ScentSationals Christmas/Holiday 2022 Wax Melt Reviews

October 24, 2022

ScentSationals Christmas/Holiday 2022 Wax Melt Reviews

This is a review of ScentSationals Christmas/Holiday Walmart wax melts for 2022. There are two holiday collections this year, the red label and black label collections.

The red label scents were available at Walmart (stores and online) as of October 2022.

The black label scents are Black Friday specials that are available on the Walmart website for $1.00 as of November 21, as well as some Walmart stores (most likely in the wax melt bins in a large aisle in the home goods section of the store). They are a limited release and will only be available until they sell out, which may happen quickly.

Several red label holiday ScentSationals scents have returned from last year, which I reviewed HERE and HERE. I believe the returning scents are Frosted Cranberry, Glistening Pine, Merry Berry, and Whipped Peppermint Cream. Some of these scents were only available on the ScentSationals website last year, but are available at Walmart this year. And some of those scents, like Caramel Apple Spice, Iridescent, and Perfectly Pine, are available with regular (not red) labels.

Buttered Maple
Orange, butter rum and cloves; this rich maple syrup blend is masterfully layered and deliciously decadent. Top: fresh popped kettle corn, sweet almond; Middle: buttery maple, creamy caramel; Bottom: sugary vanilla
A super yummy scent that smells like warm pancakes with rich, slightly salty butter and just a hint of maple syrup. I can actually smell the bready note of the pancakes. It's not quite as maple-y as the name would suggest. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting any orange or almond, but kettle corn, yes I'm getting that (and it's what makes this smell like pancakes). I'm fairly certain it's the same scent as ScentSationals Fusion Warm Maple Butter and Oak & Rye Pure Maple Butter, and the wax is exactly the same tone of beige. When I sniff them side by side, I can't tell the difference, despite the different scent notes (notes for the other scent are, "Sticky drops of Vermont maple and deep, powdery honey blended with buttery vanilla"). The only reason why I think it might not be the same scent is that the throw for the other scent is bold, 5 out of 5.

Candy Cane Ice Cream
(from Rimports) A cheerful combination of thin, crispy cookie pastry embellished with crushed peppermint morsels, soft white chocolate, and sweet sugar sprinkles
(from Walmart website) Whipped butter, crushed candy cane pieces and caramelized sugar nuzzled within homemade vanilla infused shortbread cookies drizzled with white chocolate icing. Top: sweet, butter; Middle: peppermint, shortbread cookies dough; Bottom: sugarcane, candy cane, white chocolate, vanilla
This might be one of the best chocolate scents I've ever smelled. It smells like a thick, creamy, milky, dark chocolate (but no burnt or stinky chocolate notes) milkshake or mousse that's so rich it almost has a crème fraiche note. The peppermint is very, very subtle and barely noticeable. I adore this incredibly yummy scent! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting any pastry or bakery notes whatsoever, and this scent is super chocolatey, much more so than just white chocolate.

Walmart also has a new Better Homes & Gardens scent called Candy Cane & Cream, which is totally different from this one. That scent is very pepperminty, has less chocolate, and a hint of cherry (like a chocolate peppermint patty drizzled with a tiny bit of cherry syrup). I love both scents! This scent is similar to Better Homes & Gardens Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa, but this scent is much richer, much more chocolatey, milkier, and with that crème fraiche note that the older scent doesn't have. And sniffing them side by side, I do notice the peppermint in this scent.

Cereal Cake
Homemade white cake swirled with tropical mango and sun-ripened raspberry sweetened with pure sugarcane and layers of creamy vanilla frosting. Top: whipped cream, mango; Middle: raspberry, vanilla; Bottom: sugar cane, fruit syrup
This is an insanely good scent that smells like raspberry ice cream, mousse or crème fraiche, with a hint of strawberry. But I'm also getting a strong yellow cake note that kind of makes it smell like strawberry shortcake, but with lots of whipped cream. It's like the berry version of Candy Cane Ice Cream, and actually does smell a bit like that scent because of that creamy, mousse-y, very slight sour cream (in a really good way) note. I think blending those two scents together would be divine! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting mango or any tropical fruit notes at all.

