Oak & Rye (Kroger & Fred Meyer) Halloween 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

October 23, 2020

Oak & Rye (Kroger & Fred Meyer) Halloween 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the new Oak & Rye Halloween 2020 wax melts from Kroger. These are all great scents and they throw VERY well!!

Creeping It Real
Harvest pumpkin, ground thyme and wild sage blend with touches of cinnamon embraced by ambered acorn and hints of buttered chestnut fused with warm moss, amber and vanilla bean
This is a rich, super salty roasted chestnuts scent. Probably same as old ScentSationals Roasted Chestnuts from 2014 or so. And it smells a lot like Yankee Candle Pecan Pie Bites (which, despite the scent name, is actually a rich, salty, roasted chestnuts scent rather than a sweet bakery scent). This one was so strong I had to remove it from the warmer. Wow!! Interestingly, the scent notes are exactly the same as DW Home's Pumpkin Thyme candle (which is not made by Rimports).

Halloween Cookies
Decadent notes of creamy cake batter spiced with grated ginger, fresh-ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice fused with rich vanilla extract and creamy buttercream
This smells like Ginger Snap cookies, kind of a combination between gingerbread and a sweet vanilla cookie. Yummy! When melted, it's even richer and sweeter, like ginger fudge, if that existed. I'm not a fan of a lot of bakery scents, but I love this one! Looking at the notes, this is the same scent as ScentSationals Holiday Cookies.

Halloween Loot
This sweet and salty treat blends key lime, lemon sugar and candied berries into a heart of orange crème, raw sugarcane and sea salt accord. Whipped vanilla swirl and salt water taffy delivers a delectable finish
This is an insanely incredible scent that smells almost exactly like Better Homes & Gardens Exotic Paradise Punch, but I don't know if it's the same scent. Like EPP, this smells like hard candy or Kool-Aid with sweet lemon drops, cherry, orange, and maybe passionfruit. I think this has a sweet, slightly punchy lime note that EPP does not have. Looking at the notes, they're different from Exotic Paradise Punch (whose notes are pineapple, sweet orange and Fuji apple with Rainier cherries and passion fruit, and Tahitian vanilla and white musk). Interestingly though, the notes are exactly the same, word for word, as an old Colonial Candle scent from 2011 called Salt Water Taffy! And this scent (as well as EPP) also smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens Fresh Pulled Taffy.

October Moon
Bright, sunny clementine, sweet orange and sugared mandarin reveal vibrant notes of grated lemon zest, green citrus yuzu, lush greens and a hint of warm citron woods
I think this is the same as ScentSationals Molten Orange, and looking at the notes, yes they're the same. It's an intense orange scent that might also include a hint of grapefruit and lemon, and a smidgen of red berries and satsuma (a type of mandarin with a strong, pungent, tart, slightly sour citrus scent). This scent, however, is a bit more sour than Molten Orange, a bit more like Better Homes & Gardens Red Lava Citrus (which was an even more intense, sour, satsuma type orange scent), but that could be because the Molten Orange scent I have is a bit old.

Poison Apple
Macintosh apple blended with fruity orchard Empire, sweet Jonagold and a touch of tart Granny Smith
This is the same as ScentSationals Apples! Apples! Apples! (same notes too). It's a plain, authentic apple scent. It could have a smidgen of caramel or a candy apple note way in the background. When melted, it takes on a little bit of a waxy note, but it's still a nice scent. Empire, Jonagold and Granny Smith are all types of apples.

Pumpkin Bites
Cinnamon and clove spiced pumpkin stirred with the creamy, vanilla sweetness of puffy, toasted marshmallow fluff
This is the same scent as ScentSationals Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream, same notes too. It smells like a vanilla cookie with pumpkin spices and a rich buttercream glaze. Fantastic scent!

Spooky Spice
Rich, creamy oatmeal stirred with brown sugar, plump, juicy raisins and a hint of cinnamon
This smells like oatmeal raisin gingerbread cookies. I smell gingerbread first, but I also smell raisins, and possibly a smidgen of apple way in the background. It's similar to Halloween Cookies, but has the added raisin note, and is rich but not quite as rich. Another great scent, and it lasted all day, at least 12 hours, and would easily have gone longer if I hadn't turned off the warmer for the evening. Yet another incredibly yummy scent!

Wicked Woods
The brightness of citrus splashed greens, wild herbs and ambered fougere embrace dark woody patchouli, milky sandalwood and oriental amber spun with black suede and cocoa bean
This smells like a combination of ScentSationals Flirtatious and Better Homes & Gardens Apple & Oud. It's a rich, warm, almost slightly incensey men's cologne scent mixed with more than just a hint of apple. It might also have a hint of salted caramel as well, or that could be a rich incensey note like patchouli, and vanilla as well. Looking at the notes, they're the same as ScentSationals Fusion Sienna Suede. No apple in the notes, which is really surprising, because I definitely smell apple. I don't smell citrus (or maybe that's the apple?). And although I don't smell chocolate, that's probably what I think is the vanilla and makes this scent smell so yummy. Fougere is a combination of lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin (which is a synthetic form of Tonka bean); now I think I do smell the lavender, but if I didn't know it was there, I wouldn't detect it.

Witches Brew
Crushed autumn blackberry and intoxicating dark cassis infused with the aroma of aged oak and vanilla scented tobacco
This is the same as ScentSationals Fusion Blackberry Jam and ScentSationals Blackberry Cognac from 2016 (which is slightly similar to Better Homes & Gardens Savory Blackberry Cobbler). It smells like a cross between the really bitter Better Homes & Gardens Sunflower & Chrysanthemum and ScentSationals Blackberry Cider. There's a very slight dark berry note, but also a bitter note which smells a little like fermented wine, and a slight cedar type note. I didn't like this when I first smelled it, but it's kind of grown on me, although it's still not one of my favorites.

You Go Ghoul!
Shimmers of bright red currant highlighted by blackberry and elderberry framed with jasmine and orchid over white musk, cedarwood, sandalwood and vanilla
A fantastic, sweet, rich blackberry scent which is perfumey rather than foodie, with a little bit of a sweet floral, and I think a smidgen of spruce way in the background. No wonder I love this scent so much... It's the same as ScentSationals Mystic (same notes too).

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