Tuscany Candle Winter Holiday 2022 Scented Wax Melts Reviews

November 8, 2022

Tuscany Candle Winter Holiday 2022 Scented Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the new Tuscany Candle Holiday 2022 wax melt scents All The Cookies, Cinnamon Cheers, Festive Fir, Holiday Peppermint, Joyful Juniper, Sleigh Bells, Spiced & Iced, Sugar Spiced Jam, Winter Forest.

These are sold at Wegmans food stores, but may be available at other stores such as Meijer's (but not Walmart).

All The Cookies
Baked Sugar & Buttercream
This is the same as Vanilla Cupcake from April. It's not a cookie scent... It's way better! It's a fantastic, super rich, salty, buttery scent that smells kind of like popcorn, but richer and a little sweeter. I think I'm also getting a smidgen of cardamom and bready notes. But what really makes this scent unique is the strawberry note! It's the same scent as Threshold Frosted Vanilla Cupcake from Target, which is interesting because Threshold and Tuscany wax melts are made by different companies. I love this scent!

Cinnamon Cheers
Cinnamon & Sugar
Super sweet cinnamon with a hint of cloves and possibly a bit of vanilla. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon scents, but this one isn't "biting" like red hot candies, but more like sweet cinnamon and sugar frosting. I really like it!

Festive Fir
Balsam, Cedar & Pine
A very nice pine scent with a hint of sweetness (the other two pine scents in this collection have no sweetness at all), a tiny bit of a soapy note, and possibly a hint of citrus (lemon?). On its own, it just smells like a very slightly sweet pine scent, but the differences are noticeable when comparing it with the other two pine scents in this collection. Not sure if the notes are correct though, as they're the same notes as the Winter Forest scent.

Holiday Peppermint
Peppermint, Sugar & Vanilla
A very nice, sweet peppermint and vanilla scent, like creamy peppermint candies. I don't think it's the same as last year's Winter Peppermint, which had different notes (Balsam & Mint) and was just plain peppermint, not overly sweet, not overly pepperminty, and without vanilla or creaminess. But it's also not the same as Peppermint Candy from 2019, which was super rich and had a chocolate note (no chocolate in this scent).

Joyful Juniper
Juniper, Cedar & Pine
Woodsy, slightly smoky pine with a good amount of sage or some other savory herbal note. It's nice but kind of standard.

Sleigh Bells
Soft Birch & Vanilla
This is the same Sleigh Bells scent as last year, with just different colored wax (this is white, and last year's was green). It's the same as Hudson 43 Birch Moss from Joann Fabric, which is made by Empire Brands, the company that makes Tuscany. It smells a bit like Pink Sugar (a very sweet girly scent with notes of cotton candy, lily of the valley, vanilla, musk, and raspberry)! In fact, it smells a lot like ScentSationals Girlfriend Night! It's a super toothachingly sweet marshmallowy candy type scent with apple, a very sweet gardenia type floral, vanilla, musk, and a hint of raspberry, which also happen to be the scent notes for Pink Sugar perfume and ScentSationals Girlfriend Night. It's fantastic and I love these super sweet girly type scents!! Looking at the notes, I don't detect birch, which often gives scents a smoky, woodsy note, and there are no woodsy notes in this scent.

Spiced & Iced
Classic Gingerbread
This is one of the better and more authentic gingerbread scents I've smelled in a long time, and it's more gingery than most. I really like it!

Sugar Spiced Jam
Cinnamon, Plum & Vanilla
A nice holiday scent of cinnamon and fruit, in almost equal amounts. I can't tell what kind of fruit though, but maybe some kind of winter berry. I'm thinking cranberry, but it's not tart like cranberry. I like it! Looking at the notes, okay it's plum. Not sure if I detect the plum, but with the cinnamon added, it's hard to tell.

Winter Forest
Balsam, Cedar & Pine
A nice, standard, woodsy pine scent with possibly a smidgen of eucalyptus, although I'm not getting a nasal clearing effect. Either the notes for this scent or the notes for Festive Fir are wrong, because they're the same notes.

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