Christmas Tree
Fresh-cut balsam fir, frosted frasier and Italian cypress enhanced with citrus-splashed sage, ambered birch wood, a touch of crisp winter holly and wild thyme. Top: citrus, green; Middle: sage, balsam; Bottom: herbal, birch, balsam
A very nice rich, slightly salty, slightly smoky pine/spruce scent with eucalyptus, a tiny bit of sage, and maybe a smidgen of citrus way in the background. It's super strong on cold sniff, so I expected the throw to be bold.

Cranberry Orange
Baked orange fruit and spiced cranberry gleam with irresistable hints of warm all-butter pastry. Top: citrus, orange, berry; Middle: cranberry, butter, vanilla; Bottom: cranberry, cake batter, sweet
Fantastic, scrumptious scent that smells like raspberry bread, if that existed. It's rich and sweet, and I'm also getting a little bit of cranberry, but without any bitter or sour notes. It's a totally different scent from Oak & Rye Raspberry Linzer Cookie, which is much sweeter and fruitier, and doesn't have any bready notes. I do get a hint of orange on cold sniff, but not really when melting.

Eucalyptus Wreath
Earthy moss, precious oud wood, and crushed vetiver joined by balsamic amber amid sparkling touches of fresh-picked peppermint, green garden mint, and aquatic spearmint
Pine, an herbal note like sage, eucalyptus (but without the sinus clearing effect), with a little bit of "softness" and smidgen of sweetness that keeps it from being as harsh as most pine and eucalyptus type scents. It's quite nice. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting oud or any type of mint.

Farmhouse Plaid
Citrus orange peel, harvest berries, outdoor greens, and shimmers of solar musk blanketing coniferous fir wrapped with soft cotton aldehydes, cashmere amber, and mossy woods. Top: citrus, orange, green, cotton blossom; Middle: evergreen, fir, herbal, wood, tree moss; Bottom: wood, amber, moss musk
A very nice rich, sweet, slightly salty, scent of mahogany with a hint of smoky spruce, a bit of warm amber, a smidgen of cologne, and maybe a smidgen of apple. I'm sure I've smelled this before. Yes, it's very similar to Alluring. The wax is almost the same shade of maroon too. Sniffing them side by side though, they're not exactly the same, but very close. This scent is deeper, richer, and with a bit more mahogany, smoky, and spruce notes than Alluring (I like this scent a bit more). It's also similar to Better Homes & Gardens Mahogany & Sandalwood, but that scent is richer, "deeper" and slightly saltier, with a bit smokier spruce, while this scent is a tiny bit sweeter and has a smidgen of apple and/or some other kind of fruit. It might also be similar to Better Homes & Gardens Apple & Oud, which was an earthy, slightly woodsy, slightly cologney tobacco and apple scent, although I no longer have it to compare.

Frosted Birch
Aromatic birch wood, white mahogany, and crisp juniper berry shimmered with fragrant sage, touches of sparkling citrus, and smooth amber woods. Top: citrus, green, herbal; Middle: juniper, birch, sage; Bottom: birch, cedarwood, amber
This is the same as Oak & Rye White Pine, which smells like Better Homes & Gardens Mahogany & Sandalwood with a note of pine. The notes are almost identical. It's a warm, woodsy, smoky scent with a hint of spruce and a smidgen of men's cologne. It's rich, a little salty, and a little sweet. I love this scent, and it lasted for 16 hours (probably would have gone longer if I hadn't removed it).

Frosted Cinnamon Cookie
Warm, flaky pastry squares filled with creamy tones of sweet, vanilla-infused cheesecake batter topped with spicy cinnamon sugar, rich drizzles of pure chocolate, and tangy strawberry morsels. Top: strawberry; Middle: cinnamon, cheesecake, batter accord; Bottom: flaky pastry, butter, cinnamon, chocolate
Don't let the scent name fool you into thinking this is yet another cinnamony bakery scent, because it's absolutely not. It's a toothachingly sweet scent of brown sugar, honey, molasses, raisins, fruit (apple and/or raspberry), and possibly a smidgen of nuts, all drizzled with sweet vanilla buttercream. Basically something super sweet, sticky and incredibly delicious, like mincemeat pie (but of course without any meat). Despite the scent name, I'm really not getting cinnamon, or it's just very subtle. I adore this insanely yummy scent! Melted, it's so rich it smells like all these notes blended together in the form of fudge, with almost a tiny bit of a chocolate note. And looking at the notes, it does indeed have chocolate in it, even though I don't really smell chocolate. And there's the fruit (strawberry). Cheesecake? Yes, I do get a tiny bit of tanginess. Just an overall perfect sweet foodie type scent with everything yummy mixed in and all the notes balanced perfectly. This scent is hoard-worthy.

