Walmart (ScentSationals & Better Homes) Blast From The Past Wax Melt Reviews

June 26, 2021
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Walmart (ScentSationals & Better Homes) Blast From The Past Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of the new Blast From The Past Rimports Wax Melts Collection from Walmart, made up of 18 discontinued ScentSationals and Better Homes & Gardens scents that have returned for a limited time.

These are available on the Walmart website (see links for each scent below) in packs of 5. A limited number of Walmarts carry them in their stores, but it's impossible to know which stores since this is decided by Walmart management (not Rimports).

Better Homes & Gardens Baked Apple Strudel
Mouth-watering allure of fresh-baked apples infused with spicy nuances of sparkling cinnamon, crushed nutmeg, warm allspice, and rich vanilla raisin wrapped in a tender, all-butter pastry complex
Top: Apple, Pastry; Middle: Cinnamon, Nutmeg; Bottom: Vanilla, Butter
This smells like apple pie with very sweet, fresh apples, a hint of cinnamon, and a touch of sweet vanilla. I thought it might be the same as other apple pie type scents, so I compared it to the classic ScentSational Warm Apple Pie and ScentSationals Baked Orchard Apple. It's different from both of those scents. This scent is the most "apple-y", with the freshest, sweetest apple note of the three. Baked Orchard Apple has the addition of cloves, and I can smell the bready note of the pie crust. Warm Apple Pie is the richest, with the most "apple pie" scent with lots of cloves and nutmeg and just slightly less apple than the other two. I love them all!
Original release: 2011?

Better Homes & Gardens Banana Bread Pudding
Delicious, fresh from the oven, softly spiced banana bread pudding dusted with ground cinnamon and a generous sprinkling of sugar
Top: Fruit, Banana; Middle: Spice, Vanilla; Bottom: Bread, Sweet
This smells like banana cream pie, or sweet vanilla wafer cookies with a sweet creamy banana note. I don't detect any bready notes, but it has a smidgen of cinnamon. It's a fantastic scent! The scent doesn't last long though, and starts dissipating within 2 hours or so.
Original release: August 2015
Original Review

ScentSationals Blackberry Lemonade
Sun-ripened blackberry fruits drizzled with freshly squeezed citrus lemon and a hint of sparkling lime over an herbaceous base of aromatic thyme and rich herbal greens
Top: Citrus, Lemon, Berry; Middle: Citrus, Blackberry, Herbal; Bottom: Berry, Herbal, Thyme
An incredible lemon scent with a dark berry note. It's sour and rich, and quite salty, with sweetness from the blackberry, but not really a fruity sweetness, and not nearly as sweet as you might think based on the scent name. It might have a smidgen of pine way in the background, which sounds weird, but pine mixed with pretty much any scent adds a rich smoky wood note that I love. Looking at the notes, okay the pine is actually thyme and herbal notes. There are no "sparkling" or fizzy notes. This is one of my favorite scents ever.
Original release: Spring 2015

ScentSationals Cider House Donuts
Golden-brown, freshly fried donuts topped with brown sugared apple and smooth pumpkin puree dusted with cinnamon-spiced crumbles
Top: Apple, Spice; Middle: Pumpkin, Fried donut accord; Bottom: Brown sugar, Vanilla
I can smell the donut dough with a bit of a sweet apple cider note, a hint of nutmeg that gives it a tiny bit of a pumpkiny note, a pinch of cinnamon, and powdered sugar. It's a very nice scent.
Original release: August 2016
Original Review

Better Homes & Gardens Creamy Tahitian Coconut
Exotic island coconut swirled with the glittering essence of crushed sea salt amid sun-warmed sands and coastal marines splashed with sweet tropical fruit nectars
Top: Coconut, Tropical; Middle: Ozone, Fruity; Bottom: Coconut, Musk
Creamy, milky coconut without any perfumey notes (despite the musk). In fact, it's not sweet at all, and has a tiny bit of a salty oceany note (sea salt?), and a smidgen of a sour note that's probably yellow guava (a sour tropical fruit). It's like 80% coconut, 10% sea salt, and 10% sour tropical fruit. Looking at the notes, they're spot on (although the tropical fruits are not sweet, and there are no "marine" notes other than the slight saltiness). Since it's not sweet at all, it's a great scent for mixing into other scents to give them a coconutty note without adding any sweetness. Mix it with vanilla, chocolate, wood, fruit or floral scents! On its own, it's a nice scent, but a bit bland.
Original release: 2013

