Autsy Box Wax Melt Subscription Service

Autsy Box purchases wax melts from various small companies to include in their monthly subscription box. Each month, they send out 12 wax melts, which feature at least 3 brands with 4 wax cubes of different scents from each company. It's a great way to discover new wax melt brands that you may not yet be familiar with! And April, the owner, is wonderful to work with!

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2022-01Fireside (Southern Elegance)Smoky3.00
2022-01Sugar Plum (Southern Elegance)Fruity4.00
2022-01Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar (Southern Elegance)Foodie3.00
2022-01Winter Cranberry (Southern Elegance)Fruity3.50
2022-01Amish Harvest (Sugar Bell Candles)Cinnamon3.50
2022-01Cinnamon Buns (Sugar Bell Candles)Cinnamon4.00
2022-01Coffee House (Sugar Bell Candles)Coffee4.00
2022-01French Vanilla & Amber (Sugar Bell Candles)Perfumey3.50
2022-01Hawaiian Jasmine (Sugar Bell Candles)Floral5.00
2022-01Allandale (Wild Susan Co)Pine3.50
2022-01Liberty Hill (Wild Susan Co)Lavender3.00
2022-01Montropolis (Wild Susan Co)Pine3.50
2022-01Zilker (Wild Susan Co)Mint2.50
2021-12Blood Orange & Clove (Pearl Street Lights)Orange3.50
2021-12Butterscotch Bourbon (Our Own Candle Co)Foodie3.50
2021-12Caramel Macchiato (Happy Wax)Coffee5.00
2021-12Caramel Pecan (Our Own Candle Co)Foodie2.50
2021-12Evergreen (Free Reign Farm)Pine3.00
2021-12Evergreen Trees (Happy Wax)Pine3.50
2021-12Gingerbread (Free Reign Farm)Gingerbread4.00
2021-12Hot Buns (Our Own Candle Co)Foodie2.00
2021-12Lemon Pound Cake (Our Own Candle Co)Lemon/Lime3.50
2021-12Peppermint Swirl (Free Reign Farm)Peppermint3.50
2021-12River Rock (Our Own Candle Co)Cologne2.50
2021-12Smokey Mountain Christmas (Free Reign Farm)Orange3.50
2021-12Smoky Wood & Leaves (Pearl Street Lights)Incense3.00
2021-12Welcome Home (Pearl Street Lights)Apple/Pear2.00
2021-12White Tea & Ginger (Pearl Street Lights)Spa3.50
2021-12Winterberry (Happy Wax)Fruity4.00
2021-11Caramel Apple Crisp (ScentChips)Apple3.50
2021-11Country Spice (ScentChips)Foodie2.50
2021-11Cozy Cabin (Timber Oak)Laundry3.50
2021-11Day Spa (Star Valley)Spa4.00
2021-11Down Yonder (Farm Fresh)Foodie5.00
2021-11Fall Y'All (Farm Fresh)Foodie3.50
2021-11Harvest (ScentChips)Gingerbread3.50
2021-11Harvest Brew (Timber Oak)Gingerbread3.50
2021-11Hayride (Farm Fresh)Woodsy3.00
2021-11Hello Autumn (Timber Oak)Apple3.50
2021-11Library (Farm Fresh)Perfumey2.50
2021-11Mulbery Wine (Timber Oak)Fruity3.50
2021-11Sugar Cookie (ScentChips)Vanilla3.50
2021-10Almond Biscotti (Sugar Belle)Vanilla3.50
2021-10Apple Harvest (Happy Wax)Apple/Pear4.00
2021-10Blackberry Sage (Velvet Whiskey)Fruity3.00
2021-10Bonfire (Happy Wax)Floral3.50
2021-10Cinnamon Chai (Happy Wax)Gingerbread4.00
2021-10Cookie Cottage (Sugar Belle)Foodie3.50
2021-10Cotton Winds (Velvet Whiskey)Laundry3.50
2021-10Kiss & Tell (Sugar Belle)Perfumey3.50
2021-10Pumpkin Souffle (Happy Wax)Foodie5.00
2021-10Salted Caramel (Velvet Whiskey)Foodie2.50
2021-10Sea Salt & Cocoa Bean (Sugar Belle)Chocolate3.50
2021-10Tobacco Woods (Velvet Whiskey)Incense4.00
2021-05Backwoods (Farm Fresh)Incense5.00
2021-05Country Charm (Free Reign)Foodie3.00
2021-05Down Yonder (Farm Fresh)Foodie5.00
2021-05Gussied Up (Farm Fresh)Floral4.00
2021-05Hawaiian Passion (Free Reign)Tropical5.00
2021-05Jasmine Honeysuckle (Happy Wax)Floral4.00
2021-05Orange Blossom (Free Reign)Orange4.00
2021-05Pina Colada (Happy Wax)Tropical3.00
2021-05Pineapple Mango (Happy Wax)Tropical5.00
2021-05Porch Swing (Farm Fresh)Fresh5.00
2021-05Vanilla Rosewater (Aromatique)Floral3.50
2021-05Warm Latte (Free Reign)Coffee4.00
2021-05Watermelon Mojito (Happy Wax)Melon3.00
2021-04Butterscotch Crunch (Star Valley)Foodie5.00
2021-04Cedar & Lavender (Buttercup)Cologne2.50
2021-04Cozy Cashmere (Buttercup)Perfumey2.50
2021-04Day Spa (Star Valley)Spa4.00
2021-04Hansel & Gretel (Star Valley)Foodie3.00
2021-04Hawaiian Shaved Ice (Hawaiian)Fruity1.00
2021-04Mango & Papaya (Hawaiian)Fruity3.50
2021-04Paloma (Buttercup)Fruity5.00
2021-04Pikake (Hawaiian)Floral3.00
2021-04Saddle Up (Buttercup)Cologne2.50
2021-04Saturday Morning Cartoons (Buttercup)Lemon/Lime5.00
2021-04Strawberry Shortcake (Star Valley)Fruity3.50
2021-04Tuberose (Hawaiian)Floral3.50

