ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Fall 2019

September 1, 2019

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Fall 2019

This is a review of ScentSationals Fall 2019 Wax Melts from Walmart. If you like pumpkin and cinnamon scents, these new scents are for you! Many of these scents are classic Autumn type fragrances. And as is usually the case with ScentSationals wax melts, almost all of them are strong or bold throwers.

Adventure Seeker
An enticing blend of luminous citrus, lush sea grass, and herbaceous greens wrapped in sensual nuances of exotic florals, warm woods, rich musks, and dewy mosses
A fantastic men's cologne scent with a raw wood note, and a "mossy", slightly leathery note. It's a little bit similar to ScentSationals Black Tux in that it's not an overly sweet or overly cologney scent. It might be the same as an old ScentSationals and AmbiEscents scent called Rebel; in fact, looking at the notes for Rebel (citrus, musk, and warm mossy woods), they're very similar. It's a fantastic scent! Looking at the notes, I don't smell citrus or floral, but the other notes are spot on.

What People Are Saying

It's a total dupe for Black Tux.
If you love clean, manly, cologney type scents... this one is amazing.
Adventure Seeker reminds me of something... maybe Better Homes & Gardens Stormy Indigo Seas? Definitely familiar!
Adventure Seeker is more of a pine or outdoorsy scent.
I will say, SS Adventure Seeker is pretty good; it reminds me of Better Homes & Gardens Stormy Indigo Seas.
Adventure seeker isn't a Black Tux dupe to my nose. It is a cologne scent, I like it but it doesn't smell like Sandalwood and Vanilla like the notes say.

Apple Pumpkin Spice
Ripe McIntosh apple joins cinnamon spiced pumpkin, creamy caramel and hints of vanilla bean sweetened with brown sugar and a dusting of ground nutmeg.
I was expecting just a pumpkin pie scent with an apple note, but that's not what this is. It's a super rich, slightly salty scent that smells a little like pretzels with apple, along with caramel and brown sugar, even though it's not overly sweet. It's a little bit like ScentSationals Pumpkin Apple Muffins, but not as salty, and with that rich, slightly sweet, almost buttery caramel note. It's fantastic!

I thought this was a dupe of ScentSationals Harvest Moon. The wax is even the same color, and the notes are very similar (Harvest Moon: Super sweet, freshly sliced McIntosh apples wrapped with a cinnamon spice and pumpkin complex sweetened with caramel fragrance). However, after melting them one after the other, I notice that Apple Pumpkin Spice is much richer and has a stronger caramel and brown sugar note, while Harvest Moon has a little more of an apple cider note. They're still very similar though.

What People Are Saying

It was like a mixture of ScentSationals Caramel Apple Spice and Better Homes & Gardens A Thankful Harvest... Caramel Apple Spice has an authentic and rich apple and caramel scent almost like the caramel apples i get at knottss berry farm !! an amusement park here in California). The caramel smells good not fake or overly sweet. Its a dead on dupe for Bath & Body Works Cider Lane. A Thankful Harvest its a a salty rich pumpkin puree with a buttery salty pie crust that made me love it even more! Its the perfect November scent, reminds me of the holidays like Thanksgiving. So yeah i think thats how Apple Pumpkin Spice smells like. i actually really loved it.
It's probably the closest dupe to Scentsationals Harvest Moon. To me it's almost like if Better Homes & Gardens A Thankful Harvest and ScentSationals Caramel Apple Spice had a baby. Nice scent, love it, definitely will be under my hoardworthy list.
I like this new scent a lot but it wasn’t Harvest Moon on warm. Funny how the heat brings out scents you never picked up on cold. They are very similar.
Apple Pumpkin Spice smells more caramel and a tad bakery than ScentSationals Harvest Moon.
I have two bars of Harvest Moon saved and agree the scents are similar but not identical.
Apple Pumpkin Spice smells more caramel and a tad bakery than Harvest Moon.
I warmed them both and you are right. They smell alike to me on cold but when I warmed them the Apple Pumpkin Spice changed. They are very close but it’s a little richer which is ok for me because I like a stronger scent.