ScentSationals Egyptian Cotton
Lavish bouquet of English lavender, sweet freesia, milky notes, and violet leaf wrapped in creamy vanilla and tonka beans grounded by cadewood
Light plump grape lay upon fresh floral notes of jasmine and white floral, sandalwood, light musk and warm vanilla give it that warm cozy yet fresh feel.
Top: Freesia, Chamomile; Middle: English lavender, Tuberose, Milky notes; Bottom: Tonka bean, vanilla, White musk, Violet leaf, Cadewood
This is basically a toned down version of ScentSationals Vintage Lace (one of my favorite scents, which smells like White Shoulders perfume). It's a lovely warm old-fashioned musky scent with cashmere (a lighter sweeter fabric-y amber scent). It's not a laundry scent (no soapy notes or harshness), but it does have a hint of a laundry or fabric softener note. Looking at the notes, The tuberose (a super rich version of honeysuckle) and musk are the prominent notes. I don't smell chamomile, lavender, grape, or cadewood (which is a smoky, leathery juniper scent). I adore this scent, and it's perfect for a bedroom. And although it's a very strong thrower, it's a "soft" scent, so it doesn't hit you in the face.
Original release: January 2016
Original Review

ScentSationals Fire Amber
Warm amber swirls with oriental myrrh and crushed vanilla bean fused with olibanum and musky woods sparkling with a splash of grapefruit and sweet orange
Top: Orange, Grapefruit; Middle: Orange Blossom, Amber; Bottom: Amber, Incense, Musk, Wood, Vanilla
This is a milky coconut scent with a little bit of a smoky note, although there's no coconut in the notes. There's a tiny bit of sweet warmth which is probably from the amber, and a smidgen of incense which is probably the olibanum (frankincense). I don't smell orange, grapefruit, or any citrus notes at all.
Original release: Early 2015

Better Homes & Gardens Island Coconut Lime
Freshly fallen, cracked coconut fruit blended with the zesty brightness of island lime fused with sweet sugarcane and a hint of vanilla
Top: Citrus, Lime; Middle: Coconut, Tropical; Bottom: Vanilla, Sweet
A fresh watery coconut scent with just a hint of lime, and a bland, soapy, slightly waxy note that I don't care for (although it's still a nice scent). It's sweet, but not nearly as sweet as most coconut lime type scents. I much preferred ScentSationals Coconut Vacay that came out a year later, and was more lime than coconut, with a rich zesty note, and no waxy notes.
Original release: March 2017
Original Review

ScentSationals Nag Champa Incense
Warm woody patchouli swirled with hints of golden amber, rich musk and oriental spices balanced by undertones of orange blossom and jasmine
Top: Orange Blossom, Floral, Wood; Middle: Oriental, Spice, Wood; Bottom: Patchouli, Amber, Musk
Nag Champa (a sweet, woodsy earthy scent with patchouli, musk, amber and baby powder notes) is one of my favorite scents, and this is a beautiful, extra sweet Nag Champa scent with a soapy note. Although it's not a cologney scent at all, it reminds me of a classic men's cologne, I think it was "Canoe" (which I love!). Fantastic scent, and the scent lasted for over 24 hours!
Original release: August 2016
Original Review

ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie
Freshly baked cookies, golden notes of sweet brown sugar, gingered cinnamon, and honeyed oatmeal blended with creamy drizzles of rich vanilla icing
Top: Cookie Dough, Cinnamon; Middle: Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger; Bottom: Sugar, Spice, Vanilla
An incredibly authentic oatmeal cookie scent with cinnamon and raisins. I can actually smell the cookie dough. This might be the most authentic cookie scent I've ever smelled, just like oatmeal cookies baking in the oven. Wow!! I believe the original ScentSationals Oatmeal Cookie came out in 2010, as per an old ScentSationals blog, so it was most likely one of Rimports' first wax melts. I believe it's the same as the newer Spiced Oatmeal Cookie from Meijer.
Original release: 2010?

