Better Homes & Gardens Fall Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2020

August 21, 2020

Better Homes & Gardens Fall Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - 2020

This is a review of Better Homes and Gardens Fall 2020 Wax Melts from Walmart.

Apple & Oud
A perfect harvest blend, sparkling citron, and aromatic peppercorn that are wrapped in a sweet medley of apples, pears, and exotic oud wood
AmbiEscents (made by ScentSationals, which makes Walmart's Better Homes & Gardens wax melts) came out with an Apple & Oud scent in 2017, which was a dupe of ScentSationals Apple Wood from 2017 (whose notes were "Oud, warm woods and citrus resin infused with tart juicy apple and citrus zest. Wet moss and tobacco add a soothing finish."). I assumed this was the same scent (even the notes are very similar), but now I'm not so sure, and I don't have those other scents anymore to compare. I described Apple Wood as a warm ambery men's cologne or body wash type scent with a sweet, earthy, woodsy tobacco note (that I later described as "old apples"). This scent has the warm ambery men's cologne or body wash note, but it's not woodsy or earthy (maybe because it doesn't have the "wet moss" note), I think it has patchouli and Eastern spices (which I don't think I detected in Apple Wood), and I do detect a smidgen of crisp apple (not the "old apple" in Apple Wood). I thought Apple Wood smelled nice, but I think this scent is fantastic. And another reason why I think it might not be the same scent, is that the Apple Wood throw was very strong, 4 out of 5.

Birchwood Bonfire
White birch, oak wood, and aromatic cedar balanced with warm moss and amber-wrapped oud nestled with spices, green herbs, sandalwood, and musk
This is a toasted campfire marshmallow scent with a slightly smoky hickory note (but not as intensely smoky as an ember or bacony mesquite note). It's not nearly as sweet and marshmallowy as other campfire marshmallow type scents, and it has a little bit of "harshness". When melting, the combination of the sweetness and the hickory note gives it a little bit of a barbecue sauce vibe. It's a nice scent, but campfire marshmallow scents are generally not my favorites.

This scent is very similar to other Better Homes & Gardens scents that had a toasted campfire marshmallow note, but I don't think it's the same, including:

  • Chilly Autumn Evening from fall 2019 (was much sweeter, with cologney, vanilla and sweet caramely tobacco notes)
  • Warm Fireside Flurries from winter 2018 (straight up campfire toasted marshmallow with no other notes)
  • Spiced Vanilla Embers from fall 2018 (sandalwood with smoky marshmallow, sweet tobacco, patchouli, vanilla, and a smidgen of a warm ambery perfumey note)
  • Around the Campfire from 2017 (smoky salty sweet marshmallow scent with a smidgen of a cologney note, and I could smell the graham cracker)

Black Violet & Iris
Winter Iris and rich velvet pear wrapped in layers of sweet honeysuckle nectar, black violet, and black musk
This is a sweet fruity scent of plum and blackberry, with a sweet warm ambery perfumey note, and a bit of a floral with a smidgen of bitterness for authenticity (which is probably the iris), as well as a smidgen of apple. I love it!! Looking at the notes, I guess the apple I'm detecting is pear, although I really do smell plum and/or blackberry.

Cedarwood & Sage
Wild moss and winter fern blended with green apple freshness upon heart and base notes of white cedarwood, woodland sage, and thyme
This is primarily a pine scent, but with strong notes of herbs like rosemary and sage. It's rich, a bit salty, VERY savory, and with a zestiness and a smidgen of a vinegary note, but not really in a bad way. It smells like a salad! But because of the pine, it also has a natural "walk in the woods" type note, or even a tiny bit of a campfire note although it's not really smoky. I kind of like it, but it's not something I'd necessarily want my house to smell like unless I mix it with more pine, or lemon, or a smoky or more woodsy scent.

