ScentSationals Wax Melts Reviews - March 2021 - Bon Voyage/ Destinations/ Travel Collection

March 23, 2021

ScentSationals Wax Melts Reviews - March 2021 - Bon Voyage/ Destinations/ Travel Collection

This is a review of the new travel-inspired ScentSationals Bon Voyage/ Destinations Collection Wax Melts from March 2021. These are on Walmart's website and should be arriving at some Walmart stores over the next few weeks.

AmbiEscents just put out the same collection with some of the same scents and a lot of different scents, which I've reviewed separately. The ScentSationals scents are $2.00, while the AmbiEscents scents are $3.99 for the same 2.5 oz. amount.

Bahama Beaches
Sugared grapefruit, white verbena, and juicy orange meld with lemon-splashed mandarin over aromatic petitgrain aspects and breezy neroli
I smell sweet candy-like pineapple, strawberry and maybe a little orange, along with maybe a smidgen of coconut and fresh air note. It's a pleasant scent. It might be the same as ScentSationals Pacific Coast Highway, although I no longer have that one to compare. And the notes are different (pineapple, verbena and coconut sparkle with ozone freshness, lemon, grapefruit and bergamot).

Bali Babe
Island fruit, Tahitian jasmine, ylang-ylang and coconut flower float on a salted breeze embraced with shimmers of vanilla and island palm
This is the same as the new AmbiEscents Bali Babe. It's a lovely musky fruity floral with jasmine or gardenia, a hint of fruity (apricot?), a smidgen of coconut, a bit of a soapy note, and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of lemon. Looking at the notes, they're spot on, although I don't detect ylang-ylang. There's a weird metallic note I don't like when I sniff it up close when melted, but thankfully I don't smell that in the room. I wonder if this is the same scent as Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Jasmine & Ylang Ylang, as I described it the same way (I no longer have it to compare). After a few hours, the metallic chemical note becomes more pronounced. Still a nice scent though. The Meijer version is the same scent.

An intriguing reflection of rich sandalwood illuminated with glistening accents of white amber, creamy vanilla, precious woods and earthy patchouli
This is the same as ScentSationals Exotic Sandalwood from Meijer (same notes and color), Better Homes & Gardens Aromatherapy Sandalwood & Vanilla, the new H.E.B. Rodeo Queen, ScentSationals Oud Noir Fusion, and AmbiEscents Sandalwood Vanilla. It smells like oud wood, a deep resinous almost tree sappy woodsy scent, but mixed with a sweet note which I think is vanilla, and a very slight sour note that gives it a darker, more intense vibe. There's also a hint of chocolate, but I think that's patchouli (which sometimes has a slight cocoa note). I've always loved this incredible scent!

Fiji Fantasy
Inspired by the beach life in Costa Rica, this aromatic fragrance is comprised of sweet agave flower infused with wild berry notes, emphasized by midnight jasmine and expertly blended with lush palm leaves.
A lovely delicate blend of sweet floral (like jasmine or tropical tiare flower) and honeydew melon with a fresh rain note and a hint of soapiness. It's a fresh scent (but not a body wash type scent as it doesn't have any bergamot notes), but a bit sweeter and more floral than most fresh type scents. It could have a barely detectable smidgen of fruit and/or coconut way in the background. I like it. The label shown on the Walmart website has Fiji misspelled as "Figi" (but it's correct on the actual label).

Greece Getaway
Soft sea breeze, bringing forward a sensual blend of seasalt and chamomile, with the zest of citron
This is the same as the new AmbiEscents Capri Coast and new AmbiEscents Saltwater Coast. It's a fresh, sweet fruity floral that smells like honeysuckle, fruit (apple and/or melon?), and a fresh, slightly soapy, oceany note. It may also have a smidgen of orange blossom that gives it a tiny bit of a beachy vibe (or maybe it's a barely detectable smidgen of coconut). I really like it!

Icelandic Lights
A bright fusion of masculine lavender and brilliant bergamot over black peppered basil and earthy sage embraced by white cedar accents, green cardamom, grated nutmeg and warm undertones of sensual musk and ambered sandalwood
I thought this was the same as the new AmbiEscents Icelandic Lights, but the notes are different. And sniffing them side by side, they're very slightly different, but I think most people wouldn't notice. It's a bright men's cologne scent with a smidgen of smoky cedar and a barely detectable smidgen of something foodie, like vanilla. It also has a tiny bit of citrus or lime, barely noticeable, which the AmbiEscents doesn't have (or has less of), and it's very slightly less sweet than that scent. I think it's the same as Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) (the Walmart version, not the Meijer and H.E.B. version (which was a different scent), even the same notes, but again, smells very slightly different. I mentioned that it was very similar to ScentSationals Dapper (which doesn't have the foodie note). The Meijer version is the same scent. The scent lasted the entire day! Interestingly, the AmbiEscents version, although the same scent, had a very slightly weaker throw (around a 4) and lasted about 4 hours.

