Goose Creek Candle Fall Wax Melt Reviews 2020

September 21, 2020

Goose Creek Candle Fall Wax Melt Reviews

As usual, these new Goose Creek Candle Fall 2020 wax melts are strong and smell great. Goose Creek Candle wax melts and candles can be found on their website at, and at some stores like Gabe's, Gordman's, and Tuesday Morning.

Apple Cheesecake Cupcake
Top - Gala Apple, Cake Batter; Mid - Cheesecake Custard, Graham Cracker Crust; Base - Buttercream Frosting, Vanilla Bean
I LOVE this scrumptious scent! It's like caramel apple on steroids. It's super sweet and rich, with a sweet "spun sugar" note, a bit of saltiness for the caramel, and I can smell the crisp freshness of the apple (a very natural apple note). I think it might also have a hint of maple.

Apple Cider Donut
Top - Fried Apple Donut, Sweet Sugar; Mid - Cider, Nutmeg, Donut Shop; Base - Soft Spice, Vanilla
A fantastic super sweet, rich scent of apples, caramel, maple, nutmeg, brown sugar or molasses, and a bit of cinnamon, with just a hint of a bakery note, and maybe a smidgen of marshmallow. It's not a donutty scent, but it's so much better. The nutmeg gives it a pumpkiny note, but it's not a pumpkin pie scent. The super sweetness, maple and molasses notes add another dimension to what would otherwise be just another apple pumpkin type scent. I loved this one on cold sniff, but I didn't think I would ADORE it as much as I do when melting. It's amazingly good, and so sweet it'll give you cavities! Looking at the notes, they look like any fall apple bakery scent, but this scent is SO much more! And it lasted all day, at least 12 hours, and would easily have gone much longer if I hadn't removed it from the warmer for the evening. Stock up on this one!

Blueberry Pancakes
Top - Sugary Maple, Pancake Batter; Mid - Fresh Blueberries, Caramel, Syrup; Base - Baked Vanilla Sugar
This is a very nice, very sweet, marshmallowy, spun sugar blueberry scent with a bit of a maple note and maybe a smidgen of perfuminess. I don't actually smell the pancake, but it's a great scent either way! I've definitely smelled this scent before and I thought it was a dupe of another Goose Creek blueberry based scent, but I was told that these are all brand new scents. It's not the same as Blueberry Cake Donut (had a rich, slightly salty bakery note with a smidgen of perfuminess, and no maple), Blueberry Cheesecake (had a slightly sour chemical note), Blueberry Greek Yogurt (tangy, and no maple notes), or Blueberry Limeade (which is more lime). Those are the only other Goose Creek blueberry scents I know of. However, it smells A LOT like Waiting for Santa, which I described the same way ("super sweet rich blueberry confection with a sugary syrup note, toasted marshmallow, but not a smoky marshmallow, and maybe a hint of maple"), but I no longer have that scent to compare.

Calm & Cozy
Top - Sandalwood, Vanilla Amber; Mid - White Citrus, Cashmere; Base - Soft Vanilla Woods, Cozy Linens
This is indeed a cozy scent! It's a warm slightly ambery perfumey scent (but not overly sweet) with milky vanilla and a smidgen of light wood and fruit. I really like it! When melted, I think I smell a smidgen of coconut too. Looking at the notes, I don't detect citrus or any laundry type notes, and I'm surprised I don't see some kind of fruit.

Cold Autumn Leaves
Top - Bergamot, Cool Rain Drops, Leaves; Mid - Fir Needles, Fallen Leaves; Base - Patchouli, Autumn Woods
This scent captures the essence of a crisp fall day with the sharp woodsy note of crispy brown fallen leaves, soft, warm pine, and a hint of fresh air. It may also have a barely detectable smidgen of old, slightly sour apples (in a good way) that have fallen to the ground, as well as mint, and possibly bergamot that gives this a teensy bit of a cologney note that most people won't notice. I LOVE this scent! Looking at the notes, they're right on point (although no apples or mint; I wasn't sure if I smelled them anyway). And if you don't like patchouli, you'll be happy to know I don't detect it at all (I love patchouli though).

Falling Leaves
Top - Ripe Apple, Plum Nectar; Mid - Falling Leaves, Wild Moss; Base - Maple Tree, Oak Tree
This is that typical fall scent that smells like old mulled cider apples that have fallen to the ground and mixed with brown leaves. But this one is done right. It has the perfect balance of apple and leaves and woodsiness, and it's rich and smells fantastic!! I thought I smelled a smidgen of cinnamon, but it's not in the notes, and I don't smell plums. The scent dissipated to around a 3.5 throw within 2 hours, which is still fairly strong.
Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

Luau Sorbet
Top - Peach Nectar, Island Pineapple; Mid - Sweet Strawberry; Base - Coconut Milk, Sparkling Sugar
This scent came out in the summer but I was unable to get it then. It smells like lime soda with a bit of orange, and the acidity of the citrus notes and fizziness of the soda. It's definitely a citrusy soda scent rather than a sorbet scent, but it smells fantastic, fun and summery! Looking at the notes, I'm way off, but I'm definitely smelling lime and a little orange, possibly a hint of strawberry, but definitely no peach, pineapple or coconut. I guess the sparkling sugar is the fizziness.