Autumn Air
Take a walk in the autumn air and experience crisp accents of green apple, citron, and white rose mixed with the smoothness of blonde woods, cedar, and musk.
If Fall air had a scent, this would be it! It's very fresh, with a lot of different notes. I think I smell apple, wood, and bergamot. I would describe it as a cologne scent with a bit of salted caramel apple. That description sounds a bit like Better Homes & Gardens Moonlit Magic Pumpkin, but it's a completely different scent, although it does have some similarities, with the combination of cologne and the salty foodie note. But that scent was much more extreme, more salty, and without the apple and fresh notes. I didn't like MMP, whereas I really like this one.
What People Are Saying

It reminds me of Goose Creek Sunflower Daydream which I love.
This isn't what I expected at all, it's kind of a green scent. It smells a lot like something else. Nice fragrance, but not particularly fall to me.
It's kind of light warmed but has a floral/green note.
The new SS Autumn Air is amazing. I change my wax like a couple times a day I haven't had to in two days with this scent and it's so nice. It's like a sweet perfume but is very fall.
It made me so very nauseous even though I still like the smell when warmed. I need to note it is kind of an odd smell, but I think it made me nauseated because the throw is majorly strong.
It gave me a huge headache.
I smell citrus and apple.
It smells like a fresh pumpkin and Halloween lol. I'm horrible at describing scents but to me it smells like when you cut into a pumpkin.

Bottoms Up
Sweet fall orange, ripe mandarin and juicy pomegranate mix with cranberry and cinnamon spiked pepper berry
This is orange pomander, a sour, slightly balsamic scent with orange and spices. Looking at the notes, yes there could be some other fruits besides orange, but the orange and fruity notes are subtle behind the sour balsamic note. I'm not a fan of orange pomander scents in general. This might be the same scent as Better Homes & Gardens Pomander and Pinecones from 2015, as I did describe it the same way.

Cinnamon Buns
Butter, brown sugar and pecans stirred with fresh ground cinnamon and black vanilla bean
Although it's similar to the old Cinnamon Bun from Meijer from 2015 (which is also the same scent as Better Homes & Gardens Vanilla Caramel Spice), it's not exactly the same scent. Meijer's Cinnamon Bun and Better Homes & Gardens Vanilla Caramel Spice are slightly richer, more buttery, and with a bit of a salted caramel note. The new Cinnamon Buns is slightly sweeter and more cinnamony. But it's still rich and buttery, and smells delicious, much better melted than it does on cold sniff!
What People Are Saying

I have Cinnamon Buns melting right now. Blow your socks off strong throw!
I wanted to love Cinnamon Buns but all it smelled like was cinnamon.
It's not the same as the Better Homes & Gardens Baked Cinnamon Roll from 2013. Cinnamon Buns is much more cinnamony and Baked Cinnamon Roll has much more of the bakery roll scent. At least on cold, that is my impression.
I can’t bring myself to buy this one, smells like all the other cinnamon ones on cold sniff.
I agree with the review. Smells better/different melted.
I love this one, but it is massively strong. I had windows open and it was burning my eyes. They could’ve backed off the cinnamon a touch, but I like it.
I will say the cinnamon is a very pure smell, not fake or waxy like. I thought I detected a brown sugar note. Overall I think it's a terrific scent. Very warm and comforting.

Fall Fetti
A delicious combination of apple, marshmallow, vanilla, coconut and maple is sprinkled with nuances of cinnamon, clove, almond and pecan for the ultimate Fall dessert.
This smells like sweet, rich, buttery vanilla cookie dough with a hint of milky caramel, a subtle white chocolate (or maybe milk chocolate) note, and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of coconut. It's yummy and very buttery! Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell apple, cinnamon or clove at all. But there may be a tiny bit of maple and nuts.
What People Are Saying

Fall Fetti did absolutely nothing for me.
Fall Fetti is so good!
It smells like a cake scent with some spice. Kinda like cupcake but add some spice in there.
To me it was a sweet "cakey" scent with a hint of spice.