ScentSationals Ocean Tides
An inspiring exotic blend of sweet citrus, leafy greens, and soft tropical fruits combined with sugared melon, calming island florals, a hint of pure woods, and sea salted vanilla
Top: Green, Citrus; Middle: Fruit, Melon; Bottom: Floral, Wood, Musk, Vanilla
Super sweet honeydew melon, a sweet floral (jasmine?), a fresh watery note, a hint of green grass, and a smidgen of coconut. This is the same scent as AmbiEscents Ocean Waves, AmbiEscents Maui Beach, and the original source of this scent which was ScentSationals Calypso Sands (from 2014, whose label said, "light floral and honeydew on a fresh breeze"). It's a beautiful, summery scent, and one of my all-time favorites. Looking at the notes, I don't detect any citrusy notes.
Original release: February 2018
Original Review

Better Homes & Gardens Pure White Woods
Alluring hints of crushed pepperwood, warm birch, and herbaceous greens blend with spiced citrus fruit and sun-dappled florals amid soft, sensual undertones of transparent musk
Top: Citrus, Green; Middle: Floral, Wood; Bottom: Wood, Musk
This is a very classy slightly sweet woodsy scent that smells like oud and cedar, with possibly a smidgen of bergamot that gives it a hint of a men's cologne note (although it's not a cologney scent). It's just a tiny bit sweet. It's quite similar to ScentSationals Vanilla Woods. And like that scent, it smells like an upscale furniture store! I've heard it's similar to Bath & Body Works Mahogany Teakwood, but I can't confirm that. Looking at the notes, I get zero citrus notes from this scent.
Original release: 2012?
Original Review

ScentSationals Rock Candy
The sherbet sweetness of granulated sugar combined with rich notes of red berries and zesty citrus orange
A blend of crystalized sugar, sweet citrus, and ripened raspberries
Top: Sweet, Berry; Middle: Sugar Cane, Citrus; Bottom: Berry, Vanilla
A very popular, super sweet fake (in a good way!) berry hard candy scent that smells fantastic. AmbiEscents came out with a dupe in 2017 called Sugar!.
Original release: 2014?

Better Homes & Gardens Sea Spray Linen
Nuances of tropical sea spray, salt water and fresh ozone wash into sun bleached linen in this irresistibly clean, fresh scent. Beach flower, warm sandalwood and vanilla sands transport you to your favorite summertime beach
Top: Tropical sea spray, Salt water, Fresh ozone; Middle: Sun bleached denim, Beach flower; Bottom: Warm sandalwood, Vanilla sands
I love this scent! It smells like ScentSationals Fresh Air mixed with fabric softener. It's primarily a laundry scent, so it has a soapy note, but it's also fresh and watery with a slight floral note and smidgen of coconut perhaps, and maybe a smidgen of a barely noticeable fruity note way in the background (if it's there at all). Looking at the notes, no coconut or fruit, although maybe beach flower or vanilla sands has a coconut note? Even if you don't like laundry scents, you'll probably like this one because it's not a biting detergent type scent. Super strong and lasts all day!
Original release: March 2017
Original Review

ScentSationals Simple Romance
Warm, smooth sandalwood infused with soft cedar accents wrapped in pure vanilla bean, dark amber, and soothing tonka
Top: Vanilla Bean, Wood; Middle: Amber, Powder; Bottom: Tonka Bean, Musk
I smell sandalwood, oud (a dark resinous tree sappy scent that sounds terrible on its own, but gives woodsy scents a rich, "dark" note), warm amber, vanilla, and chocolate (or patchouli, which tends to have a chocolatey note). It's a fantastic rich, cozy, slightly foodie incensey type scent. This smells almost exactly like (and might be the same scent as) ScentSationals Exotic Sandalwood, Better Homes & Gardens Sandalwood & Vanilla, ScentSationals Oud Noir Fusion, and AmbiEscents Sandalwood Vanilla (all the same scent, with very similar notes of "ambered sandalwood wrapped with warm vanilla bean, hints of white cedar, and a shimmering citrus sparkle", although I don't detect citrus at all), although I think this scent is a bit sweeter, with more patchouli, and the vanilla note.
Original release: 2013
Original Review

