Oak & Rye (Kroger & Fred Meyer) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

December 5, 2020

Oak & Rye (Kroger & Fred Meyer) Holiday 2020 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the new Oak & Rye Holiday 2020 wax melts from Kroger. These are nice holiday, winter, Christmas type scents.

Buttered Pecan
Warm cinnamon and toasted pecans blend with spicy clove and creamy nutmeg over caramelized brown sugar and a hint of smooth maple
This smells like a nice, warm cinnamon roll with a bit of nuttiness. I thought it might be the same as ScentSationals Cinnamon Buns (which I no longer have to compare), but the notes are a bit different (butter, brown sugar and pecans stirred with fresh ground cinnamon and black vanilla bean). It might actually be the same as ScentSationals Cinnamon Pecans , whose notes are quite similar (warm cinnamon sticks, spicy crushed clove, and creamy nutmeg spun with toasted pecans and caramelized brown sugar, with mouthwatering sweet undertones of English toffee).

Candy Cane Crush
Taste-tempting notes of fresh peppermint intermingles with spun sugar highlights and sheer vanilla sweetness for a true-to-taste holiday favorite
Same as AmbiEscents Candy Cane Crush as well as ScentSationals Candy Cane Crush from Meijer and Kroger. I think this scent comes back every year for the holidays. It's a perfect candy cane scent, strong nasal clearing peppermint with a sweet slightly creamy vanilla note.

Cinnamon Woods
Thyme, and wild sage blend with spicy cinnamon embraced by ambered acorn and hints of buttered chestnut fused with warm woods, amber, and vanilla bean.
Same as ScentSationals Season's Greetings. On cold sniff I smell cinnamon first, but it's a slightly powdery cinnamon with maybe a hint of cloves and something else way in the background like an incensey note. There may also be a barely detectable smidgen of bergamot that gives it a teensy bit of a cologney note. Melted, however... it's more cinnamony than on cold sniff, but it's a warm cinnamon rather than a Big Red or hot cinnamon candy scent. Looking at the notes, the only note besides the cinnamon that I think I detect is the amber, and possibly a smidgen of the warm woods. It's almost exactly the same scent as ScentSationals Twilight Mist & Dreams (from Meijer). And it's also very similar to Better Homes & Gardens Copper Cinnamon Spice, and almost exactly the same as Better Homes & Gardens Just Like Christmas. I'm not a fan of straight cinnamon scents, but this one really isn't, and I love this scent, as well as all the other scents it smells like.

Citrus Cheer
Sweet fall orange, ripe mandarin and juicy pomegranate mix with cranberry and cinnamon spiked pepper berry
Same as ScentSationals Bottoms Up. This is orange pomander, a sour, slightly balsamic scent with orange and spices. Looking at the notes, yes there could be some other fruits besides orange, but the orange and fruity notes are subtle behind the sour balsamic note. I'm not a fan of orange pomander scents in general (too sour).

Cozy Christmas
Hints of vibrant greens lay upon an enticing array of amber, jasmine and rose, meshed with citrus lemon notes and soft musk
I'm pretty sure this is the same as the old ScentSationals Day Dream. And looking at the notes, it is! It's a green plant type floral, not overly sweet like a flowery floral, but more like sweet green grass with a little bit of jasmine wafting in the air. It also has a hint of spicy perfume, just enough to make it "not quite" a floral, but somewhere between a floral and a perfume, although it's not super sweet or perfumey either. Very nice scent.

Fa La La
Crushed grapes are mixed with a hint of white flowers to create the beverage sensation that opens this scent. The juicy pear fragrance signature is warmed with hints of oakwood and finished with a bit of whipped vanilla
Same as ScentSationals Festive Bubbly. This smells like sweet pear and some other fruit (strawberry?), but it's also creamy and milky, like whipped cream. It also has a slightly bitter "fermentation" note that a lot of alcoholic drink scented wax melts tend to have. That note, however, is not so strong that it overtakes the scent. It smells a little bit like ScentSationals Peace and Love. When I first smelled this, I didn't like it on cold sniff because of the bitterness (which I'm more sensitive to than most people), but it's grown on me, and I like it now! Looking at the scent notes, the strawberry I think I detect is actually grape, but it's more of a subtle, white grape rather than a rich concord grape. Pear is really the main note.

Gingerbread Cookies
Accents of crushed cinnamon spice swirl with brown sugar highlights, melted butter, sweet molasses, and confectioner's sugar
This smells just like the Buttered Pecan scent, but with a hint of ginger. It smells like a rich, warm cinnamon roll with a smidgen of gingerbread.

Into the Woods
Fresh-cut balsam fir, frosted Fraser and Italian cypress enhanced with citrus-splashed sage, ambered birch wood, a touch of crisp winter holly and wild thyme
Same as AmbiEscents Farmhouse Balsam. It's a classic woodsy pine with a hint of smokiness, a tiny bit of harshness, and just a smidgen of sourness, not a biting pine. It's not the same as ScentSationals Perfectly Pine (which has a smidgen of sweetness and is not really woodsy) or Better Homes & Gardens Fresh Cut Frasier (which is a harsh, biting pine). I thought it might be the same as ScentSationals Vanilla Pine, as I think it's the same shade of green (I no longer have it to compare), but the notes are different.