Something about this scent reminds me of ScentSationals Pie Season, even though they're really not much alike at all. This scent is like a super, toothachingly sweet version of Pie Season, or more like the super sweet filling for the pie that Pie Season was lacking. It's like the two scents were made to be blended together to make a complete pie! You could blend this scent with any other foodie or fruity scent to make it sweeter and yummier (or get creative and blend it with a woodsy, coffee, or chocolate scent), and if you find it to be too sweet on its own, it would also smell fantastic mixed with milky vanilla.

Lush, climbing vines of brilliant passion flower twirl with heady tones of white gardenia and sweet osmanthus joined by luminous pineapple, sugared passion fruit, and green banana leaf. Top: green, fruit, pineapple, passion fruit; Middle: passion flower, gardenia, osmanthus; Bottom: floral
This is primarily a peach scent, but I'm also getting a hint of floral, and possibly a smidgen of sandalwood. The peach is a milky peach, like the outside of the fruit rather than the sweet, juicy insides. It's just barely sweet. Looking at the notes, no peach, but that's absolutely what I'm smelling. Definitely not getting gardenia, but pineapple, possibly way in the background. I'm not a fan of most peach scents, so I didn't care for this one.

Ho Ho Ho
Plump sugar plums, tart cranberry, juicy cherry, and candied pineapple stirred into a sweet fruit punch. Top: plum, cherry; Middle: plum, cherry, cranberry, pineapple; Bottom: plum, cherry, fruit
Incredible, super fruity scent of cranberry and cherry fruit punch with a hint of a fizzy soda type note. It's sweet, with a smidgen of tartness from the cranberry, but it has no sour or bitter notes that cranberry scents tend to have. And it contains no spice notes, no cinnamon or anything like that. If you like fruit scents, this might be the fruitiest fruit scent I've ever smelled. I adore this scent, and it will also make a fantastic mixer to add a fruity note to any other type of scent, like vanilla, chocolate, pine, and bakery scents, as well as citrusy scents like lemon and orange. It's quite familiar, and might be a dupe of a very, very old Rimports holiday scent, possibly from 2014 or 2015, although I can't figure out which one. It's similar to Oak & Rye Black Cherry Chutney, but that scent has a subtle hint of cinnamon that this one doesn't, and it doesn't have the slight fizzy note. It's also not the same as Better Homes & Gardens Candied Mulberry Spice, which was more cranberry, with a bitter note, and a smidgen of spice. Looking at the notes for this scent, I don't smell pineapple, but that might be why this scent is so intensely fruity, almost to the point of being a bit harsh, but not at all in a bad way. This one is hoard-worthy!

Frost-covered peony and blushed magnolia sparkle with luminous bergamot, white lemon, and the sweetness of autumn fruit over earthy moss, ethereal cedar, and musk-infused amber. Top: bergamot, rose; Middle: fruit, peony, magnolia, jasmine, floral; Bottom: cedarwood, amber, musk
I'm getting lavender with a mossy note, sandalwood, and a hint of peach. It's a bit sweet, but also has a very slight salty note. I think I detect another floral, as well as maybe a barely detectable smidgen of citrus like orange or lemon. Looking at the notes, there's the fruit I'm smelling (but not peach, per se). And no lavender or peach, but I'm sure I smell lavender and peach. And now that I know it's there, I'm getting a teensy bit of the magnolia as well. It's different and I kind of like it, although it has kind of a "musty" note that I don't care for.

Merry Mocha
A warming blend of freshly brewed coffee swirled with white chocolate sweetness and dark vanilla topped with cocoa-dusted whipped cream and sweet marshmallows
Milk chocolate with a creamy, milky note, and a bit of coffee (like 70% chocolate and 30% coffee), and a tiny bit of a nutty note. It's very similar to Better Homes & Gardens Creamy Marshmallow Cocoa, but this scent is slightly richer, and has the hint of coffee and nutes (but no nuts in the scent notes). It's like the BHG scent with a hint of coffee added. I love it!

