Lowe's Christmas Wax Melt Reviews (Carolina Candles)

October 20, 2017

Lowe's Christmas Wax Melt Reviews (Carolina Candles)

This is a review of the Christmas and Fall wax melts at Lowe's, made by Carolina Candle Company.

These Lowe's wax melts are extremely soft, oily and messy, even more than Mainstays and Living Colors wax melts. They're made by MVP Group Intl., the company that makes Mainstays, Living Colors, Colonial Candle, Red Shed, and other brands. The scents are okay, although some are a bit generic. Some had decent throw, some had no throw. And the scents lasted around 2 or maybe 3 hours.

This is the first time I've ever seen these wax melts. Lowe's carries Fall and Christmas scents starting in mid-October, and they can be found in the Christmas aisle (not the housewares aisle with the air fresheners). They were $1.99 each. Last winter Lowe's had Tuscany brand wax melts, which were quite good. I don't know why they switched brands. Lowe's does not carry wax melts any other time of year, that I know of. And they're only available in the stores around the holidays, not on the Lowe's website. I bought the duo packs, but some of the scents are also available as individual scents.

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Amber & Oud / Oakwood Forest duo
Amber & Oud
A fantastic scent, sweet and warm like cashmere/amber with a hint of vanilla and smidgen of floral. It smells almost exactly like Better Homes & Gardens Soft Cashmere Amber. This scent also comes in an individual pack.

Oakwood Forest
I can barely smell anything on cold sniff, or even with my nose an inch away when melting. Maybe a woodsy note?

Apple Pomegranate / Cranberry Citron duo
Apple Pomegranate
A fake sweet creamy but slightly tart berry scent that smells like cherries and cranberries. It smells a bit like fruit scented skin cream or lipstick. Even though it's a fake berry scent, it smells quite nice.

Cranberry Citron
A cranberry scent with an extremely tart note, slightly sour. I don't like this scent. This scent also comes in an individual pack.

Cardamom Pear / Sage Leaf & Ginger duo
Cardamom Pear
A nice scent, but I can't figure out the notes. It's definitely not pear. It's kind of a sage & citrus type scent, a little sweet with maybe a eucalyptus note, a smidgen of a Pine Sol note (but barely detectable), and kind of smells like a bathroom cleaner but not in a bad way. It might be the same scent as Living Colors Harvest Wreath.

Sage Leaf & Ginger
I can barely smell anything on cold sniff. Something slightly sweet, green, herbal and little waxy? This scent also comes in an individual pack.

Frosted Cypress / Snowberry Fig duo
Frosted Cypress
A generic pine scent with a bit of a waxy note, but smells okay when melted. This scent also comes in an individual pack.

Snowberry Fig
I've smelled this scent before, and it's blueberry muffin! It's a creamy but very fake blueberry scent with a little bit of a bakery note, and it's not overly sweet. Even though it's quite fake, I really like it.

Pumpkin Vine / Harvest Pumpkin duo
Pumpkin Vine
A nice, unusual pumpkiny scent with a sweet creamy orange note.

Harvest Pumpkin
A typical pumpkin scent. This scent also comes in an individual pack.

Vanilla Cedar / Maple Cake duo
Vanilla Cedar
This smells a little like Liquid Smoke flavoring. It's almost a foodie type of smokiness. I don't smell vanilla at all. I've smelled this scent used for fireplace type wax scents before, and I'm not crazy about the scent as it smells fake. In fact, it might be the same scent as the Campfire side of the Living Colors Toasted Marshmallow/Campfire duo from Big Lots. This scent also comes in an individual pack.

Maple Cake
A fake waxy maple scent.
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