Fall Festival
Juniper, spruce, and cedarwood mixed with apple and black currant
I expected a pumpkiny scent, but I'm glad this is not. On cold sniff, it smells like walking through the woods, with different types of trees, including pine, cedar and apple trees (yes, I know apple trees don't grow in the woods), as well as super sweet flowers like tuberose or tobacco flower. I smell pine (which is subtle), cedar wood, and apple, all of which are more woodsy and not sweet, but then there's the addition of a super sweet fruit or flower. I like it better on cold sniff than melted, however, because it becomes a super sweet candy-like scent with the apple note, as well as a bland waxy note and a smidgen of the cedar. Melted, it reminds me of ScentSationals Sugar High, but with the addition of that hint of wood and the waxy note. It's still a nice scent though. Looking at the notes, they're spot on! Although the black currant must be sugared or something.

Frozen Mint & Bergamot
Frozen mint, bergamot, and fig with invigorating notes of lavender, geranium, and a comforting base of cedarwood and amber
This scent smells like the scent name. I smell peppermint first, with a strong nasal clearing effect. But I also detect a tiny bit of a fresh, clean men's body wash note. It's a great scent!

Maple Sugar Drizzle
Pumpkin puree spiced with cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg whipped into a luscious blend of maple cream and cozy vanilla and sprinkled with sugar crystals
This smells like caramel-flavored maple syrup with a little bit of a buttery note, and a tiny bit of saltiness (but it's not a salted caramel scent). I think I also detect a pancakey note too. And maybe a barely detectable smidgen of cinnamon. When melted, I don't detect the pancake note, it's not quite as buttery, and the cinnamon is definitely noticeable (although it's not overly cinnamony). I like it more on cold sniff, but it's still a yummy scent! I don't know if it's a dupe of any of the other many caramely type scents that ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens have had through the years.

Orange Cinnamon Rolls
Hazelnut, pumpkin puree, ground nutmeg, a squeeze of orange, and toasted cinnamon stirred into sweet cake batter
This smells like a pumpkiny scent I've smelled before. I definitely smell nutmeg and a hint of cinnamon, and a bit of a bready note, but I do smell a bit of the orange as well, and a hint of sweet vanilla. However, it seems like most people only smell orange and no pumpkin!

Pomegranate Spiced Cider
Ripe pomegranate seeds mulled in rich winter wine with cinnamon sticks, clove buds, hints of chopped apple, and citrus slices
This smells like sweet apple cider, but not mulled cider which has those slightly sour mulling spices. It's more like sweet apple juice with a hint of cinnamon. But there's something else way in the background, another fruit, which is obviously the pomegranate, that tempers the sweetness ever so slightly. Although if I didn't know the scent name, I would think it was just apple cider. It smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens Farm Apple Pumpkin; comparing them side by side, that scent is sweeter, and this scent has a bit of a fresh, crisp apple note. It's a great scent!

Red Berry & Oak
Red berries and currant surrounded by black rose, patchouli, hints of bergamot, and heady tuberose completed with oak moss, oud wood, and vetiver
A lovely sweet perfumey scent with notes of warm amber, a little sweet tobacco or patchouli, a floral like rose and/or gardenia, and a little bit of fruit (maybe raspberry, but not strawberry or cherry). It's similar to Better Homes & Gardens Season of Joy from 2016 and 2017, but not the same scent. Looking at the notes, I don't detect vetiver (which is similar to lemongrass), and bergamot (which is usually in cologne scents, which is this not) probably gives this its perfuminess.

Vanilla & Peach
Sweet ripe peach and hints of juicy mango swirl with deliciously rich and creamy vanilla
I'm not a fan of most peach scents because they often have a cat pee note, but this smells like peach with a little bit of apple or some other fruit, and it has a creamy note in the background. So I like it! But when melted, it takes on a bit of a Windex or ammonia note, I detect the peach more and less of that other fruit, and I don't detect the creaminess anymore. So while I really like it on cold sniff, when melted it's just "meh" for me. But it smells great mixed with a vanilla or caramel scent!

White Pumpkin Sage
Clove, sage, and pumpkin enriched with autumnal accents of juniper and eucalyptus, then wrapped in silky sandalwood and vanilla
This one smells like the scent name! It's pumpkin pie plus both eucalyptus and sage. The eucalyptus gives it a bit of a nasal clearing effect and a tiny bit of a pine note. It sounds like a terrible combination, but it actually smells really good!

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