ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2023

February 5, 2023

ScentSationals Wax Melt Reviews from Walmart - Spring 2023

This is a review of the 21 new ScentSationals wax melt scents for Spring 2023. These have started showing up in Walmart stores as of the first week of February.

There are a lot more scents this year than spring of 2022! What a pleasant surprise! Out of these 21 scents, only 8 have returned from previous years.

Wax consistency is slightly different. The wax is still hard, but slightly softer than before. And although it's not a soft wax, it's a bit sticky, which makes it a little difficult to break a cube off.

Beach Please
Sea kelp and turquoise waves mingled with salty ocean air, sun-warmed sands, and metallic seashells glinting with tropical fruit with notes of melon, guava, pineapple, and passion fruit.
This scent came out in March 2019 for one season and has returned. It smells like fresh air, watermelon, honeydew, coconut, vanilla, and maybe a hint of pineapple in the background, along with a tiny bit of a floral, perfumey note. It's sweet and fresh and a little fruity, and absolutely fantastic! It's similar to ScentSationals Coral Shores from 2018.

Blue-Tiful Citrus
Sun-sparkling sea salt breezes swirl with dewy bergamot and pink grapefruit touched by verdant wild greens, aquatic flowers, and breezy white musk
I've definitely smelled this in another Rimports scent before. It's a slightly sweet, slightly salty scent that's kind of fresh, but also a bit musty, with lemon, bergamot (which gives scents a bright cologney note, although this is not a cologne scent at all), and possibly a smoky note (or a hint of pine?). It's really hard to describe! This scent is just "okay" for me, but not one of my favorites. I think this is the same scent as ScentSationals Let It Snow from October 2021. I described it the same way, it was the same shade of blue, and I recall thinking that it didn't smell like a holiday scent. The notes for Let It Snow were different though: "Fresh lime, zesty lemon, and bright tones of bergamot sparkle above white neroli and fresh jasmine infused with blonde woods and an ozone spiked breeze". (I didn't detect any neroli or jasmine in that scent.)

Coconut Vacay
Fresh cracked island coconut that blends with a vibrant combination of crisp Jamaican lime, juicy paw paw, tangy lemon zest, and mouth-watering vanilla
This scent came out in February 2018 for one or two seasons, but has returned. It's a very nice lime scent with a coconut note. It's more limey, and I'm pretty sure it also has lemon in it, as it's more zesty than limey. It also has a richness, not like a creamy richness, but a slightly savory richness. It's a little sweet but not really a "sweet" scent.

Fresh Daisy & Lemon
Freshly misted daisy petals accompanied by a fresh floral accord of jasmine and freesia blossom further enhanced by a splash of fresh citrus, that floats above a base of sheer musk
ScentSationals had a scent around 2014 called Kitchen Lemon. This is not the same scent, but that name describes what this smells like. It's a sweet lemony floral (but not a magnolia type scent) with a fresh, clean note, maybe a hint of lime, and a little bit of a slightly industrial soap note, which in this case is a good thing because it smells fantastic. It smells like a just-cleaned kitchen or bathroom!

Golden Apple
Glittering notes of crisp champagne join fruity hints of Pink Lady apples wrapped in the fresh floralcy of pure jasmine and dainty apple blossom finished with honey-drizzled amber and white musk notes
This is crisp apple combined with a fresh, soapy note and a sweet floral note which I think is apple blossom. Although it's sweet, it also has a sour note that's either that sour brown leaves note that many apple scents tend to have in the fall, or maybe just a sour apple like Granny Smith. I'm not getting spices, like cinnamon, that are usually present in apple cider type scents. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting any honey, musk or jasmine, and that slight sour note is probably the champagne. It's a really nice scent.

Guava Peach
Sunny island guava blended with sweet nectarine and juicy peach, a burst of sliced mango and ripe lychee fruit swirled with pure cane sugar
This scent came out in February 2018 for one season, but has returned. It's a nice sweet tropical fruit scent. I smell the guava, as well as a hint of pineapple, but no peach. I think I'm also getting a hint of strawberry. When I reviewed this scent in 2018, I also detected a sour note, but I'm not getting that this time (although it is indeed the same scent).