Better Homes & Gardens Spiced Vanilla Embers
Spicy blend of apple spice, clove bud, and cinnamon sugar intertwined with warm vanilla bean and smoked amber crème in this unique fragrance. Burnt embers, crushed leather, and incense add further intrigue.
Creamy vanilla, smoked spicy cinnamon, a hint of rich nutmeg and warm incense, sweet clove bud and white jasmine, with warming notes of sandalwood and black musk
Top: Apple spice, Clove bud, Cinnamon sugar; Middle: Warm vanilla bean, Smoked amber creme; Bottom: Burnt embers, Crushed leather, Incense
A fantastic milky sandalwood with smoky marshmallow, tobacco, patchouli, vanilla, warm amber, and cinnamon. It's just a tiny bit sweet, but mostly it's very smoky, but not like a woodsy smoke, more like an incensey or leathery type smoke, or even a smidgen of a mesquite note (but not enough to make it smell bacony, but more smokiness would probably give it a tiny bit of a bacony note). The notes look like they belong to a foodie apple scent, but there are zero apple notes in this scent. The original notes from 2018 were more accurate. The clove and cinnamon are very subtle, like just a smidgen. I'd say this is more of a smoky incense scent than anything else.
Original release: Sep 2018
Original Review

Better Homes & Gardens Wild Blueberry Pie
Fresh mountain blueberries mixed with sweet buttermilk and strawberry preserves baked in golden crust for a mouthwatering treat
Top: Sparkling orange, Fresh mountain blueberries; Middle: Sweet buttermilk, Strawberry preserves, Warm crust accord; Bottom: Whipped butter, Vanilla bean, Maple syrup
A fantastic scent that smells like buttermilk pancakes with plenty of sweet, rich blueberry compote on top. It's similar to, but not the same as, typical "blueberry muffin" type scents (such as ScentSationals Berry Cobbler from H.E.B. and Oak & Rye Berry Crunch Muffins). Those scents do have a bit of the "muffin" note, and the berry is a little more fake. This scent, however, is richer, with more of a buttermilk pancake note, and a hint of maple. I think this scent is better than most of the blueberry type scents out there. Looking at the notes, there's the buttermilk and maple! It was strongest up until about 4 hours.
Original release: 2014

Better Homes & Gardens Wild Island Fruit
Tangy island mango and tropical passionfruit infused with effervescent orange, sun-blushed papaya, and sweet highlights of luscious wild berries
Top: Tropical, Pineapple; Middle: Mango, Berry; Bottom: Citrus, Sugar Cane
This is a sour tropical fruit scent with a zesty sour note. It's been used for many other tropical scents, and with good reason, because it smells great! The notes that some people have said they detect in this scent include grapefruit, pineapple, melon, and peach. I don't really detect any of those, although maybe a hint of the grapefruit. It smells to me like a combination of satsuma (a small orange/ mandarin type citrus fruit with a pungent, sour, fruity lemon note) and a tropical fruit like small yellow guava (which can have a bit of a pungent bay leaf type note, unlike pink guavas which are sweeter).

It's the same as ScentSationals Flamingo (notes: Hawaiian pikake, hibiscus and pineapple flower with notes of mango, guava and Polynesian papaya sweetened with coconut blossom and emerald palm), ScentSationals Mango Luau (notes: Papaya sweetened with sugar, mango, guava and tropical passionfruit with hints of vanilla), AmbiEscents Passion Fruit Love, and AmbiEscents Brazilian Sunset.

Original release: 2014?

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