, and more cucumbery. I'm usually not a fan of cucumber/aloe type scents, but the savory and floral note makes it so unusual and fantastic, I can't stop smelling it! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting eucalyptus at all (which would smell a little bit like pine, although maybe that's the smidgen of garden mint I detect), and not sure about verbena (I'm not really getting lemony notes either, although that could be the savory note). The watery aloe/cucumber note is definitely the watercress. Absolutely amazing scent, and it lasted for most of the day. I think it's also going to make a great mixer. Desert Garden & Spa and Sea Moss & Sage are both a bit too savory, but I think they'd smell much better mixed with this scent. Also try mixing with fresh, lemon, floral, lavender, mint, pine, watermelon, vanilla... really just about any type of scent.

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