My First Autumn
Top - Sparkling Citrus, Orchard Peach, Fall Berries; Mid - Rome Apple Peel, Gilded Leaves; Base - Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean, Cedarwood
The picture of the cat on the label alone would make me buy this! And the scent description is, "Crisp, dewy, fall morning air. It's this cute kitten's first autumn." It's a warm, ambery perfumey scent with a fruity note (blackberry and/or apple), a hint of vanilla, a tiny bit of caramel, and a smidgen of wood way in the background that I don't really detect when melted. It's a beautiful, pleasant scent that almost smells like Pink Sugar, but with apple and not as sweet or perfumey. When melted, there's a smidgen of smokiness that I don't smell from close up or on cold sniff. Looking at the notes, everything is spot on but I don't detect citrus or peach.

Pink Apple Sunset
Top - Pink Lady Apple, Anjou Pear; Mid - Watery Dew, Peach Blossom, Dewy Leaves; Base - Warm Amber, White Sandalwood
I smell watermelon, pear, and apple. Or it might not be watermelon, but apple with a smidgen of sage that makes it smell like watermelon. It's a nice, sweet, fruity scent (not perfumey though), but there's something in the background that's a teensy bit sour. I'm not a fan of watermelon scents, so that might be it. Looking at the notes, no watermelon or anything sagey or savory. Maybe it's the peach I'm detecting (I'm not a fan of most peach scents either).

Pumpkin Angel Food Cake
Top - Angel Food Cake, Pumpkin Butter; Mid - Fluffy Vanilla Cake, Light Spice; Base - Vanilla Bean, Shaved Pumpkin
This scent uses their Angel Food Cake base (like the Chocolate Angel Food Cupcake), which is a rich, super sweet (like spun sugar) scent with a caramel note, and adds a hint of apple and a rich, salty note which I guess is supposed to be the pumpkin but I don't detect any pumpkiny notes, or any spices like nutmeg or cinnamon. It's like a salty pretzel with apple bits in it, drizzled in super sweet caramel sauce. It's super yummy! It reminds me of ScentSationals Pumpkin Apple Muffins, but this scent is much much sweeter and has the caramel note and a more distinct apple note. It also smells a lot like the Apple Cheesecake Cupcake scent, but that scent is sweeter, less salty, and with way more apple.

Pumpkin Cider Donut
Top - Red Apple, Sparkling Orange, Sugar Glaze; Mid - Cinnamon, Clove Buds, Pumpkin Spice Accord; Base - Rich Cedarwood, Sheered Musk, Warm Vanilla
This smells like a combination of a donut and apple cider. It's nice! The apple cider is not a harsh, mulling spices type apple, but more like a sweet apple juice with just a hint of cinnamon. I also smell the nutmeg of the pumpkin, but this doesn't smell like pumpkin pie, more like an apple cider donut. Looking at the notes, I don't smell orange, wood, or musk at all.

Pumpkin Sugar Churro
Top - Creamy Pumpkin, Brown Sugar; Mid - Spiced Churro, Apple; Base - Warm Molten Vanilla Bean
This is a rich, buttery bakery scent that's not very sweet. It's actually a bit salty and has a smidgen of something sour way in the background that I don't care for. I do detect a smidgen of cinnamon and nutmeg, but they're very subtle. And maybe a barely detectable smidgen of apple cider. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting the brown sugar at all.

Salted Caramel Popcorn
Top - Caramel, Sweet Vanilla; Mid - Melted Caramel, Salt; Base - Buttered Popcorn
This does smell like buttered popcorn with sweet, rich, slightly salty caramel. I can actually smell the corn and the butter. Great scent! It's similar to Dazzling Popcorn, but not the same scent; that scent is a bit more "full-bodied", has slightly more of the caramel note, and also has a smidgen of apple.

Sugar Plum Kiss
Top - Sugar Plums, Blackberries, Raspberries; Mid - Soft Floral; Base - Sweet Amber, Vanilla Sugar
This scent came out towards the end of summer. It smells exactly like I expected it would based on the name. It's a super rich, succulent, very fruity (like a rich rhubarb fruitiness) dark blackberry and plum scent, with a hint of raspberry. It's slightly perfumey, like it has some notes of Pink Sugar, and it's sweet but not overly sweet. It's a fantastic, classy scent that I'm sure I've smelled before. It's not the same as Blackberry Parfait (a rich warm perfumey scent with just a hint of dark berries but not blackberry or plum per se) or Blackberry Bourbon (a generic blackberry and perfume scent, not super rich like this one). It's very similar to French Autumn and Moonlit Bloom (which are dupes of each other), but those scents are richer, sweeter and warmer.

Waffles & Ice Cream
Top - Soft Warm Waffles, Light Syrup; Mid - Vanilla Bean, Swirled Sugar; Base - Whipped Milk, Butter, Batter
A super rich yummy scent that does indeed smell like buttery waffles, with a creamy, milky vanilla note, and maybe a smidgen of maple. It's scrumptious! On cold sniff it has a teensy bit of a perfumey note, but I don't detect that when melting.
Here's another review of this scent, in candle form.

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