Happy Home
A zesty splash of candied orange and sparkling lemon lime warmed with vanilla cookies baked with sweet sugar crystals and buttercream.
This scent came out in February 2017 for one or two seasons, and has returned. I'm getting warm vanilla cookies with a hint of lemon and lime. But it's not all that sweet (actually a bit salty). It's fantastic and different, and the scent lasted the entire day, at least 8 hours!

Hawaiian Blossom
Wander through an exotic island filled with the alluring, hypnotic essences of Tahitian Tiare flower. A beautiful, sultry blossom is brought to life with lush leafy greens and sun-kissed citrus accented with rich amber for a real tropical affair
A sweet scent of gardenia or jasmine, with a slight bitter, metallic note that I don't care for (although I think most people won't notice it; I just happen to be sensitive to bitter and sour notes). I'm sure I've smelled this scent before, as it's very familiar, and may be a dupe for an older Rimports scent. I'm getting a little bit of a nasal clearing effect when sniffing it up close, but there's no mint or eucalyptus in this scent at all. The label says "Sweet Pomelo & Sunkissed Tiare". Tiare is a type of Tahitian gardenia, but I'm not getting any type of fruit in this scent.

Hello Gorgeous
Enticing notes of ripened pink pear balance a sensual heart of fresh rose essence and smooth orris layered with rich white amber over creamy elements of pure vanilla bean and warm cedar
A fantastic fruity floral with a bit of a warm, slightly cologney note. Like a warm, sweet, slightly cologney, almost incensey type of scent like ScentSationals Flirtatious (like 40%), blended with a couple of different fruits (around 30%); I'm getting cherry, raspberry and apple, a sweet jasmine type floral (20%), and vanilla (10%). When melting, I'm also getting a barely detectable smidgen of smokiness that I don't detect on cold sniff. I think it's equal amounts of the warm slightly cologney note and the fruity notes, with the floral in the background and just a hint of vanilla. According to the notes, this is the same as the ScentSationals Day of the Dead Las Damas scent from August 2022, and I described it a bit similarly, but I no longer have it to compare.

Lemon Blueberry Donuts
Delicious blueberries baked in a fresh donut mixed with a hint of lemon zest, vanilla, and brown sugar
This scent came out in August 2020 for one season, but has returned. If you're looking for an authentic blueberry scent that's not the usual fake blueberry muffin type scent, THIS IS IT!! It smells like real blueberry compote with a donut note (and not just a bakery note, but specifically donut... how do they do that??). It's a sweet scent, but not that chemical sweetness that you can taste in the back of your throat. The blueberry has a very slight acidic quality and a teensy smidgen of tartness that lends to the authenticity, and even though I don't smell lemon per se, the acidity is probably due to the citrus of the lemon. Incredible, hoard-worthy scent!

Mango Cheesecake
Deliciously creamy, vanilla-infused cheesecake notes are layered with sweet morsels of candied passion fruit and blushed mango over a scrumptious, all-butter graham cracker crust
A fantastic, sweet, rich fruity bakery scent with a slight hint of tanginess from the cheesecake. It smells a lot like Better Homes & Gardens Wild Berry Cheesecake. It's not exactly the same, but very close. Comparing them side by side, I'm getting strawberry and blueberry in the Wild Berry Cheesecake scent, plus a little bit of a marshmallow note, and it's a bit more artificial (although I still adore that scent). Mango Cheesecake doesn't have that marshmallowy note, and it's a bit fruitier, but the fruit is raspberry! It's not the same as Oak & Rye Raspberry Linzer Cookies though, which is much fruitier. I'm not getting mango or any type of tropical notes. I definitely don't mind the raspberry though, because it's a fantastic scent, and I think I'd prefer that over mango anyway. Looking at the notes, maybe what I think is raspberry is the candied passion fruit.

