Oak & Rye (Kroger) Wax Melts

Oak & Rye (Kroger) Wax Melts

Read reviews of Oak & Rye wax melts. They're made by Rimports (the company that makes ScentSationals), and the Oak & Rye brand is made exclusively for Kroger & Fred Meyer stores.

Oak & Rye wax melts can also be found at some other Kroger-owned stores such as Fred Meyer, Ralph's, Smith's Food & Drug, and Pick 'n Save. Kroger stores are found in 35 states in the U.S. Fred Meyer stores are in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Alaska. Ralph's is in Southern California.

Many of the Oak & Rye scents are duplicates of ScentSationals scents. And since they are made by ScentSationals, they are fantastic!

Fantastic scents and super strong throw. They're made by Rimports (which makes ScentSationals), so that's to be expected!
Oak & Rye brand is available only at Kroger-owned stores, which are only in 4 or 5 states. And unfortunately, they don't ship to other states.
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Oak & Rye (Kroger) Wax Melt Reviews
2020-12Buttered PecanFoodie5.00
2020-12Candy Cane CrushPeppermint3.50
2020-12Cinnamon WoodsCinnamon3.00
2020-12Christmas CheerFoodie3.50
2020-12Cozy ChristmasFloral3.50
2020-12Fa La LaFoodie3.50
2020-12Gingerbread CookiesGingerbread3.50
2020-12Into The WoodsPine4.00
2020-12Maple Apple BarsFoodie3.50
2020-12Santa's Sugar CookiesVanilla3.50
2020-12Sleigh What?Floral3.50
2020-12Sparkling WonderlandPeppermint4.00
2020-12Sugar PinePine5.00
2020-12Sweet SpiceApple/Pear4.00
2020-12Whimsical GarlandPine3.50
2020-12White PineCologne4.00
2020-12Winter NightsMint4.00
2020-10Creeping it RealFoodie5.00
2020-10Halloween CookiesFoodie5.00
2020-10Halloween LootFruity3.50
2020-10October MoonOrange5.00
2020-10Poison AppleApple/Pear4.00
2020-10Pumpkin BitesFoodie3.50
2020-10Spooky SpiceFoodie5.00
2020-10Wicked WoodsCologne3.50
2020-10Witches BrewFruity4.00
2020-10You Go Ghoul!Floral4.00
2020-10Caramel Apple SangriaApple/Pear5.00
2020-10Fall FlannelPerfumey3.50
2020-10Oh My GourdFoodie5.00
2020-10Pumpkin LattesFoodie5.00
2020-10Pumpkin SpiceFoodie5.00
2020-10Pumpkin WafflesFoodie5.00
2020-09Berry Crunch MuffinsFruity5.00
2020-09Birthday CakeVanilla3.50
2020-09Blueberry Glaze DonutsFruity4.00
2020-09Carrot Spice CakeFoodie5.00
2020-09Crispy PebblesLemon/Lime5.00
2020-09Dutch Apple BreadFoodie5.00
2020-09Gingerbread Caramel CakeFoodie2.50
2020-09Homemade CaramelsFoodie5.00
2020-09Lemon Raspberry BarsFruity4.00
2020-09Maple Cream WaffleVanilla5.00
2020-09Pumpkin PancakesFoodie5.00
2020-09Salted Caramel BrittleFoodie4.00
2020-09Spiced Pear CiderApple/Pear4.00
2020-09Strawberry Cream PieFruity3.00
2020-09Toasted S'MoresFoodie3.50
2020-06Ambered LavenderLavender4.00
2020-06Citrus Grove Odor EliminatorOrange3.50
2020-06Citrus SunriseOrange5.00
2020-06Lavender & ThymeLavender3.00
2020-06Lemon SherbetSpa5.00
2020-06Lemongrass Ginger TeaSpa3.00
2020-06Paris NightsCologne4.00
2020-06Pure Maple ButterFoodie5.00
2020-06Sparkling Herbs Odor EliminatorSpa3.50
2020-06Stormy Nights (#StormyNights)Fresh3.00
2020-06Strawberry Orange PopsFruity4.00
2020-06Succulent SageCologne4.00
2020-06Vanilla Rice PuddingFoodie5.00


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