ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from H-E-B in Texas - April 2021

April 4, 2021

ScentSationals Texas Edition H.E.B. Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of the new ScentSationals Fusion H-E-B Texas Special Editions wax melts from April 2021: Agave Azul, Austin Spirits, Hillside Wildflowers, Margaritaville, Rodeo Queen, Strawberry Paloma, Texas Dreamin'.

Agave Azul
Crisp marines blend with bursts of lively sea grass, salty sea foam, and smooth coastal driftwood amid sun-warmed sands, ambered musks, and brilliant ozone freshness
This is the same as ScentSationals Blue Sky, Fusion Blue Lagoon, and AmbiEscents Vitamin Sea. It's a fantastic fresh clean body wash scent with a little bit of a lemony note and a smidgen of a peppery note. Melted, it took on a tiny bit of a bug spray note, but not enough to ruin the scent.

Austin Spirits
Ripe vineyard grapes blend with luscious plum and juicy blackberry amid luminous leafy vines, tender berry blossoms, precious woods, and glowing amber musk
This scent is so familiar and I can't stop sniffing it! It's definitely not an alcohol scent though. I got it! It's the old ScentSationals Fusion Blackberry Merlot that I adore, and only have 3 cubes left, although it's still available at Meijer stores. It's a fantastic, unusual, creamy, woodsy, sweet blackberry scent with a little bit of a marshmallowy bakery note. Looking at the notes, I don't actually smell grape.

Hillside Wildflowers
Crushed Mediterranean Lavender is spun with aromatic greens and warm sage, thyme blossom and green geranium over ambered musk and blonde woods
A fantastic combination of lavender, and a fresh, watery, soapy body wash or cleaner note. I think it also has a bit of eucalyptus, but unlike most scents that combine lavender and eucalyptus, this is not medicinal. When melted, yes I definitely smell eucalyptus, with a strong sinus clearing effect and a smidgen of pine. It's a super, super clean scent with just a tiny bit of sweetness, like you've spent the day cleaning the house with a lavender scented cleaner like Fabuloso. I don't think it's a dupe of any other Rimports lavender scents I've tried. This may be one of my new favorite scents! Looking at the notes, they're the same as ScentSationals Fusion Lavender Glow from Meijer.

Shaved island coconut wrapped with brilliant citrus lime floats of juicy, sun-ripe raspberries, hints of blackberry and wild currant
This is the same as ScentSationals Berry Chill and the new AmbiEscents Raspberry Lime. I smell pineapple, lime, orange, strawberry, and a smidgen of coconut. It's similar to ScentSationals Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie, but that scent was sweeter, richer, and with slightly more of the strawberry note, and no citrusy or coconut notes. This is definitely a tropical summer drink type scent, and it's fantastic, but very strong, almost nauseatingly so.

Rodeo Queen
An intriguing reflection of rich sandalwood illuminated with glistening accents of white amber, creamy vanilla, precious woods and earthy patchouli
This is the same as ScentSationals Exotic Sandalwood from Meijer, the new ScentSationals Egypt!, Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Sandalwood & Vanilla, and AmbiEscents Sandalwood Vanilla. It's also very similar to ScentSationals Oud Noir Fusion. It smells like oud wood, a deep resinous almost tree sappy woodsy scent, but mixed with a sweet note which I think is vanilla, and a very slight sour note that gives it a darker, more intense vibe. There's also a hint of chocolate, but I think that's patchouli (which sometimes has a slight cocoa note). I've always loved this incredible scent!

Strawberry Paloma
Bright Italian lemon and bergamot artfully blended with pure sugar cane and a whisper of vanilla
This is the same as AmbiEscents Lemonade Pops. When I first smelled it, I thought it was the same scent as ScentSationals Strawberry Lemonade Fusion, but although it's very similar, it's not exactly the same. The Fusion scent smells great, but this scent and Lemon Pops takes it to a whole new level. It's a sweet, citrusy lip puckering lemonade scent with a strawberry or raspberry note. It is absolutely incredible and hoard worthy! I can't stop sniffing it!! I'm wondering if it's the same as the old ScentSationals Blackberry Lemonade, which I no longer have. It could be the same as Better Homes & Gardens Chilled Raspberry Lemonade, as I described it the same way, and it's the same shade of pink. But that one had weak throw, and the notes were different. Looking at the notes, no berries, although I'm sure I smell strawberry or raspberry, and it shows bergamot which would give this a cologney note that it definitely does not have.

Texas Dreamin'
I have no idea what I'm smelling, and I don't have the scent notes. I think it's orange, wood, coconut, palm, and peach. But it also has an odd vinyl or red pepper note, or something else that I don't like, like maybe a smidgen of gasoline or something. It's hardly sweet at all. I described ScentSationals Summer Lovin' similarly, and it's the same shade of orange (but I no longer have that one to compare). And the notes for Summer Lovin' do include orange, peach, and wood. But I don't know if this is the same scent, because I said Summer Lovin' had a strong orange note like ScentSationals Molten Orange, while the orange is very subtle in this scent. I don't like this scent at all.

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