Maui Driftwood
An enticing medley of tropical dark woods entwined with creamy coconut aspects, juicy mango, and exotic passion fruit nestled with sweet, balsamic amber
I'm getting light wood like sandalwood, warm amber, sweet milky vanilla, a tiny bit of coconut, and a smidgen of Eastern spices. It's quite weak on cold sniff but smells wonderful. On cold sniff it also has a perfumey note with a hint of musk, but when melted, that note disappears and it's not very sweet. I knew based on cold sniff that it wouldn't be a strong thrower, and when melting I can only smell it from a few inches away. :-(

Sea Salt Lavender
A coastal planting of lavender sea misted with salted waves and ozone breezes brings herbal freshness to beachside greens and sea oats, amber and wood brushed sand
A sweet scent with some notes I can't figure out, and lavender in the background. It's a little fresh, and I think I'm getting some bergamot and mild cologne notes (although it's not a cologne scent at all), a hint of amber, and maybe a hint of coconut. The main note is a little harsh and almost industrial and maybe slightly metallic, but not in a bad way, and almost smells like some type of alcohol like bourbon or cognac, but I don't think that's what it is. Maybe it's an intense, high-alcohol perfumey note. Whatever the case, it's a nice, kind of unusual scent. But it's not really salty, and the lavender isn't in the forefront.

Sea Shore Splash
Cool ozone and fresh coastal air breezes through a luminous medley of verdent beachgrass and seaside lavender nestled with salted beach blossom, marine moss, and warm driftwood
A lovely, sweet, soapy, fresh scent that smells like men's body wash or cologne. It's not an intense, warm cologne type scent because of the soapiness and extra sweetness, and it might have some floral notes way in the background. I'm also getting a smidgen of lemon way, way in the background, which is often present in these types of scents. I really like this one.

Sunburst Citrus
Sun-ripened orange, juicy mandarin, and succulent clementine spun with hints of candied lemon balanced with green citrus leaf and touches of citrus bark
An incredible, intense satsuma orange scent with grapefruit and a savory note that really comes out when melting. I'm getting a bit of an herbal or maybe even pine note. It smells almost exactly the same as ScentSationals Hello Sunshine, and might indeed be the same scent, although I think that scent has less of the savory note, or maybe not at all. The notes for Hello Sunshine were, "sugared orange, candied lime and sweet lemon join tropical mango and bright papaya over palm leaf", even though it wasn't as sweet as the notes suggested. It's not the same as ScentSationals Molten Orange. Looking at the notes, maybe that slightly savory, herbal or pine note is the citrus leaf or bark note. And no grapefruit, but it does have lemon.

Sweet Berry Cupcake
Creamy swirls of decadent vanilla cheesecake are layered over a brown sugar and graham cracker base finished with a zesty hint of juicy lemon and sweet toppings of berry jam and whipped cream
Fantastic scent of strawberry with some raspberry and maybe a bit of vanilla. Although it's not really a bakery scent, I think I'm getting a tiny bit of a buttery note in the background, or maybe a smidgen of a bready note, although I think the bready note is just a hint of sourness that some strawberry scents have. I thought this scent might be similar to ScentSationals Juicy, but it's totally different. That scent is cherry, and much sweeter, with a slight marshmallowy, fudgy note. This scent is also sweet, but not super sweet, and has that hint of sourness and even a bit of saltiness, that Juicy doesn't have. I really like this one, although after an hour or two, that odd sour note gets a little stronger, but it's still a nice scent.

Tropical Fiesta
An exotic blend of kiwi, strawberry, mangos, and pineapple, with passionfruit and guava
This is a very old scent from around 2014 that has returned. This is a scent that was used for several ScentSationals and AmbiEscents tropical scents years ago (AmbiEscents Flower Festival from 2019 (why a totally non-floral scent for a flower scent??), Better Homes & Gardens Pineapple Melon Freeze from 2018, and ScentSationals San Antonio Fiesta (H.E.B. Texas Special) from 2020). It's a sour, waxy tropical scent with no sweetness (or maybe just a smidgen). If it were sweet I might like it more. I can't figure out what the scent is supposed to be, maybe a sour tropical fruit, although it doesn't smell fruity. Maybe some type of lemony or grapefruity citrus, although it's not lemon or grapefruit per se. And unlike most tropical scents, I don't detect any coconut. I've never been a fan of this scent.