More About Autsy Box Wax Melt Subscription Service

Autsy Box started as a mother/daughter team and launched just a few months ago. Their company name is derived from "autistic" and "artsy", as they have an adult autistic daughter, Marissa, who enjoys crafts, as well as wax melts and candles. She loves trying new wax melts and candles from different vendors, which sparked an idea for them. With Autsy Box, they're bringing the joy of sampling new fragrances and brands to others.

Autsy Box purchases directly from various wax melt vendors to include them in their monthly subscription box. They don't make or pour the melts themselves, but purchase from smaller vendors at standard wholesale prices. They also test the wax melts and have others test them as well, to ensure high quality. And the wax (which is soy and soy blends) is pre-cured for 3 weeks, so you can start melting as soon as you get them! The subscriber is not able to select the scents or the type of scents they receive, but I think this adds to the "mystique" and allows the subscriber to open themselves up to scents they may not normally consider.

Each month, they send out 12 wax melts, which feature at least 3 brands with 4 wax cubes of different scents from each company. With each box, they provide a scent card that includes scent description and brand information. If subscribers would like to purchase more, the websites are also provided so they can shop directly with each company. Opening the box was like opening a box of chocolates; you can't wait to see what's inside!

Each subscription box also contains a mystery melt. They offer a monthly contest to subscribers by answering a trivia question, such as guessing the brand or scent. Upon submission of their survey answer by email, each customer is entered to win a monthly gift prize. It could be a collection of melts, other featured items that the vendors may offer on their sites, a free box, etc.

I think this is a fantastic way to discover new wax melt brands that you may not yet be familiar with!

April, the owner, was wonderful to work with. She answered all of my questions, was very polite and provided fantastic customer service. She shipped out my box right away and I received it the next day. Everything was packed well, and presented very professionally. I can see subscribing to this service and feeling like it's Christmas every time that box arrives. It's exciting!

Autsy Box has a coupon code for 30% off, which is WAXREV30. This coupon is valid on their website at (but not on third party websites where Autsy Box is sold, such as Cratejoy).

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