Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2021

January 16, 2021

Kohl's Sonoma Wax Melt Reviews - Spring 2021

This is a review of Sonoma wax melts from Kohl's for Spring 2021.

Of the 13 new scents, 6 are brand new and 7 have returned from previous years. I think they may have also changed their wax formula a bit, because although these still use hard wax, they're a little softer than previously, and a bit messy and flaky, so it's difficult to break off a cube evenly. Not a deal breaker though.

Aloha Beach
coconut, cardamom, vanilla
This smells more like gingerbread than a beachy scent. It smells like really sweet gingerbread with a bit of a coconut and a hint of a buttery, nutty note that might be cardamom. It's a fantastic, unusual scent.

Blooming Orchard
Pear, magnolia, sandalwood
This scent has returned from spring 2020. It's a fruity floral (the main note is pear) with a hint of bitterness that smells a little bit like champagne, and a floral note that's not perfumey or overly sweet. It may also have a smidgen of pineapple and a light woodsy note way in the background. It's really a champagne type scent rather than a floral. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on, although magnolia tends to have a lemony note, which this scent does not. I really like it! It's quite similar to ScentSationals Festive Bubbly (but that scent is more milky and this scent has a floral note). It's also a bit similar to ScentSationals Celebration Time (but that scent is sweeter, a little creamy, and slightly perfumey). It also smells like the Pear Blossom side of the old ScentSationals Take Me to Paris duo, although that scent had a stronger floral note and was not as sweet. All the scents that this scent smells like also have pear as a main note.

Blue Hawaiian
Pineapple juice, maraschino cherry and coconut cream
This scent first came out in spring 2018 and returns every year. It's a harsh tropical scent. I smell pineapple and coconut, and I think the harshness is black cherry. Looking at the scent notes, they're spot on. I would like this scent more if the cherry were not so intense; I don't mind harsh cherry scents, but mixed with the pineapple it's just too much.

Coconut Sea Salt
Coconut, sea salt and mahogany
This scent has returned from spring 2020, but first came out under the name Coconut Mahogany (same notes) in spring 2019. On cold sniff it's a rich, sweet, warm cologne scent with a mahogany note (which has a tobacco, slightly incensey, slightly patchouli note with a smidgen of a woodsy note). But I also smell a hint of sweet coconut with a subtle salty note. But melted, it smells like a super sweet coconut candy, without any woodsy notes, and maybe just a smidgen of the cologne note. I LOVE this scent!

Fresh Morning Donuts
old fashioned donut, cinnamon sugar, vanilla
This smells like a plain donut with a hint of cinnamon and a little bit of sweet glaze (although it's not overly sweet). What makes this different from other similar bakery type scents is that I can smell the breadiness or yeastiness of the donut, which makes it smell like a real donut. Very nice! I would mix this with a coffee scent for a true morning experience!

Guava Fruit Smoothie
papaya, mandarin, coconut
This is a harsh pineapple scent with a hint of tartness. I'm not a fan of pineapple scents, although I can tolerate them if they're very sweet and candy-like. This one is sweet but it's also a bit tart, so I'm not a fan. This scent smells a lot like Blue Hawaiian, but not as sweet. Looking at the notes, interestingly there's no guava in this Guava scent. Mandarin is orange, but I don't smell orange. And maybe just a hint of the coconut.

Lilac Fields
Lilac, jasmine and orange blossom
This scent has returned from summer 2018. It smells like rich lilac scented soap, and I love it. I can also smell the extra sweetness of the jasmine and a tiny bit of the rich honeysuckle type note of the orange blossom.

Mango Margarita
Mango nectar, blood orange and fresh lime juice
This scent first came out in 2018 and returns every year. I smell grapefruit, orange, a hint of tropical fruit (pineapple?), and a little bit of zesty lemon. It's a nice fresh thirst-quenching summer scent. Looking at the notes, the pineapple/tropical note I'm smelling is mango (which usually smells like peach, although I'm not getting peach). It's a nice fresh thirst-quenching summer scent.

Paradise Kiss
apricot, jasmine, wild berry
On cold sniff this is a very nice scent of strawberry, peach, rich yummy vanilla, and little bit of a nutty note, and maybe a hint of a sweet floral. But when melted, it's mostly peach, with a little bit of the sweet floral, no vanilla or nutty notes, and barely a smidgen of strawberry. I liked it better on cold sniff. It's just okay for me.

Rose All Day
sparkling rose, lemon zest, sugar cubes
Despite the rose note, this doesn't smell like rose at all. I do smell the sour lemon, but this is a sour scent that I think is supposed to smell like champagne, as in "Rosé" (pronounced ro-ZAY, which rhymes with day, not "rose" the flower). It's not sweet at all, and no floral notes, no rose whatsoever. It's sour and a little bitter, with a tiny bit of a dirt note, and none of those in a good way. I don't like it.

Smells Like Sunshine
eucalyptus, jasmine, orange blossom
A fantastic scent of lilac but with a little bit of a grassy note that makes the lilac smell authentic rather than perfumey, soapy, or overly flowery. Looking at the notes, I'm surprised there's no lilac, because this is a lilac scent. I don't smell jasmine or orange blossom, and definitely not eucalyptus (doesn't even have the nasal clearing effect that eucalyptus scents have). I really like this one and it's very "spring-y"!

Summer Berry Lemonade
A vibrant blend of lemonade and mixed berries
This scent first came out in summer 2018 and returns every year. It's a fantastic blend of raspberries and tangy lemon. It might be the same scent as Raspberry Lemonade from 2017, but the notes were different and I no longer have it to compare because the throw was weak.

Tahitian Pineapple
Pineapple, mango and sugarcane
This scent first came out in spring 2018 and returns every year. It's a slightly tart pineapple scent that's only slightly sweet (not the sweet, candy-like pineapple that I like). There might also be a hint of a tropical fruit in there with a very slight sour/bitter note, although it's not a sour tropical fruit scent. It's not my favorite due to the tartness, but would probably smell great mixed with a sweeter scent like vanilla or another fruit.

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