Better Homes & Gardens Christmas 2021 Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart

November 14, 2021

Better Homes & Gardens Christmas 2021 Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart

Walmart will not carry Better Homes & Gardens Christmas/Holiday wax melts this year (2021).

Instead, some Walmart stores will carry a new line of wax melts made by MVP Group International (the company that makes Mainstays wax melts), which have been hard to find. The few members of our Facebook group who have found them said they were mixed in the "wax bins" or on end caps in various areas of the store, rather than shelved in the candle or seasonal aisles. They are not on the Walmart website at all.

It may still be too early to know if the new MVP holiday melts will be available on the Walmart website or in all Walmart stores, or if Walmart will at least be carrying older Better Homes & Gardens Christmas/Holiday wax melt scents. Last year Better Homes & Gardens Christmas/Holiday scents came out in early to mid-November. This page will be updated when we know more.

This is the first year that Rimports (the company that makes ScentSationals and Better Homes wax melts) has come out with ScentSationals holiday wax melts for Walmart. They are available as a 10‑pack of new "red label" holiday scents (2 each of 5 scents) on the Walmart website, but will not be in stores. They're also available to purchase individually on the ScentSationals website.

Other ScentSationals red label Christmas/Holiday wax melts (which includes both new and old scents) will be available exclusively on the ScentSationals website (not at Walmart stores or on the Walmart website).

Rimports 2021 holiday scents are still available at Bed Bath & Beyond (AmbiEscents), Kroger (Oak & Rye brand), Meijer (Fusion brand), and H-E-B (ScentSationals).

It's unlikely that Walmart will carry Mainstays Christmas/Holiday wax melts this year, as there haven't been any since 2018.

If you love Better Homes & Gardens wax melts, LET WALMART KNOW, as the decision to not carry the Better Homes holiday melts this year was made solely by Walmart (not Rimports). With the dwindling selection of new Better Homes wax melts this past year, it's possible that Walmart could discontinue them altogether, or switch manufacturers from Rimports to a cheaper, offshore company that produces a subpar product.

Contact Walmart by email or call them at 1-800-925-6278.

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