Festive Bubbly
Crushed grapes are mixed with a hint of white flowers to create the beverage sensation that opens this scent. The juicy pear fragrance signature is warmed with hints of oakwood and finished with a bit of whipped vanilla
I love the label for this scent! This smells like sweet pear and some other fruit (strawberry?), but it's also creamy and milky, like whipped cream. It also has a tiny bit of that bitter "fermentation" note that a lot of alcoholic drink scented wax melts tend to have, but not nearly enough to ruin the scent. It smells a little bit like ScentSationals Peace and Love. When I first smelled this, I didn't like it on cold sniff because of the bitterness (which I'm more sensitive to than most people), but it's grown on me and now I like it. Looking at the scent notes, the strawberry I think I detect is actually grape, but it's more of a subtle, white grape rather than a rich concord grape. Pear is really the main note.
What People Are Saying

I don't think I do this often, but I highly recommend this scent to any wax lovers inclined to fruity scents. It's just. SO. GOOD. I only got one package to try out. I will be returning to Walmart some time later to get more. My bf loves this one, too! (That's TWO people recommending this to ya! Or technically the entire household!) To me, the throw is good! I could smell it upstairs on the 2nd floor when my wax is going downstairs on the first floor. However, this wax didn't last long for ScentSationals' standards. Usually ScentSationals gives me at least 2 nights of good performance. This one gave out after just one. While the scent notes above are mostly accurate, I think, I personally want to sum up the smell as "Lychee Martini". Lychee is a fruit that is quite popular in Asia, but not so much in the Western world. It's a grape like fruit that has a prickly red peel/appearance. It's mildly sweet, and sometimes also tart. If you order that above alcoholic drink in a bar, you'll get to experience the sweetened, artificial, "candy" version of this fruit--which is exactly what "Festive Bubbly" is to me. TRY THIS ONE OUT, Y'ALL!

Festive Bubbly is calling my name with the packaging alone.

The label for Festive Bubbly is super eye-catching!
Got a quite distinctive lychee scent from this. Digging this.
I normally love fruity and foodie scents, but I gave this a sniff in store and wasn't impressed.
Melting it tonight too. Its really sweet to me. Not sure I dig it.
I just bought this tonight and walked around Walmart continuously sniffing it. I love it!
To me, this is a Bath & Body Works Sparkling Pear Riesling Dupe!
I kinda liked the sour note it has on cold sniff. It does smell like wine or champagne of some kind.
I’m already in love with it cold and am buying the whole tray!
To me it smells a little like Champagne Toast from Bath and Body Works but I haven’t melted it yet.
It's not the same as Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast. I have Champagne Toast with me, and this one (Festive Bubbly) is better imo. Completely different scent, notes, everything, in fact.
Festive bubbly is good in the restroom but does have a weak throw.
My son said it smells like children’s liquid Claritin. He’s not a fan. I don’t smell that medicinal note at all, but I guess some do.
The package is pretty and it smells good cold lol I agree with your son Ive seen some ppl compare it to that awful pink medication from the 80s, like a bubble gum scent.
It smells like beer to me, I didnt buy it.
Festive Bubbly reminds me a little of last year's ScentSationals Celebration Time but maybe a sweeter, more floral.
To me it kind of smells like ScentSationals Cotton Candy Cloud but with a bit of an effervescent smell to it. So if you like strawberry scents you might like this.
I love it on cold sniff. It reminds me a lot of ScentSationals Sugar High mixed with a sour scent-maybe a lemon. I pick up a light bubble gum scent somewhere. As it melts, it reminds me a lot of ScentSationals Sugar High mixed with ScentSationals Peace and Love. It’s not terribly strong, but it has a nice throw. I’d say it’s a 3.5. I like it. It’s sweet but clean. My daughter-in-law said it reminds her a lot of some Rose Prosecco she has. I don’t know much about that, but I do think maybe there’s a touch of light grapish or floral there, too. I’ll probably buy more of this one, since I get really burned out on fall scents.
Festive Bubbly smells delicious. I bought that one, and I'm melting it right now. It doesn't have much throw right now, but it's not completely melted. I think it's supposed to smell like Champagne, but it actually kind of resembles Blueberry Lime Mojito to me. I remember my best friend used to have a Celebration Yankee Candle that smelled like Champagne and tickled your nose like it was fizzy... this doesn't really do that.
Sweet and fruity - maybe it's supposed to be grape? The throw is ok.

