ScentSationals Day of the Dead Wax Melts Reviews from Walmart - Fall 2022

August 12, 2022

ScentSationals Day of the Dead Wax Melts Reviews from Walmart - Fall 2022

This is a review of the ScentSationals Day of the Dead Wax Melts Reviews from Walmart that came out in August 2022.

Alumbrada (Illuminated)
A delicious combination of coconut flakes and lemon zest. The heart of this mouthwatering aroma is supported by a sweet butter accord that is sprinkled with vanilla bean, brown sugar, walnuts, and raisins for an added sweet kick.
A fantastic sweet almond scent. It's not intensely almond-y, like the almond extract scent of Aldi Sweet Almond. I'm also getting vanilla, a hint of coconut, and maybe a subtle nutty note. Looking at the notes, I'm getting zero lemon, and there are no almond notes! Maybe what I think is almond is the combination of walnuts with the other notes? I don't know, I'm sure I smell almond, and it smells great!

Arbol de la Vida (Tree of Life)
Bergamot and sparkling ginger. All wrapped with notes of balsam and warm patchouli.
Great scent, but I can't figure out what I'm smelling, and it's very familiar. I'm sure I've smelled it before. Yes! It's very similar to ScentSationals Turkish Spice Market, with the Eastern spices note and a hint of patchouli. But this scent is slightly different in that it also has a hint of a very slightly green, bergamot herbal note. Like if 10% of that note were mixed into Turkish Spice Market. Looking at the notes, the green note could be balsam (although I'm not getting any pine, unless its way, way in the background), I do get a hint of patchouli, there's the bergamot, and I think I do detect a tiny bit of ginger (dry ginger powder, not gingerbread). I love this scent!

Bailado (The Dance)
Brilliant lemon zest stirred into freshly made buttercream frosting accented with sweet cane sugar and creamy swirls of tantalizing vanilla
Fantastic creamy, tangy scent of lemon, lemon verbena, slightly salty lime, and vanilla. It's slightly sweet, not nearly as sweet as most lemon scents, and it doesn't have a vanilla cookie note like a lot of similar scents do. It's almost on the edge of being a spa scent due to the lemon verbena note, but it doesn't have any lemongrass notes (which would have a bit of a citronella note). I no longer have Scentsational Happy Day or Happy Home to compare, but if I recall, I think this scent may be similar, but less sweet, and without spa/verbena or cookie notes.

El Rebozo (The Shawl)
Warm notes of amber and sandalwood enlivened by the freshness of bergamot and crisp water accord while creamy undertones of rose petals wrapped in vanilla adds depth and complexity.
A pleasant, fresh but slightly briny oceany water scent. It's a little sweet, but not as sweet as, say, a men's body wash type scent. Looking at the notes, I don't smell rose. It's quite nice.

Las Damas (The Ladies)
Ripened pink pear balance a sensual heart of fresh rose essence and smooth orris layered with rich white amber over creamy elements of pure vanilla bean and warm cedar
A warm, sweet, slightly incensey fruity floral with pear and amber. It's sweet, but not overly sweet, or perfumey, or even all that flowery. It smells a bit like Better Homes & Gardens Walking on Sunshine but much sweeter and with only a very subtle smidgen of that salty or sour note. It could "almost" have a cologney note, but it's not that at all. I like it!

La Novia (The Bride)
A delicious treat for the senses which brings back childhood memories of a cloud of decadent spun sugar with a twist of tangy aldehydic citrus punch
Orange creamsicle mixed with raspberry cotton candy drenched with super sweet corn syrup. It's incredibly sweet and insanely good. I can feel the cavities growing in my teeth as this melts!

Recuerdame (Remember Me)
Luxurious, brushed cashmere floats above white suede and shimmering silk blossom coupled with white sandalwood, pure cedar and white amber touched by luminous musk and creamy, vanilla undertones
This is the same scent as ScentSationals Cashmere Cream. It's a lovely scent that smells like vanilla, milky sandalwood, and just a hint of warm, very slightly perfumey amber. It's like 80% vanilla, 10% sandalwood, and 10% amber. Looking at the notes, they're spot on.

Sonrisa (Smile)
Green tobacco leaf entwined with fragrant notes of rich leather and ark oak wood balanced by smooth hints of barrel-aged whiskey, sweet vanilla, and peppery patchouli
This reminds me a little bit of last year's Day of the Dead Mariachi Band scent, which was a rich men's cologne with a lime note. But this scent is sweeter and without any lime, and smells a lot more like (but I don't think exactly the same as) ScentSationals Flirtatious, a warm, ambery, Oriental spice, mahogany cologne type scent. I think this scent has a bit more incensey and tobacco notes, so it's like 80% incense and 20% cologne. Looking at the notes, there's the tobacco, and I do get a bit of patchouli, but no leather or whiskey. I love this scent!

Tapices de Flores (Floral Tapestry)
Budding freesia and the luminous freshness and emerald greens swirl with dew-covered daylilies, nectarous honeysuckle, and soft aspects of glittering fruits
A fruity floral (peach?) with a bit of honey and something else I can't figure out that smells a little bit like old fruit, which sounds bad, but that note kind of works in this scent. Looking at the notes, it would seem that this is much more flowery than it actually is, but I think it's more fruity. No honey or peach (although peach may be part of the fruits note), but I think I do get a bit of the honeysuckle. It's sweet, of course, but despite all the floral notes, it's not perfumey or sickeningly sweet. I didn't really like it at first, but after melting it a second time, it really grew on me.

Vida y Muerte (Life & Death)
Oceanic breeze and Italian bergamot notes swirled with green apple, juicy melon and accented by watery blossoms
I'm getting a lot of different types of notes in this scent. It's fresh, watery, and slightly herbal, with a bit of a similar odd peach note I detect in Tapices de Flores has. It's like that scent with a fresh, watery note added, and just a tad less sweet/floral. This one is just okay for me.

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