Oak & Rye (Kroger & Fred Meyer) Valentine's 2022 Wax Melts Reviews

January 10, 2022

Oak & Rye (Kroger & Fred Meyer) Valentine's 2022 Wax Melts Reviews

This is a review of Oak & Rye Valentine's Day 2022 wax melts from Kroger, Fred Meyer and other Kroger owned stores.

The ultimate sweet spun sugar confection! A blend of fresh peach nectar with subtle undertones of shredded coconut and pink lady apple topped with a hint of lemon and wrapped in chiffon musk.
This is the same as ScentSationals Cotton Candy Cloud, an almost pink sugar type scent with strawberry and lemon, with a teensy bit of sourness (not in a bad way) and a hint of vanilla. It's very nice. Looking at the notes, I'm surprised I don't see strawberry, but I guess that's the peach, although I don't actually smell peach. Or apple. Maybe a tiny bit of the coconut.

Galentine's Day
Sweet orange zest, juicy apples, and tonka bean. This alluring blend is topped off with jasmine petals, pink berry, and coconut milk.
This is the same as ScentSationals Girlfriend Night, Fusion Girls' Night Out, AmbiEscents Girls' Night Out, and AmbiEscents Boss Lady. It's a super sweet girly perfume scent that smells like pink sugar (a very sweet girly scent that smells a bit like cotton candy, with lily of the valley, vanilla, musk, and faint raspberry notes) but with more musk and maybe a slight blackberry note. I've heard that it's very similar to a Juicy Couture perfume. It's VERY sweet, almost nauseatingly so, but I like girly perfume scents so I love this one! Looking at the notes, I don't smell orange per se. Interestingly, when I compare it side by side with the original ScentSationals Girlfriend Night (not the ones that are in stores now), there's a very subtle difference that I can't figure out, but it's probably due to differences in batches.

Hot Stuff
Aromatic notes of bright red hot cinnamon accented by crushed clove bud, sweet allspice, and a touch of shimmering nutmeg
This is straight red hot cinnamon with a sweet, slightly candy note. It's the same as ScentSationals Red Hot Cinnamon and/or Cinnamon Bear, which smell exactly the same to me even though the notes for Cinnamon Bear are slightly different.

Island Love
Island fruit, Tahitian jasmine, ylang ylang and coconut flower float on a salted breeze embraced with shimmers of vanilla and island palm
A fresh, watery scent with a sweet floral like jasmine, a hint of coconut, and a little bit of a fruity note (peach?). It has a little bit of a metallic note that I don't care for, but it's still a nice scent. It's the same as ScentSationals and AmbiEscents Bali Babe (same color and notes too). Looking at the notes, the metallic note could be the ylang (although I don't detect ylang per se, and it's a very difficult note to reproduce authentically).

Love is in the Air
Crisp, breezy greens and white ozone fuse with brilliant notes of fresh florals and cool ozone finished with clean woods and ethereal musk
A strong, sweet fresh scent with laundry and floral notes, a bit similar to Febreze Downy April Fresh (but not quite as sweet). It's the same scent as ScentSationals Bubbles (and same notes). Very nice!

Orange Crush
Freshly baked vanilla cupcakes combine with sweet buttercream accents fused with juicy oranges
This is the same as the beloved Better Homes & Gardens Orange Buttercream Cupcake (and very similar notes as well: "Freshly baked vanilla cupcakes gleaming with the rich essence of sweet buttercream garnished with a spray of zesty orange"). It's a super strong, super sweet, rich orangey scent with a lemony note,and it lasts for a super long time (like 2 days). It's not an authentic orange, but more like orange/lemon Fruit Loops cereal.

Pucker Up!
Just a little bit sassy and a whole lot of fun, this is a sweet & sugary blend concocted of tart & tangy berries, fizzy lemon & lime, and a few drops of vanilla bourbon
This is the same as ScentSationals Juicy, an incredible, soft, sweet, rich cherry fudge (but no chocolate) with vanilla, and possibly a hint of raspberry, and maybe even a smidgen of almond. However, the scent notes are different, but sniffing them side by side, I'm certain they are the same scent. It's not a harsh black cherry nor a super fruity or tart or citrusy type fruity scent. Nor is it really a bakery scent either (and no spices). And it's not entirely foodie because I think I'm detecting a hint of floral. It smells like what a combination of Yankee Candle Merry Cherry and Mainstays Cherry Pie might smell like (although it's not the same as either of those scents, but it's the same "type" of scent... a soft, sweet, yummy cherry!). I ADORE this scent! Looking at the notes, this scent has no tartness, fizziness, lemon or lime notes at all.