Give Thanks
Warming accents of crackling woods, autumn leaves, and lush forest moss fuse with spiced herbs, rich tobacco leaf, smoked patchouli, and a touch of ambered incense.
This is just a sweet cinnamon scent, although there may be just a smidgen of apple and brown Fall leaves. Even the label says Leaves, Harvest Fruits & Spice. Cinnamon isn't mentioned anywhere, although cinnamon is definitely the dominant (or maybe the only?) note. In fact, I think the notes for this scent are wrong.
What People Are Saying

There are A LOT of apple cinnamon citrus blends this year. This one was my pick. It may be a dupe for Oak & Rye Cabin Fever.

Give Thanks is a favorite on cold (earthy, sweet, spicy).

Perfect Pumpkin
Smooth hints of velvety, roasted pumpkin combine with spicy cinnamon accents, grated nutmeg, and crushed clove infused with sweet vanilla, delectable buttercream, and golden molasses
This says "Vanilla Pumpkin Cream" on the label, and it is in fact the same scent as AmbiEscents Vanilla Pumpkin Cream (whose notes are basically the same: A velvety melody of roasted pumpkins and spicy cinnamon blended with notes of grated nutmeg and crushed clove). On cold sniff it smells like pumpkin pie with a smidgen of buttercream and possibly caramel. Melted, it's just a nice, sweet, rich pumpkin pie.
What People Are Saying

I love the Perfect Pumpkin Wax melts. Smells just like the flesh of a real pumpkin with a touch of sweet vanilla.

Pie Season
Tart rhubarb, juicy green apple, and sun-ripened currant warmed with golden brown sugar, spicy cinnamon, and creamy butter baked to perfection in warm pastry dusted with powdered vanilla sugar.
Don't let the weak, slightly weird cold sniff scent discourage you from buying Pie Season! Melted, this has to be the absolutely most authentic pie scent I have ever smelled. It smells like blueberry pie with raisins and apples. It's totally different from any other bakery scent I've ever smelled in a wax melt. I think what makes it so different is I can smell the pie crust, but it's not that rich, buttery, slightly salty note that a lot of bakery scents have. Although I do kind of smell the "grease", but in a good way; it's not overwhelming or nauseatingly sweet like Better Homes & Gardens Blueberry Bundt Cake. It smells just like those small blueberry pie snacks you get at convenience stores. I'm not a fan of a lot of bakery scents, but I'll be stocking up on this one! Looking at the scent notes, no blueberry, and I don't really smell cinnamon.
What People Are Saying

This is why I love this group. I initially skipped over Pie Season. I had sniffed several that day and it smelled just like everything else... pumpkin, cinnamon...blah blah After seeing so many rave reviews I circled back to it and y'all are correct. It's AMAZING!! I smell the flaky buttery pie crust and pumpkin/pecan pie spices. This is a fall fav for sure!!!
Okay so according to my nose melted ScentSationals pie season yesterday as i was melting it kinda smelt like warm strawberry Quaker Oats oatmeal to me with maybe some apples, it was nice but i wish it threw stronger & longer. I like it and would probably repurchase it again only because the scent is yummy.
That one was nice, I'm not a bakery fan but it was more "spice" than "bakery".
For me it, I think I am smelling fresh bread with nutmeg, I think. I like it.
I smell a rich pie crust, perhaps the brown sugar, but on cold , I am not getting any fruity smell. We all know that warming can completely change this though.
I lllooovvvveee it Strong throw and smells wonderful. Will be getting more of this one soon!
I even bought one for my roommate and he sniffed it and said it smelled like Play-Doh. I told him, "Just melt one cube. Trust me." And now he LOVES it!!!
The pie season smells like a generic fall pumpkin/spice scent to me. I left it behind.
Pie season smells to me of rich pie crust.
This is my favorite new fall scent. I’ve been stocking up in this one.
ok, ok, ok, just started melted it just now and I think I have to go to Walmart again today for "groceries".
I started melting it and it just wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe it is the pecan for me. It reminded me of a home repair type of glue that I once used.
I passed it up because it smelled generic pumpkin spice to me. I may have to give it a try now...
I honestly don't get any pumpkin, predominantly for me, I smell buttery rich pie crust baking in the oven. I think its going to be the sleeper hit for this season, so stock up if you see it. I feel its going to be the one we all want more of.
If you like pies, you're basically smelling several pies varieties at the same time. It's quite a good scent for fall without being so boring.
I don't favor bakery scents but Pie Season has that rhubarb or crumble note decided to buy one to try.
I’m not a bakery scent devotee but got one Pie Season. It’s a bakery scent I like though. I get the buttery crust maybe pecan pie, bit of rhubarb and brown sugar or crisp type note. I don’t get pumpkin, cinnamon or apples.
Okay, y'all weren't lying about the SS Pie Season! It's phenomenal and the throw is amazing.
It's so buttery, and the whole family loves it.
Seriously that pie season is EVERYTHING! <3
Pie Season is LIFE!

