ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2022

January 10, 2022

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2022

This is a review of the 7 ScentSationals Wax Melts from Walmart from Spring 2022: Céleste, Island Papaya, Plumeria Waters, Rainbow Hibiscus, Strawberry Crunch, Wanderlust, and Watermelon Sugar.

As of the date of this review, January 9, 2022, these are not yet available at most Walmarts. Keep checking the Walmart website and your local stores, as they will be coming in within the next few weeks. Some of these are already on the Walmart website; click the search icon next to each scent to go to the Walmart page. I will continue adding links for the other scents as I find them on the Walmart website.

Transport your senses into a comforting fragrance composed of sweet vanilla orchids, warm coconut, comforting musks, and hints of raspberry freshness.
This scent is spelled "Céleste" on the label, but I left the accent off in this review so it's easier to search. I smell coconut, lemon and vanilla with a smidgen of floral and a hint of salty richness. It also has a bit of a fresh note like bergamot, which normally gives scents a cologne note, although this scent is not cologney at all. In fact, it's not very sweet. It's like 40% coconut, 30% lemon, 20% vanilla, and 10% of that fresh note. It smells a little bit like ScentSationals Happy Home with that hint of bergamot and coconut added. This scent truly is "Citrus, Coconut, & Vanilla" like the label says, and I LOVE it! Looking at the notes, no citrus even though the label says citrus! I don't smell raspberry, although that may be the tanginess that I think is lemon.

Island Papaya
A tropical infusion of sweet papaya and ripe mango layers with exotic notes of pure hibiscus blossom, island orchid, and sweet plumeria finished with soft sugarcane
I smell mango, pineapple, and yellow guava. Mangos smell like peach, and yellow guavas are sour and pungent (unlike pink guavas, which are sweet). This scent is quite sweet and a bit sour/tart, and it's a perfect summer scent as it smells like a delicious, thirst-quenching tropical drink. I also detect a smidgen of sweet floral, but looking at the notes, they contain more florals than I smell in this primarily fruity scent. I'm not a fan of many tropical scents, but I really like this one because it's so summery, thirst-quenching and authentic. Melted, the peachy note comes out more and it loses a little bit of the sweetness, but I still like it.

Plumeria Waters
Aquatic waterlily petals drift through verdant green freshness accented with peach-sweetened heliotrope and exotic blooms of tropical hibiscus
A sweet musky scent with a watery note, laundry/fabric softener, a sweet floral like gardenia, and maybe a smidgen of coconut. It's very pleasant, and especially great for a bathroom. Looking at the notes, I don't detect peach, but "aquatic waterlily" does really describe this scent. I'm surprised I don't see musk, because I definitely smell that. It's similar to (but not the same as) ScentSationals Egyptian Cotton, but more "watery" (freshness from the verdant green note?), and just slightly less musky/perfumey. It's also slightly similar to ScentSationals Boardwalk, but sweeter, more musky, and less coconut (both scents have lily, peach, and tropical notes). Another fantastic scent!

Rainbow Hibiscus
Striking floral notes of hibiscus are made textural with the infusion of blue Hawaiian seas while pineapple water, passionfruit and mango provide a tropical quality.
A sour tropical fruit scent with a hint of floral. The floral isn't really sweet or perfumey though, but it tempers some of the sourness. I described ScentSationals Tropical Fuse the same way, but I don't know if it's the same scent as I no longer have it to compare. I think Tropical Fuse was more sour, and I didn't like it. And the notes are different. It's definitely not the same as as ScentSationals Flamingo, which was a sour but zesty tropical fruit scent that smelled like a combination of satsuma and yellow guava, with no sweetness or floral notes (I really like that scent). It could be the same as ScentSationals Island Hibiscus from 2015 (no notes available), which I described as smelling like bug spray, although I had less tolerance for sour scents back then. I don't think this scent smells like bug spray, but still it's not one of my favorites. Looking at the notes, I don't smell pineapple.

Strawberry Crunch
Homemade creamy cheesecake infused with pure vanilla bean covered with sugary strawberry glaze and delicious sprinkles of buttery crunch topping
This smells almost exactly like Better Homes & Gardens Strawberry Pretzel Bars, a super rich, sweet creamy strawberry scent with a little bit of saltiness. But this scent is richer, with a creamier note that has a tiny bit of tanginess like Better Homes & Gardens Wild Berry Cheesecake. But it's richer than both of these scents, and although it's very sweet, it's also slightly salty and buttery, which could be salted caramel or nuts. I also think I detect a hint of blueberry as well. Others have said it's similar to ScentSationals Ice Cream Shop and ScentSationals Cake Batter Ice Cream, but Ice Cream Shop has a chocolate note (which this scent doesn't have), and Cake Batter Ice Cream is like Ice Cream Shop but with no strawberry. Looking at the notes, the tanginess is from the cheesecake, and there's the buttery crunch! Incredible scent, and it lasted all day. If you like Strawberry Pretzel Bars and/or Wild Berry Cheesecake, then you'll LOVE this one!

Effervescent bergamot and pink pepper infused with juicy raspberry highlight fresh heliotrope and white jasmine finished with dianthus petals, blonde woods, and sweet almond
I smell orange, a laundry note, and a very sweet floral like gardenia. Every time I sniff it, I can't tell which note is the strongest. Looking at the notes, I thought I detected a tiny bit of fizziness on cold sniff, but I don't get that at all when melted. I don't detect bergamot (which gives scents a cologne note, which this scent doesn't have). I don't really smell raspberry, but what I think is orange might be effervescent raspberry (even though it's not fizzy). I don't get pepper at all. Or almond (but maybe that's what I think is vanilla). It smells a little bit like Better Homes & Gardens Over The Rainbow mixed with a super sweet gardenia and a tiny bit of a laundry note. It's a very sweet, complex scent, and I LOVE it! The scent lasted all day, at least 12 hours.

Watermelon Sugar
The refreshing essence of juicy, aquatic watermelon sprinkled with sweet touches of candied vanilla bean and tantalizing sugarcane
This smells like watermelon lemonade, and it's fantastic! On cold sniff it's a sweet watermelon with a hint of sourness from a tiny bit of tangy, sweet lemon, but when melted I smell more of the lemon, as well as perhaps a hint of raspberry. I don't think it's the same as last year's Watermelon Kiwi Lemonade. I no longer have that scent to compare, but I didn't care for it as it was quite sour and tart, and just barely sweet. This scent, however, is more sweet (although still not as "sugary" as the name suggests) than sour/tart. It's also totally different from Watermelon Mojito, which is a combination of watermelon and rosemary. I'm not a fan of most watermelon scents, but I really like this one!

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