Raspberry Linzer Cookies
Indulge in this scrumptious combination of raspberry jam and cookie batter accord. Almond extract and mixed berry topping adds dimension while sweet cinnamon and powdered sugar folds into a warming base of vanilla extract, sandalwood and musk
This Special Edition Raspberry Linzer Cookies scent is obviously the same as the regular Oak & Rye Raspberry Linzer Cookies scent (same label and wax color), but although they smell very similar, I think they're different scents, more than just differences between batches. They're both a yummy, rich, sweet raspberry bakery scent, but the original version has a tiny bit of a black cherry note and maybe a barely detectable smidgen of cinnamon, while the new one has a rich blueberry note (although it's not the same as any Rimports blueberry based scents) and no cinnamon. I like both versions, but I kind of like the new scent more. Melted, they smell much more similar.

Romantic Blooms
Sensuous sparkling mandarin, orange blossom and bergamot infused into a feminine heart of mimosa, jasmine, rose and ylang. A dry down of tonka, opoponax, vetiver and vanilla make this scent all the more addictive.
This is the same scent as Mariposa Monarca (Monarch Butterfly) from the Day of the Dead collection. It's an interesting scent, and hard to describe. It's perfumey, like an older department store type of perfume. And it has a bit of a sharp, metallic, slightly bitter note, but not enough to ruin the scent. There's some kind of fruit in the background, maybe peach. And it might have a smidgen of patchouli way in the background (although I don't smell that when melted). And possibly a barely detectable smidgen of coconut? It has some slight similarities to Thierry Muegler's Angel perfume. Looking at the notes, opoponax is another name for sweet myrrh, an earthy, balsam-like, lavender-like note. The metallic note is probably ylang, and the bitterness could be rose (although I don't smell rose per se). I don't really smell orange (mandarin), but now that I know it's there, maybe just a smidgen?

Sprinkled with Love
Candied coconut flakes atop decadent vanilla pound cake finished with sweet vanilla buttercream accented with sugar strands
A yummy scent that smells like sweet vanilla cookies with a hint of chocolate and coconut. It's similar to the Red Velvet Buttercream scent, but that scent is more chocolatey. It's the same as Day of the Dead Galletas de Calavera (Sugar Skull Cookies), as I described it the same way, the wax is a similar shade of pink, and notes are the same.

Strawberry Cream
The irresistible aroma of sun-ripened strawberries swirled in velvety accents of pure whipped cream infused with a dash of soft vanilla bean and tantalizing sugar
A plain strawberry scent with maybe a hint of raspberry. It's not authentic at all, quite fake actually, but it's still a nice scent. It has a bit of tartness, and although it's sweet, it's not sweet enough to smell like strawberry candy. It's the same scent as the old ScentSationals Strawberries & Cream (and same notes). I don't know if it's the same as Oak & Rye Strawberry Cream Pie, which I described as being artificial, yet creamy and very sweet.

Whipped Berries
Sweet vanilla and berry cupcakes baked to golden brown perfection and topped with a rich, creamy raspberry buttercream frosting
This smells almost exactly like the new ScentSationals Strawberry Crunch, which smells almost exactly like Better Homes & Gardens Strawberry Pretzel Bars, a super rich, sweet creamy strawberry scent with a little bit of saltiness. Strawberry Crunch has a slightly creamier note with a tiny bit of tanginess, while Strawberry Pretzel Bars does not. This scent is halfway between those two scents, with the tanginess of Strawberry Crunch, but not quite as much. HOWEVER, the scent notes are for ScentSationals Ice Cream Shop and AmbiEscents Homemade Ice Cream, which are indeed similar. But those scents have more chocolate and vanilla than strawberry, while this scent has no chocolate notes. All of these scents have a similar pinkish red wax color.

Sparkling greens, ethereal rose, and sweet jasmine petals swirl with sweet peach nectar and pure lily-of-the-valley wrapped in tranquil musk and warm, precious woods
This is the same as Fusion Rose, a lovely, authentic tea rose scent. It's sweet but not overly sweet, and not perfumey or soapy at all. It has a hint of a very slightly bitter peppery note that authentic rose petals have, but not nearly enough to ruin the scent. Actually, I think I do detect a tea note, green tea specifically. Looking at the scent notes, I think the tea I'm detecting is the peach, although I don't smell peach per se.

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