Vanilla French Toast
Indulge in sweet vanilla bean, a flourish of fresh roasted almonds and a sprinkle of cinnamon spice with a final swirl of whipped cream sugar
This scent came out in July 2021 for one season, and has returned. This scent is very familiar and I'm sure it's a dupe of something else. It smells like cinnamon French toast with a hint of maple syrup. It's a sweet bready scent that could indeed be French toast, but it could also be a cinnamon roll because it's quite cinnamony. Looking at the notes, there's the cinnamon, but it's more than a "sprinkle". I think I'm getting a tiny bit of the almond, but I don't think I would know it's in there if it weren't in the notes. It's not the same as Better Homes & Gardens Vanilla Caramel Spice. It might be the same as ScentSationals Coffee Cake Swirl or ScentSationals Praline Spice. I'm sniffing all 3 side by side and they smell the same to me. Or maybe Fusion Vanilla Churro Bites or ScentSationals Cinnamon Churro. A lot of cinnamon bakery scents are so similar that it's hard to tell the difference. It's a really nice scent, but it should be called "Cinnamon French toast".

Waikiki Paradise
Luscious notes of refreshing watermelon combine with smooth coconut milk swirled with sweet sugarcane and whipped vanilla buttercream
This smells like watermelon lemonade with a smidgen of coconut, on a base of sweet vanilla buttercream, and it's fantastic! On cold sniff it's toothachingly sweet, like candy or watermelon lemonade buttercream frosting; it's still sweet when melted, but not as much so as on cold sniff. But after a few hours, the slightly sour lemon note fades and it becomes sweeter and more buttercreamy again! The label says, "Coconut Milk & Watermelon", which is indeed accurate. It's like a combination of the Watermelon Kiwi Lemonade scent with Better Homes & Gardens Sweet Watermelon Buttercream and more vanilla buttercream. It's different from Better Homes & Gardens Sweet Watermelon Buttercream from 2017 (that scent was vanilla buttercream with a slight watermelon note, but it was very slightly bitter).

Watermelon Kiwi Lemonade
Sweet, juicy watermelon garnishes fresh squeezed lemonade sweetened with pure sugar cane
This scent came out in February 2021 for one or two seasons, and has returned. It smells like summer! It's a perfect combination of watermelon and lemon, and it's quite authentic. The lemon is a tart, lip-puckering lemon, in a good way. I don't think I detect any other fruits (like kiwi, which is a very sweet fruit). The scent is a little sour though, and just barely sweet (not as sweet as the notes would suggest), but it's great for mixing with other scents that may be too sweet, such as florals or very sweet fruity scents, and to which you'd like to add a summery watermelon lemonade note. Other people who have tried this scent say it's very sweet, like candy, and "sweet" and "sugar cane" are in the notes, so it must just be me that's not detecting the intense sweetness! I'm also hearing that it smells like Bath & Body Works Watermelon Lemonade candle, which I haven't smelled. Looking at the notes, it could be the same scent as ScentSationals Watermelon Sugar from Spring 2022 ("The refreshing essence of juicy, aquatic watermelon sprinkled with sweet touches of candied vanilla bean and tantalizing sugarcane"), and I described it similarly (it also smelled like watermelon lemonade, despite no lemon in the notes), but that it may not have been as sweet as this one (I no longer have it to compare). It's different from Better Homes & Gardens Berry Lemonade & Melon, which is very, very similar but a more equal balance of tart lemon and watermelon, and just a bit less tart/sour (so I do like that scent more).

Wildflower Dreams
The fragrant richness of tender jasmine and exotic orchid interwoven with luminous white lily and soft orchid fruits embraced by verdent greens, glowing amber, and precious sandalwood
A fresh, sweet but slightly salty, slightly "briney" oceany scent with a hint of pine or sage, a bit of floral, and a hint of vanilla. It's a bit sweet, but not perfumey or floral sweet. And the pine or sage has a tiny bit of a sour note. It's a nice scent, but not one of my favorites. Looking at the notes, I don't see anything that would produce that slightly sour sage type note; maybe the verdant greens?

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