Maple Apple Bars
Succulent and juicy autumn apples stirred with cider spices and creamy maple syrup sweetened with hints of caramel and vanilla
This smells like caramel, maple, apple, nuts, and just a hint of cinnamon. When melted, I also smell a hint of honey or bourbon. It's a great scent! There's an old ScentSationals scent from 2014 called Apples, Pecans and Sage. I haven't had that one for years, but if I recall, I think that smelled very similar, so it could be the same scent.

Santa's Sugar Cookies
Freshly made, vanilla bean infused sugar cookies topped with deliciously sweet buttercream icing and sugar sprinkles
Same as AmbiEscents Santa's Sugar Cookies as well as ScentSationals Santa's Sugar Cookies from Meijer and Kroger. I think this scent comes back every year for the holidays. A rich, warm, sweet vanilla that smells like a combination of vanilla bean and buttercream rather than cookies. It's not an authentic scent, but that's okay because it smells great.

Sleigh What?
Autumnal greens shimmer with soft apple and sugared pear over ethereal florals, champagne amber and pure white musk
Same as ScentSationals Enchanted. This is primarily a rose scent. It's sweet, but not perfumey sweet, with a watery, soapy note (but not laundry, nor is it a body wash or cologney scent), and maybe a smidgen of an herbal note. Melted, it takes on a hint of bitterness, which is sometimes the case with rose scents, and it smells a little bit like a less sweet, non-perfumey version of ScentSationals Boardwalk. Looking at the notes, there's no rose, but I still do smell rose. Maybe that's the floral note. Apple? I'm not really detecting that, although I do smell a hint of fruit. It's a fantastic scent!

Sparkling Wonderland
A sparkling blend of crisp fresh mint accented with hint of ginger. A light touch of spice and sweet rum followed by a creamy heart of coconut, vanilla and a sweet gourmand finish
Same as ScentSationals Iridescent. It's a powdery, slightly buttery, sweet milky vanilla buttercream peppermint scent, like a Buttermint candy. But it's not really a foodie scent because there's also a smidgen of light woods and a warm ambery perfume note, so maybe what I'm thinking is the buttery note is really the amber. I love it, and it lasted 12 hours!

Sugar Pine
Aromatic balsam, herbaceous greens and a splash of citrus glimmer with frosted spruce, mountain evergreen and the warmth of black vanilla bean
Same as AmbiEscents Sugar Pine as well as ScentSationals Sugar Pine from Meijer and Kroger. It's pine with a little bit of a "biting" note, and maybe a smidgen of citrus, but it also has a hint of sweetness, and a smidgen of softness way in the background. Not really sweet like the name would suggest, but it's still quite nice.

Sweet Spice
Experience this festive fall cider as fruity top notes of pumpkin puree and golden nectar blend into warm cider spices, spiked with a touch of red berries
This is a sour, pungent apple scent with a woodsy note, and a hint of pine, like that typical fall scent of apples having fallen on the ground and mixed with brown leaves. But more sour, and only a tiny bit sweet. I thought it might be the same as Welcome (NOT Welcome Home, which is a totally different scent), which I no longer have because it was too sour, but the notes are totally different. However, I just compared it side by side to ScentSationals This Is Us, and they smell exactly the same, even the exact same colored wax, even though the notes for This Is Us are different, although I think they're similar enough that this is indeed the same scent (This Is Us: Rich pumpkin puree with bright nuances of golden apples, red berries, juicy mandarin, and warming nuances of cider spices, cinnamon sticks, and musk). At first I thought this was too sour and pungent for my tastes, but I really like it now.

Whimsical Garland
The rich scent of a freshly cut spruce complimented by glimmering notes of pure citrus, sparkling white aldehydes, soft cranberry and sugared plums over a back of cinnamon spice
Same as Better Homes & Gardens Sparkling Berry Garland. This is a pine scent that may have a barely detectable smidgen of sweet fruit way in the background, maybe cranberry? It's very slightly sweeter than most pine scents, but the pine is that sour pine that I don't care for.

White Pine
Aromatic balsam, white mahogany, and crisp juniper berry shimmer with fragrant sage, touches of sparkling citrus, and smooth amber woods
This smells just like Better Homes & Gardens Mahogany & Sandalwood, but I think it also has a hint of pine in the background that makes it smells like a rich, warm pine scented men's cologne scent. I adore this scent! Interestingly, the notes for Mahogany & Sandalwood do include juniper and balsam, so this might indeed be the same scent. Looking at the notes, they're almost exactly the same, so I believe this is the same scent (Mahogany & Sandalwood - Warm mahogany, aromatic birch wood, crisp juniper berry and fresh green balsam shimmer with fragrant herbs, touches of sparkling citrus, and smooth ambered sandalwood, all wrapped around sage and sweet moss).

Winter Nights
The stimulating aroma of vibrant garden mint and crushed eucalyptus embraced by aquatic spearmint and frosted rosemary accents
Same as ScentSationals Inner Zen (and I think also same as Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Rosemary & Spearmint). This is pure spearmint. It's not a chewing gum or sweet candy spearmint, but more like fresh spearmint from the garden, although it is a LITTLE sweet. It does have a bit of a toothpaste note, but again, not as sweet. I don't smell eucalyptus at all (which would have a bit of a pine note). If you like spearmint scents, you will adore this one! I'm not a fan of spearmint, and even I like it. It's also a good mixer... combine it with lemon and/or lavender to make a nice spa scent, or with a fresh air, laundry, cologne, or vanilla scent. It seems like everyone who has tried this scent loves it!

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