Oh So Cozy!
Autumn tartan wraps your home in a cozy scent of crisp fall apple, refreshing eucalyptus, warm vetiver, and sweet amber. Top: golden pear, crisp fall apple, black pepper pod; Middle: effervescent pine, cardamom pods, muguet petals; Bottom: Haitian vetiver, creamy sandalwood, Virginia cedarwood, vanilla bean, stone moss
I'm getting mostly apple, like 85%, along with notes of sour cranberry, wood, a little bit of a mossy note, a slight hint of pine, a tiny bit of a savory herbal note like sage, a tiny bit of tobacco, a smidgen of black pepper, and maybe a smidgen of eucalyptus although I'm not getting any nasal clearing effects. I like it, although it has a little bit of a sour or vinegary note that I don't care for, although it's subtle. Looking at the notes, they're pretty spot on, although no cranberry, so I don't know where the sourness is coming from.

Orange Pine
Fresh, effervescent lime, sparkling lemon zest and dazzling bergamot meld with balsamic pine, wild cypress and aromatic pine needle lifted by crushed woodland herbs. Top: citrus, lime, bergamot; Middle: lime, balsam, pine needle; Bottom: balsam, fir, herbal
A very nice scent of rich, slightly smoky, slightly salty pine with a bit of black pepper. On cold sniff I'm also getting fresh and soapy notes, an herbal note like sage, and a little bit of sweetness, all of which I don't get when melting. Looking at the notes, there are no orange notes in this scent that's called "Orange Pine". But I'm not detecting orange either, or any lemon, lime, effervescent or fizzy notes. Maybe a smidgen of bergamot on cold sniff, which gives scents a citrusy cologne note, but not when melting. I love this scent on cold sniff, and I like it when melted as well, but I wish it retained the additional notes when melting that make it so much different than other pine scents.

This scent is different from Better Homes & Gardens Sweet Orange & Pine, despite the same image on the label (although they're both pine scents). Sweet Orange & Pine is a smoky spruce scent with a dirt note (in a good way) that makes it smell like digging up a Christmas tree (and no orange notes). It doesn't have the fresh, slightly sweet soapiness that this scent does, and this scent doesn't have a dirt note.

Interestingly, the notes are exactly the same, word for word, as a Carousel Candle Cypress & Citron candle (which is not made by Rimports, the company that makes ScentSationals wax melts) on Amazon.

Pineberry Wreath
Glittering holly berry, crushed mistletoe, and evergreen garlands gathered with precious woods, balsamic pine, and white musk. Top: aromatic, berry; Middle: fir, bay; Bottom: evergreen, wood
I'm getting sour cranberries, pine, a savory herb like sage, and another very slightly sweet berry. I'm also getting a smidgen of spearmint or eucalyptus but without the nasal clearing effect, but that note smells a little bit like Ben-Gay. I hate to say that because it sounds awful, but Ben-Gay smells like wintergreen, and the notes I'm smelling is indeed wintergreen, which smells kind of like a combination of licorice, spearmint, and menthol. The whole scent is kind of harsh and sour, and reminds me a bit of their Frosted Cranberry scent, which was a dupe of Better Homes & Gardens Iced Winter Cranberry. I wasn't a fan of those scents, and I'm not a huge fan of this one either, although I do like it a bit more than those other scents. I would probably mix it with something sweet to tone down the sourness. Looking at the notes, no wintergreen or licorice, although I am definitely getting a hint of that type of note.

Soft, Chewy Snickerdoodles
Fried dough, warm and fresh from the food truck, wrapped in confectioners sugar and ground cinnamon supported by vanilla and almond extracts. Top: ground cinnamon, almond extracts; Middle: sage, balsam; Bottom: herbal, birch, balsam
I'm not a fan of most cinnamony bakery scents because they all smell so similar to me. But this one is the most authentic cinnamon bakery scent I've ever smelled. I can't say what the exact differences are, other than it smells just like real, freshly baked cookies (snickerdoodles). It's sweet and rich, with lots of brown sugar and butter, and the cinnamon note (not super strong). No nutmeg, cloves, ginger, or any other spices, or any nutty or oatmeal type notes. There are no fake notes in this scent at all, and none of the fake sweetness that other similar scents tend to have. I LOVE this scent! Looking at the notes, I'm not getting almond, but I'm sure it's somewhere in the background. And I definitely don't detect any herbal, sage/savory, woodsy or balsam/pine type notes whatsoever; not sure how those notes can be the entire middle and bottom notes of this scent but are undetectable, so maybe those are the wrong notes?