Machu Picchu Mystique
Fresh and crisp aroma provokes visions of a lush, green forest landscape freshly capped with snow with a timeless and masculine inspired blend comprised of juniper berry and iced orange peel anchored with woody and earthy notes of Siberian fir needle and frozen moss
This is the same as the new AmbiEscents Machu Picchu Ruins. On cold sniff, it's a nice combination of fresh, oceany water... and basil. With perhaps a smidgen of garden mint in the background. It's not sweet, but it's also not overly savory like most basil type scents (that end up smelling like a salad). Melted, though, it's just another oceany water scent and I don't really get the herbal note. It's a nice scent, but similar to a lot of others. The Meijer website shows the notes as, "Sun-kissed, tropical accord bursting with bright citrus notes of orange peel and freshly squeezed lemon juice with Polynesian pineapple, sweet simple syrup on a background of coconut water", but that may be a totally different scent and doesn't describe this scent at all.

Paris Adventure
Adore the city of love, scented by a romantic and luxurious fragrance of French lavender blossoms, pink rose petals, and sweet golden amber.
A nice lavender scent that's similar to ScentSationals Lavender & Rosemary, with the eucalyptus note but not enough to be medicinal. It's not the same scent though; this scent has the lavender and eucalyptus notes (and I definitely get a sinus clearing effect from the eucalyptus), but I think there's a hint of citrus (orange and/or lemon) way in the background, and possibly a barely detectable smidgen of musk, but also a smidgen of something a tiny bit musty (but not enough to ruin the scent). Rimports has had quite a few lavender scents, and this is not exactly the same as any of the ones I've reviewed. Looking at the notes, of course there's the lavender. I don't smell rose, but sometimes rose scents have a bitter note and that could be what I'm thinking is the citrus. The musk is the amber. The Meijer version of this scent is actually this collection's Venice Gondolas scent (reviewed below).

Rio Retreat
Soft rose inspires this blend conjuring up a fruity burst of lychee and bits of rhubarb. Smooth silky rosebuds, tea leaf, and soft poppy petals finish off this fun flirty scent.
I can't figure out this scent. I think it might be similar to ScentSationals Summer Lovin', as I described it similarly (but I no longer have it to compare). Not the same scent though, and the notes are different. It's a fruity scent with orange and raspberry, but there's an odd note in there that smells like burnt milk or a bitter chemical, but not enough to ruin the scent. Looking at the notes, okay that weird burnt milk note is the lychee, mixed with the slight bitterness of the rose. Yes, sniffing it again I definitely smell the lychee. The raspberry note is the rhubarb. And I do detect a bit of green tea.

Singapore Traveler
Mandarin and citrus lemon add lift to a fusion of wild lavender and herbal sage wrapped with cypress, warm amber, incense and mossy woods.
I believe this is the same as ScentSationals Black Tux, ScentSationals Day of the Dead Sacred Altar from H.E.B. (not the one from Walmart, which was different), and ScentSationals Fusion Star Gaze. The wax is the same black color. But sniffing this next to Black Tux, this scent has a barely detectable smidgen of lime that I don't detect in Black Tux. I do think they're the same, but Black Tux is just older. It's a nice fresh cologne scent that's not overly sweet and has just a smidgen of smokiness. Melted, it's fresh but yet kind of "dark" with maybe a barely detectable smidgen of leather or something similar. Even if you don't like cologne scents, you might like this one because it's not too sweet or overly cologney. The scent lasted at least 12 hours! Looking at the notes, they're different from Black Tux (whose notes are, "an elegant blend of bergamot, fresh marine notes, and spicy florals, with delicate notes of white sandalwood and ambered musk"), but they are the same as Star Gaze.

Swiss Summit
This is pine with a rich, almost salty cologne note, a smidgen of smokiness, a barely detectable smidgen of lavender, and a harsh, "sharp" note that smells kind of like rubbing alcohol, that I don't care for (although the harshness dissipates a bit when melted). I described Better Homes & Gardens Mountain Cabin Escape the same way, but I also said that that scent was not sweet at all, while this scent is. So although it might be similar, I don't think it's the same scent (and the wax is a different color). This is actually quite nice since the sharp note dissipates a bit when melted. The notes I have are wrong; they're for AmbiEscents Spanish Vineyard (a totally different scent).

Venice Gondolas
Parisienne rose, fresh and green, joins nasturtium and iris as tendrils of sweet macarons and madeleines fill the air
This is a totally different scent than the new AmbiEscents Venice Gondolas. It smells like a raspberry macaron with almonds and roses, a hint of coconut, and a lot of milk. It's very milky, not overly "bakery" (more like raspberry almond milk) and not overly sweet. It's a unique scent and I really like it. I've smelled this scent before, a long time ago, and I thought it might be the same as a 2016 scent by AmbiEscents called Strawberry Macaroon, which I described the same way (and no longer have to compare), but the notes are different (fruity strawberry, sweet orange and red berries with creamy vanilla and coconut macaroon). It's a bit similar to ScentSationals Pink Velvet, but that scent had more of the almond and less fruity sweetness. Looking at the notes, there's the rose and macarons!

The Meijer website shows the notes for this scent as, "Freshly shaved coconut flakes toasted with brown sugar and cinnamon spice.", which is not accurate, as this scent has zero cinnamon or brown sugar notes, so the Meijer version may in fact be a third different scent with this same name and label.

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