Season's Greetings
Thyme and wild sage blend with spicy cinnamon embraced by ambered acorn and hints of buttered chestnut fused with warm woods, amber, and vanilla bean.
On cold sniff I smell cinnamon first, but it's a slightly powdery cinnamon with maybe a hint of cloves and something else way in the background like an incensey note (the label does say sweet cinnamon & patchouli, although the scent notes don't include patchouli). There may also be a barely detectable smidgen of bergamot that gives it a teensy bit of a cologney note. Melted, however... it's more cinnamony than on cold sniff, but it's a warm cinnamon rather than a Big Red or hot cinnamon candy scent. Looking at the notes, the only note besides the cinnamon that I think I detect is the amber, and possibly a smidgen of the warm woods. It's almost exactly the same scent as ScentSationals Twilight Mist & Dreams (from Meijer). And it's also very similar to the new Better Homes & Gardens Copper Cinnamon Spice (I like that one a bit more).
What People Are Saying

It's supposed to be cinnamon and patchouli but I didn't get any patch. All I get is cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon! And not like cinnamon spice powder that I bake with, that I love, but Red Hot candy cinnamon which I hate.
I smelled cinnamon but it wasn't too strong for me. I just pretty much smelled cinnamon and a cologney scent.
Season's Greeting is my least favorite (cinnamon scents not my favorite)...package is super cute though.
Season's Greetings smells very similar to an older scent called Santa's Workshop. I used to love that one.
I just pretty much smelled cinnamon and a cologney scent.

Welcome Home
Ripe, orchard-fresh apples and soft plum notes swirl with a spicy dash of golden nutmeg, aromatic cinnamon, crushed clove, and sweet vanilla sugar baked into an all-butter pastry crust
The label says "Sugared Apple Cinnamon", and that does pretty much describe this scent. It's a pleasant, cozy, apple cinnamon scent that might have a smidgen of cloves and a hint of a candy note. It kind of smells like apple juice with cinnamon, rather than cider, which would have a sour note that this does not have, plus this scent is very sweet, much sweeter than cider, and doesn't have as much apple; in fact, there may be a hint of another fruit in the background like strawberry or plum. But it's also cozy with a little bit of warmth. The cinnamon note is like a cinnamon candy, but not a harsh Big Red or red hot candy cinnamon. This is not the same as ScentSationals Welcome. And it's also not the same scent as Welcome Home from H-E-B stores (with the light blue label), as that scent is the same as ScentSationals Happy Home (a totally different scent). I've smelled this before, and I believe it's a dupe of an older AmbiEscents scent from 2014 or 2015 that I think was called Welcome Home (or maybe Home Sweet Home, or something with a similar name). Looking at the scent notes, I don't smell pastry or buttery notes, as this is not a bakery scent. And there's the plum, which I think is the note that makes this scent different from other cinnamony apple scents. I find most cinnamon apple scents kind of boring, but I love this one!

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