Juicy mandarin, sweet tangerine, and ripe Valencia orange blended with tangy lemon zest and juicy notes of glittering island pineapple. Top: mandarin, orange, lemon, aldehydes; Middle: juicy tangerine; pineapple; Bottom: white musk, sugar
If you don't like this scent on cold sniff, give it a chance. I thought I wasn't going to like it, but melted, it's fantastic. Rich, just a tiny bit sweet, slightly salty orange with a bit of satsuma (a pungent, slightly sour orangey type fruit that includes lemon and grapefruit notes). I'm also getting lemon, and a little bit of a peach note that helps to differentiate this from other orangey, lemony citrus type scents. Actually, it could be mango, which is more like a tropical type peach scent. Normally I don't care for peach, but it's an odd note in this scent that actually works. I thought I may have detected a smidgen of clove that gives this a tiny bit of a pomander vibe, but I'm not sure about that. This smells more like a summer scent than winter, and I love it. Looking at the notes, what I think is peach is actually pineapple, which is why I thought it had a bit of a tropical note, although I'm not smelling pineapple per se.

Sweet Candied Apple
A classic caramel apple with inviting notes of gala apple, strawberry and pineapple sugar is surrounded with raspberry sugar, creamy caramel and vanilla bean. Top: Gala apple, strawberry, pineapple sugar; Middle: raspberry sugar; Bottom: creamy caramel, vanilla bean
This smells like ScentSationals Caramel Apple Spice, a combination of apple cider, rich salted caramel, molasses and brown sugar, with no cinnamon or any spice notes. My description of that scent is the same for this one. I think there are some very, very subtle differences though, but I can only tell the differences when I sniff them side by side. CAS is slightly richer and more caramely, and I detect a bit of cinnamon (and perhaps a tinge more apple) in SCA that I don't detect in CAS. Other than that, and the fact that CAS has a bold throw of 5 out of 5, they're the same. Looking at the notes, I'm not getting strawberry, raspberry, or pineapple. This is a totally different scent from Better Homes & Gardens Sweet Candied Apples from 2016.

Warm Cottage
The creamy, comforting allure of white almond essence swirled with milky santal, ambered cinnamon spice, and warm tonka enhanced with cedar-dusted vanilla and smooth bourbon richness. Top: almond; Middle: almond, cinnamon, heliotrope, vanilla; Bottom: almond, sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla
This is quite similar to No Place Like Home (holiday 2021 scent, not the older clove scent with the same name), but it's not the same scent. This smells like a combination of sandalwood, warm amber, baby powder, a hint of almond and/or cardamom, a hint of alcohol (bourbon? rum?), and a smidgen of vanilla, in that order. No Place Like Home is baby powder with a hint of sandalwood, amber, and cinnamon, but no almond. This scent has no cinnamon (or maybe just a smidgen), and it's not quite as sweet as No Place Like Home. I love it!

Winter Snow
An inviting accord featuring warm notes of amber and sandalwood enlivened by the freshness of bergamot and crisp water accord while creamy undertones of rose petals wrapped in vanilla adds depth and complexity. Top: crisp water accord, bergamot, green tea; Middle: chambray cotton accord, violet leaves, rose petal, jasmine; Bottom: amber, cottonwood, vanilla
A sweet scent with a slight bitterness which I think is rose. I'm also detecting a little bit of a laundry note, maybe an oceany water type note, and possibly a hint of sandalwood. This one is a bit "dull" and just okay for me, but a lot of other people really like it.

Winter Weekend
A medley of forest greens, herbs, and fall leaves misted with soft ozone and moss, fresh woods, and musk. Top: green, herbal; Middle: herbal, ozone, moss; Bottom: wood, musk
This is a sweet, soapy, fresh, slightly watery scent with musk and rose (although it's not really a floral scent, but it does have that "bitter" note that rose scents often have). On cold sniff it's super sweet, but when melting, the bitterness gets a little stronger, but it's still a nice scent. Melted, it smells a bit like ScentSationals Enchanted, and is also a little similar to the Winter Snow scent, with that slight bitter rose note (although this scent is sweeter). I like it!

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